Prince Amaho – “Life”


Prince Amaho was born into a Royal family in Nigeria, West Africa. In the late 90´s, he moved to Germany pursuing his chances in the Music Industry against all odds. His first worldwide hit single “Rhythm in my Life”, with the Major Music Label BMG, paved the way for his notoriety in Europe.

Working collectively with friends and Partners in the Music industry, Prince Amaho decided in 2009 to form the musical project “Soul Bros”, which has proven to be successful from numerous worldwide – Club Hits and Chart entries with Remake of Hit Songs like: BAD BOYS” All Night Long, Gimmi Hope Joanna, just to mention a few. Their Professional Showmanship has propelled them into one of the most dynamic Club Acts in Europe. More about Prince Amaho, please go to

Prince Amaho’s latest Single “Life” deals with the void we dismiss as important in our lives. A call for the betterment of our environmental future in the current global climate

The message is; “Giving hope and encouraging people to better themselves, and take action with steps to progress in their life situation.

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Boobieblood Releases New Single “My Elevation”

Boobieblood is back with more heat! The talented Minnesota based hip hop artist just dropped a hot new single titled “My Elevation”. This is without a doubt one of the hottest singles of the year. Make sure you check out Boobieblood’s new music now and follow him on IG for his latest releases. We expect big things from him in 2023!

Connect: IG: @ob_boobie

Keylluminati drops the second installment of his Rebirth series


This is the second installment of Keylluminati’s Rebirth series and it is nothing less than great. You can tell the artist has grown and evolved since he dropped the first Rebirth. Keylluminati proves that he is not tied down to one genre when it comes to his music. The Tampa born artist is still pushing past limits and obstacles to show he has what it takes. He is not afraid to look other artist in the eyes and show them that he is on their level if he has not already passed them. Keylluminati is an artist everyone should keep their eyes on. He going to climb to new heights very soon.

Available now

Get to know artist Whitley D


What’s going on Whitley D, Please introduce yourself.
Shit. Adulting. I’m Whitley D. by the way. Gritty Ent.’s First Lady.

Tell us about life growing up in your city.
Grew up between North Chicago and Gurnee, and went to Gurnee schools because they were better for me.

What’s the origin behind your name?
The First name is Whitley. The “D” is my middle Initial, Darnisha. My last name is non-optional for various reasons.

How did music become a passion for you?
I’ve been singing since I was 4, and my mom kept me in both vocal lessons and choir for both school and church.

How would you describe your style of music?
I do R&B/Soul.

What’s the most recent single or project that you released?
I will be releasing my first project sometime in the middle or end of next year w/ our family producer Dinasty.

Throughout your journey in music, what’s the biggest obstacle that you had to overcome?
My biggest obstacle in music that I’ve overcome was singing in my college’s concert choir. I couldn’t stand a lot of them, and they couldn’t stand me either. Lol!

Besides Music what other business ventures are you pursuing?
I want to venture off into communications work that’s geared towards music and entertainment. However, I do enjoy working w/ special needs youths and adults. I’ve been doing that since 2017.

What piece of advice could you offer to any new upcoming artists?
Stay humble, and fuck your haters. They are there for a reason.

What’s next for you musically?
My project w/ Producer Dinasty. Also, continuously sing for the College of Lake County Gospel Choir.

Where can we keep up with you online?
Instagram: whit_whit0106 Snapchat: whitleydb

And a shout outs?
Shot out to IlBoi and Dinasty for making this all possible for me! I wanna thank the Lord for the musical accomplishments that I’ve made thus far as well!

Industries Most Wanted gets to know ‘The Ville’


What’s going on? Please introduce yourself.

What’s going on? I’m The Ville

Tell us about life growing up in your city.

I was born and raised in Freeport, IL just like both of my parents. My father being a pastor, I was raised in the church. I started in music by playing the drums for my church. Even though I didn’t care for singing as a child, that is where I found my gift.

What’s the origin behind your name?

My name, The Ville, had much meaning behind it. When I first got into music my name was The Village Child of Freeport. As you can tell, it was pretty long, so shortly after I started using the acronym TVCOF for simplicity purposes. After a while, I decided to cut it short and now go by the name The Ville, short for a Village. I am proud of my roots and will always represent my city.

How did music become a passion for you?

Truthfully, music has only recently become a passion of mine. While I grew up in the church choir, I wasn’t always glad to be there, especially when I had to sing. But in the more recent years, I lost my niece and since have found music to be my outlet, a way to express myself. I feel as though I keep a piece of my niece alive with my voice.

How would you describe your style of music?

Honestly, describing my style of music is probably one of the more challenging questions to answer. I do not conform and I find myself venturing into different styles all the time. While I work most on R&B and rap styles of the hip hop culture, I recently stepped into reggaetón and more.

What’s the most recent single or project that you released?

I have so many songs in my vault! With quite an idea for releasing more music in the year 2023. But as far as the most recently released project, it is the music video to my fans long awaited R&B favorite, Touchin’ You. The video was shot in Puerto Rico this past spring and watching the video on YouTube is the only way to hear the track for the time being.

Throughout your journey in music, what’s the biggest obstacle that you had to overcome?

I have learned a lot in just this past year. One of the many obstacles that I would consider to be a lesson learned is that not everyone who is in your Face is a fan. Sometimes it’s hard to tell because as an influencer, I want to inspire all. But I’ve learned the hard way so early in my career that not all companies are good companies. I just know to stay focused and God will show me what is truly for me and who might be against me.

Besides Music what other business ventures are you pursuing?

Those who know me know quite well, and those getting to know me, I have a great passion for my community, especially the children. They are our future! I have been active in involving my community and I have aspirations of bring fun and safe activities to my community for the children. I also have a few new merch ideas in the works with hopes of some new drops coming in early 2023.

What piece of advice could you offer to any new upcoming artists?

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, stay true to yourself. Be uniquely you. It can be challenging to remain your authentic self in this industry, but that is truly the only way. No one is looking for the next 6lack or J Cole. Sure they can be inspirational, but you are who you are and you can’t be someone else, nor should you want to be.

What’s next for you musically?

Oh man, next year is going to be a big year for me. I have really grown a lot through 2022, but I am nowhere near down! You’ll have to stay tuned for upcoming release and performance dates!

Where can we keep up with you online?

I am on all platforms. For my music, just got to your favorite streaming platform, Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube, you name it. Type in The Ville! As far as keeping up with me, Facebook at The Ville and Instagram at _TheOfficialVille. You can also visit my website at for all Ville related news and merch!

And any shout outs?

shout out to the ones that love, support & rocking with me! Without them i wouldn’t be great artist i am today, shout out to them.

Day In The Life Of Dewone ”The Grave Digger” Johnson Episode 1


Day In The Life Of Dewone ”The Grave Digger” Johnson Episode 1

Dewone ”The Grave Digger” Johnson (17-0-0) is a professional boxer out of Chicago managed by NorthEnd Management. Dewone Johnson is in the super welterweight division, he fights in the orthodox stance. Johnson made his professional debut on 06 Aug 2016 at the age of 23 Dewone is an undefeated professional boxer. Dewone Johnson’s goal is to become world champion, and provide for his family.

Dewone ”The Grave Digger” Johnson

Management: Dewone ”The Grave Digger” Johnson NorthEnd Management


Ladii Tii the First Lady of Go Gitta Records Reveal Why She is the Island Heavyweight


Atlanta, GA (October 21, 2022)

Go Gitta Records introduces hip hop rapper/dance hall/reggae artist Ladii Tii. The British Island born artist is also known as “The Island Heavy Weight” due to her heavy weighted lyric which is full of island flavor. The artist who now resides in Tallahassee, FL reflects on the days of growing up with her family in Pepper Sauce Yard and how the preparation helped her perfect her craft despite growing up in poverty.

Ladii Tii started writing and preparing her music as a professional in 2015 where she settled into taking on the power of her words and talent to deliver her intense messages. The artist will release her new single “Hurt Life” in late November of 2022 along with the video to the much-anticipated release. The song was written by the artist as tribute to the remembrance of the loss of a great friend, her mom and former manager, it will also serve as source of strength to her fans who need encouragement to overcome hardships. Ladii Tii is set to release her new EP early Spring of 2023 but those who want more from the emerging artist can follow her on her new IG page @islandheavyweight

The project is currently available for review on and the artist is available for interviews and bookings.


King Gorilla & T Eazy New Hit Single – “Whippin”


Introducing New York City’s King Gorilla and T-Eazy.  The duo’s latest single, “Whippin,” packs a powerful punch to which you’ll want to introduce yourself. 

For nearly four minutes, the rising New York artists pour on insanely clever lyrics, addicting flows, and an attitude that hypes you up in an instant. 

Coming out of Queens, New York, King Gorilla has been crafting heaters for about a decade now. Inspired by some of the hip-hop greats, including 50 Cent and Jay-Z, King Gorilla is renowned for his laid-back, arrogant rap style. 

Accompanying King Gorilla on “Whippin,” T-Eazy is no stranger to the New York sound. As a Brooklyn native, T-Eazy assists King Gorilla in making “Whippin,” the hard-hitting track it has become known for. 

Whippin” immediately floods your ears with ominous, mysterious energy. The rhythm steadily builds anticipation with powerful percussion and the sounds of eerie crow caws. While the energy is building, King Gorilla only pumps a little more blood into your veins, leaving you itching for what’s next. 

As soon as the bass drops, “Whippin” covers you with dark aural tones highlighted with a quick-moving pace to amp you up. To make things even better, King Gorilla comes in with a ton of energy on the mic. That said, the New York rapper floods your ears with such confidence you’ll start to notice it rubbing off on you. 

The aspect of King Gorilla’s rap style you’ll notice right away is the pure, unapologetic enthusiasm he portrays. Whether it’s the chorus, verses, or ad-libs, King Gorilla is simply built different. For instance, the way the rapper delivers the hook featured on “Whippin” electrifies your body with heart-pounding adrenaline. 

On top of that, King Gorilla shows off his experience in the music game any time he drops bars. The manner in which the New York rapper lays down his verses is top-notch. However, the way King Gorilla intricately places emphasis on certain words and syllables is even more impressive. 

Further on in “Whippin,” T-Eazy shows listeners why he was the perfect rapper to work alongside King Gorilla. As soon as he gets a chance, T-Eazy drops some seriously smooth bars. In addition to the addicting energy he lays down, T-Eazy floods his lyrics with clever rhyming schemes and similies you can’t help but appreciate. 

Trust us, you don’t wanna sleep on King Gorilla or T-Eazy. The two artists recently signed to Strong Arm Productions through Equity Distribution company which is owned by Roc Nation and don’t plan on slowing down anytime soon. 

Shortly, you’ll be able to check out the up-and-coming rappers doing interviews at Power105 and Shade45. And we’re sure you’ll be able to catch some new music from T-Eazy and King Gorilla soon!

Be sure to follow King Gorilla on Instagram and T-Eazy on  Instagram to stay up to date with the latest.

Don’t waste another moment! Go check out “Whippin” as soon as you can. Now available on your favorite music streaming platform! 

For more info contact Parnell Gervais from @ThoroughConsulting