Industries Most Wanted gets to know artist ‘BiNormal’


What’s going on BiNormal? Please introduce yourself.
Hey what’s up, I’m Binormal a songwriter, composer, producer + more. I’m a multi genre artist tapping in on every level. I’m a goofy, bipolar thrillist. You never know what to expect from my music or videos. I’m passionate, genuine and most of all heavy on LOYALTY. A leader setting my own trends.

Tell us about life growing up in Dayton OH.
I grew up in and out of foster care. In and out of juvenile. Beat, starved and belittled by my own family. My family tortured me the most mentally, physically emotionally. school was my escape. I didn’t have nice clothes but somehow I was still the cool girl. My family locked me in mental homes most my life when I wasn’t with the state. Left to the streets at 15. The local dope boys took care of me. As I observed and learned I started to sell dope and move like them. I never wanted to live that life. But I guess in a way it developed my business skills and ethics. I learned what I DONT want in my life. Taught me how to move smart. Stack and starve. Don’t wear yo money or you become a target. Back home you dont flash jewelry or money. you will be robbed and murdered by dusk. If not kidnapped and held for ransom. I’ve seen the worst of the worst with my own eyes. So everything I speak is not to hate on no ones flex. My home was broke into 4 times, car 2 times by 19. Why? I was cocky, paid and live to flex. Even after a robbery I boast about how I get it right back. But doing all that just brought me a recycle of problems. Fake love, fake friends. Snitche ex boyfriends. From then I went into full survival mode. Dayton is a treacherous drug infested city. Blacks on the westside , caucsusions on the north suburbs. I love my city . Dayton Ohio ! it made me into a boss. They treat me like a boss. I get heavy respect. Stay alert, and keep yo eyes open.

How did music become your passion?
I been into poetry in spoken word since second grade. I use to always write in a journal the daily stories of my life. Sometimes i re-read them in break down into tears. From that moment I knew I could turn them into voice art to help possible heal others like myself. Music is therapy for me.

Who’s been some of your musical influences?
hands down Tupac was my #1 idol in the music world. He always made me feel motivated, feel like I didn’t have enough knowledge and I need to keep growing. He promoted love, positivity and loyalty. He was also my uncle icon. I was raised by men, so that loyalty gangsta music was the trend as I grew up. I remember would sneak in role play “Rock the Boat” by Aaliyah. My main idols in the music industry are from the past. Unfortunately I DONT have any real idols in this new generation. Catchy tunes but it doesn’t inspire me to improve on a soul level.

Tell us about your new single ‘Crash Dummy’.
Crash Dummy is about the music industry. Big corps ripping off my image and music to feed it to a younger version of me. They copy and paste but they your future still blurry cause it was never yo path! They stalk my page in reqoute my words, reenact my videos. Called me broke and constantly got my socials shut down. Blackballed for speaking facts. I feel like Atl most hated.

What’s the biggest lesson you’ve learned about the music business?
No one is your friend. loyalty is non existent. If you seen as threat you will be immediately copied. Everyone’s fighting to stay relevant, even if that means kill, betray a complete innocent dreamer. I have been attacked in ways I never expected. I’m still a rising artist. So the attention has been flattering but scary. I didn’t know my talent was so big people would want to have me killed. I push a message this generation ain’t ready for. If you not under control you non existent.

Besides music, what else can we catch you doing?
I’m a full time crypto, stock and options trader. Going on 5 years of investments of wins and losses. This is my addiction, my hobby , my 2nd biggest passion. I made the 6 figures. I’m working on becoming a millionaire just from that alone. Im also a top Atlanta food reviewer on google maps, “Binormal”. Im a hustler. I have a online boutique and study law on the side.

Tell us what we can expect from you in 2022?
A Grammy! A Songwriter awards. Goals… ! A few major collabs. I plan to have a new level of production visuals and new music monthly . Focusing more on dance, world music. I love hip hop but I usually rap when I’m angry. I feel I have let go ally of hurt in can bring in 2022 with that feel good, upbeat vibe.

What makes BiNormal The ‘Industries Most Wanted’?
You know you made it to success when people who are supposed to be leaders copy your craft. Most wanted, most hated, most influential. My name all over Atlanta as the bad guy. False rumors. They only hate who they can’t control. I’m most wanted because I’m hard to contact, hard to replicate and self made. No handouts. Having a team would be great if loyalty still exited. People live wat they can’t have. Lol

Where can we follow you online?
Follow me on all major music platforms @ Binormal.
Spotify, Amazon, Tidal, Pandora, i heart radio + 30 other platforms worldwide.
Then after you follow me where it’s most important come check me out on
Instagram @binormal1

Any Shout Outs?
I wanna shoutout my kids for supporting they mom threw my dreams. My uncle Vincent rih. He who showed me loyalty, strength and street knowledge.
Lastly, I wanna shoutout the inspiration king of Atlanta. He motivates me and I’m glad to have you on my side. 🪐

IL Boi interviews with Industries Most Wanted


Thank you for spending time with us IL Boi. Please introduce yourself to our readers and tell us where you’re from.
What’s going on? It’s the big homie IL Boi straight out the Midwest.

Tell us the origin behind your name.
IL Boi is all about being proud of the state I’m from which is Illinois. It has a double meaning with IL also standing for just being nice on the mic when spitting.

What made you decide music was your passion?
It’s something I’ve always loved, even at a young age and I have always envisioned myself pursuing it as a career.

How would you describe your style of music?
I would say my flow is slowed down for the listeners so they are able to understand the bars when following along with my records.

I have a midwest flavor with some southern mannerisms due to a lot of artists I grew up listening to such as Soulja Slim, Boosie, Master P etc.
Anytime you hear an IL Boi record you can expect quality beats and a clean sound everybody can vibe to.

Tell us about the single you are currently pushing and where it’s available.
Money Talks is my current single and it is streaming now on all major platforms.

Money Talks is a playful and fun type of record. The record itself is paying homage to the actor Chris Tucker.

In each scene of the Money Talks video I play the role of Chris Tucker in some of his biggest movies such as Money Talks, Rush Hour, and Friday.

Each scene symbolizes a moment where Money Talks and instantly takes you back to some of Chris Tucker’s classic movies.

What else can we catch you doing besides music?
I am always spending time with the wife and kids. I’m a griller and you can catch me year-round on the deck cooking up a meal for my family and friends.

What’s next for you?
I’m going to continue to push my latest EP which is Hate Me Now, Love Me Later. Money Talks is just the latest single off this album which is continuing to stream very well.

What Makes You ‘The Industries Most Wanted’?
I’m very crafty and an underdog. Most folks always count me out but yet they are always trying to stay updated with my moves.

Where can we keep up with you online?
Go check out my website at you can find all my social media links there and more.

Any S/O’s?
I want to thank God for giving me the talent and ability to create this music. Shoutout to my wife, mother, and kids for their support as I navigate through this journey.

Industries Most Wanted talks with Delly Xotic


Thank you for spending time with us Delly Xotic. Please introduce yourself to our readers and tell us where you’re from.
Delly Xotic is a Drill Rap artist from Jamaica who resides in Georgia who currently has millions of streams across various platforms and has performed in Atlanta with songs like We Outside and Pulling up Aye and is also featured on Dcyoungflys coming up vol 2 mixtape series.

Tell us the origin behind your name.
The name “Delly” was given to me in School when I joined a little clique called Royal Family In High School, I added “Xotic” when I decided to release my first song because most of my songs would be about the desire for exotic things or an exotic lifestyle.

What made you decide music was your passion?
Growing up in Jamaica I mainly listened to Reggae Music however my Mom traveled to the USA and bought me a CD Player with a 50 cent CD and when I listened to the Album Get Rich or Die Trying I Instantly became a 50 cent fan and fell in love with Rap Music, I started writing music at a young age and began to rap in high school after college I migrated and released my first single in 2019.

How would you describe your style of music?
Drill poetic rap flows with a twist of Jamaican Dialect with high quality production.

Tell us about the single you are currently pushing and where it’s available.
My Number 1 single is called Get me a bag you can list on all major music platforms Spotify, Apple Music , Youtube, Amazon, Soundcloud and many more.

What else can we catch you doing besides Music?
Building cars it’s nothing like a clean whip. I invest in an Auto Repair Facility which facilitates one of my major hobbies which is modifying cars.

What’s next for you?
Next I want to shoot a Music Video for my Top Song. I want to give my 200K+ listeners some visuals to go with the song they have been of great support and I will be Inviting some fans to the Video Shoot.

Where can we keep up with you online?
Online I can be found by using the google search bar type Delly Xotic or just come Holla at me on Instagram @dellyxotic it’s easier to reach me there.

Any S/O’s?
To my Fans and to everyone who supports my movement.

Industries Most Wanted talks with Carolina Shine


What’s going on Carolina Shine? Please introduce yourself to our readers.
I’m Carolina Shine from Morganton, North Carolina from aka the Mo, baccwoods living , hottest rising country rap star out of the carolinas.

Tell us about life growing up in North Carolina.
From the baccwoods of North Carolina opportunities are limited, doors get closed everyday, everything I have, I had to work and grind for. Why my motto is grind time, is Carolina shine time. It has beautiful scenery, lakes and mountains but trying to be successful from the mo, is not a common thing. Came from a single strict parent home, a lot of her attributes and work ethics and values are what I live by today. Responsibilities, love, and care and tackling adversity and never running from it.

How did music become your passion?
As a kid I had a talent for voice, and I was told I had the attributes to be a preacher. I grew up believing music was in my future and couldn’t cuss around my mom. I had to be creative with my style so I could do what I like and be around my mother. around my teenage years 12-13.

Describe your musical style.
Music style is unique and crafty, MR. Big south and i call it country hip hop/rap i consider it country tunes about country lifestyle with an upflow tempo rhythm style. Most country songs are more singing, My producer ATG added 808’s to the country tunes to be compatible with my sound and energy. I would like S/O Lecrae, Pimp C, Bow Wow, Nelly , Tim Mcgraw , Ace Hood, OutKast definitely can’t forget about the legends of the game 2 Pac and Biggie.

Tell our readers about your new single ‘Shine On Em’ and where it’s available.
Carolina Shine on em is a statement the song is about dominating your lane because the reason is Mr. Big South and the team and I knew the lane was open and challenging when i came out with the first song i wanted to make a statement that i am going to dominate my lane through hard work and grinding.I can’t look at other rappers and singers cause my lane is different and unique i’m here to dominate my lane and build my legacy in the country hip hop genre.

My music is available on all streaming Platforms.

What else do you enjoy doing?
You know I’m from the baccwoods, keep that shine on us, you know how we get down, 4 wheeling, mudding, fishing, dirt biking, going to the lake, pipe up go to the mountains might get a cabin that country living style. you know how we do.

Coming into 2022 what can we expect from you?
A Break through with more fire, meaningful, clean, lit, type country hip hop songs, EP probably releasing around the end of 2022 doing more shows, Mr Big South and i are open to bring the Carolina Shine Show to family festivals, regular festivals, Car Shows etc. to gain more exposure to my brand.

What makes Carolina Shine the Industries Most Wanted?
I’m the industry most wanted because I’m dominant at what I do . I’m passionate about what I do . I motivate fans to do what they love no matter what it is, I’m motivated because of what I love to do, knocking down barriers and building my brand into legacy giving the industry clean music vibes. That’s what made Carolina shine industries most wanted, Grind time is Carolina shine time and I’m wanted by the industry. That’s why I’m in the industry most wanted.

Where can our readers follow you online?
Tik Tok , Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Triller, etc.

Any S/O’s?
Would like to thank God first, I would like to Shout Out the team, My executive producer at Gat 3 where we record at, Erin for photography , Robin Shockley my PR Specialist , everybody in the mo, Shout Out the Carolina’s, Shout out Self Made Legends Productions, want to save the best for last, words can’t even explain it i want to thank my Manager , My Brother , My Mentor , My Ace in the hole , My Business Partner , AKA Mr. Big South AKA Boss blessing to have Mr. Big South as we take on this journey, it is very important to have people in your corner who still put God first Big South has been a blessing for the Team and I and we are grateful of his good work for this brand. You know how we do it. Grind time is Carolina Shine Time. Big South Music Lets Get it!

I want to thank Industry Most Wanted for the opportunity. God Bless!

Tonii The Shooter shares his life journey with Industries Most Wanted


Welcome to Industries Most Wanted. Please introduce yourself.
WahhhGwan (Whats Up) Its The Man Behind The Camera, The Hero, The Shooter. Better known as Tonii The Shooter. Videographer, Photographer, Director & Editor. Representing for Montego Bay, Jamaica & Winston Salem, NC …
Tell us about life growing up in your city?
Originally I’m from Montegobay Jamaica but I was raised in Winston Salem, North Carolina. Growing up, it was a mixture of the Good, the Bad & the Ugly. But I’m beyond thankful to be able to see both sides, amongst my peers I’m the only that has. It taught me that even though we have different accents & different ways of dressing & different beliefs we still are similar. The hustles are the same, the struggles are he same. Mobay (Jamaica) made me tough early & made me a hustler early. But Tre4 (Winston Salem) gave me opportunities to be seen and hired by people i thought I’d never be seen or hired by. Mobay birth who I really I am (Antonio Burns) but Tre4 birth Tonii The Shooter.
You’ve been pursuing videography and photography for quite some time, how did you get started?
One weekend I got a call from My homie telling me he had some tickets to see Kevin Gates when he came down to Winston Salem for a concert, I remember my homie telling me “aye Tonii make sure you bring yo camera” . When we got to the line, the promoter of the event looked at me and said “aye you with the camera, you working for somebody tonight ?” when i responded “nobody” he came back with  “well you working for me and kevin gates tonight”  .. That was my first time getting paid off the camera and actually meeting & working with a celebrity off the camera. That night really birth Tonii The Shooter and made me take it serious other than just seeing it as being a hobby, to the point I put in a two weeks notice at the job i was working at a few days after that night.
Who’s been a motivation for you and why?
I get a lot of inspiration from different people that do different things.. But if I had to just name a few of the ones that’s in the same field as me. I’ll have to say Laka Films, GT FILMS, 20K Visuals, REEL GOATS, AZaeProductions, Jerry Production, Louie Knows, IllyRock, TheMoonRunners, GP Visuals, GotHaze, NoRatchetss, Cole Bennett, Drew Filmed It, Video GOD. And that just to name a few. They all inspired me to bring my own style to the game, they all inspired me to push my own limits far as being a creator , they all inspired me to brand myself, they all inspired me to travel & “pop my S#!t” lol
Besides being a great media guy, what else can we catch you doing?
You can catch me in front of the camera, in somebody’s music video or somebody’s short film doing some acting. Even can catch me producing my own comedy skits. You can catch me being the scenes helping artists with their promoting & marketing. Writing music for artists, doing voice-overs for popular animated youtube shows, I’m really multitalented & a multitasker.
What can we expect from you for the last quarter of the year?
 More music videos. More skits. More events. More content.
What’s a favorite quote of yours?
“Yo Cameraman Aint Hitting On S#!T” ,  “Respect The Shooter” & “Everything Good When You RichHood”
What’s been the biggest life-changing experience you have encountered?
It’ll have to be 4/18/2021 when I went to KureBeach & witnessed 2 little girls trapped in a Rip Current. Me and a woman by the name of Jessica Embry leaped in to save them. Sadly Ms.Embry died on the scene but we saved both little girls. I was taken to the hospital and was in a comma for 2 days, woke up on a ventilator when they told me the news.  It introduced me to PTSD, Survivors Guilt, Depression & Anxiety. I haven’t been mentally the same. And I honestly don’t think I will ever be the same after that .
What makes you the ‘Industries Most Wanted’?
Because “seeing is believing” Photos + Videos is EVERYTHING now in all industries. Without having Visuals you have almost nothing. You cant name brand, company, project, campaign that pop now days without a Video or Photo. I am one of the Industries Most Wanted
Tell our readers where to follow you.
Instagram @ ToniiTheShooter .. YouTube @ Tonii The Shooter … Twitter @ ToniiBThaArtist & FaceBook @ Antonio Burns