Slim9ine5ive Single “Stay With You” off his “It’s Like a Love Story” project.


Matthew Torrez aka Slim9ine5ive (pronounced Slim-Nine-Five) was born on March 3rd 1995 in Harbor City. He was Raised in Gardena California and went to school in San Pedro. Before the age of 13, Slim was already experimenting with music. From DJing to Producing and Freestyling over instrumentals to backyard parties, to a studio owner. Today, Slim is becoming a legend in the music space working with many artists on his solo career journey. He’s featured on the cover of Undrgrnd Magazine issue 9, along with many other influencer features. Slim9ine5ive is dropping non stop dope content, and is definitely a name you will be hearing frequently. Watch his most recent Music Video Visuals: “Stay with You” and “4 am on PCH”.

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PartyBoi Releases ‘Buss It Down’ ft. Mac Tree: A Flavorful Summer Anthem


Atlanta-based artist PartyBoi, CEO of PartyBoi Entertainment, is turning up the heat this summer with his latest release, “Buss It Down” featuring Mac Tree. This track promises to be a standout hit in the realm of party anthems. Produced by Emazon and engineered by Hundoe, the song delivers a punchy beat and infectious energy that’s sure to get crowds moving.

PartyBoi shares his inspiration behind “Buss It Down,” revealing that it stemmed from a playful encounter with a certain Instagram model. He explains, “My motivation for ‘Buss It Down’ was me thinking about a certain Instagram model who thought she couldn’t be cracked like a taco. But it’s all about reverse psychology in this new social media world, so I asked what I gotta do for her to buss it down.” With its catchy hook and straightforward lyrics, the track captures the essence of summer fun and flirtation, making it an instant favorite for listeners.

For PartyBoi, “Buss It Down” holds a special place as a quick, catchy, and flavorful tune that’s perfect for setting the vibe at any party. He notes, “What makes ‘Buss It Down’ special to him is that he knows this is a hot summer jam and it’s nice, quick, and catchy. Something easy for DJs to mix in and it’s full of flavor.” With its undeniable charm and infectious rhythm, “Buss It Down” is primed to dominate the airwaves and playlists alike, solidifying PartyBoi’s status as a rising star in the music scene.

Young Zeek IS Back With New Single Blue Vibes Feat MJ Robinson


Rap artist Young Zeek continues to push the boundaries of what it takes to become a great artist. He’s dropping the 4th project out of the “Blow” series and he continues to put out classic hip hop music. YZ released eleven projects independently on Royalty Gang Records, he’s an underground legend that is making his mark on the hip hop scene. He selects amazing beats, has an original flow and charm that has the ladies falling in love with the rapper. “Blow 4” is amazing from start to finish, his rhymes fit perfectly with every beat selection. Young Zeek’s determination on putting the best project out has to be a contest to the hard work he puts in on his music. He also created a group FIF with 4 other rappers. Young Zeek will be busy this year acting in movies, doing shows and other projects he is working on. The world is definitely appreciating this artist’s gifts and waiting for what’s next to come. “Blow 4” drops on March 22 on all digital platforms. Check out Young Zeek website to get new merch and more content.

“Spaceboi Kenny vs The World”: A Cinematic Musical Odyssey

Step into the vibrant world of Palmdale’s rising star, Spaceboi Kenny, as he unleashes his latest musical masterpiece, “Spaceboi Kenny vs the World.” Released on March 2, 2024, this track, produced by the talented John Nocito, is more than just a song—it’s an homage to the cult classic film “Scott Pilgrim vs the World.”
In this cinematic journey, Spaceboi Kenny channels the spirit of the lovable underdog, reminiscent of Michael Cera’s iconic role, as he battles to protect his love interest.
The music video seamlessly blends nostalgic nods to the film’s iconic imagery with Spaceboi Kenny‘s unique artistic vision. The beat and heartfelt lyrics complement the on-screen action, creating an unforgettable experience that solidifies Spaceboi Kenny as a force to be reckoned with in the music industry.
Spaceboi Kenny vs The World” isn’t just a song; it’s a work of art that pays homage to the past while pushing the boundaries of innovation. With each scene and note, Spaceboi Kenny proves his ability to blend nostalgia and creativity, leaving a lasting impact that transcends time. Keep an eye on this Palmdale artist, as his musical journey promises to captivate audiences and stand the test of time.



“Jon Banks’ Soulful Journey: ‘Self’ Unveils a Battle Within”


In his latest release, “Self,” Decatur-based artist Jon Banks lays bare a profound personal struggle, creating a musical narrative that resonates with authenticity and emotional depth. Recorded during a pivotal moment in his life, the track explores the artist’s sense of isolation amidst a crowded world. Jon Banks confronts not only external challenges but also his internal battles, candidly sharing a journey of self-discovery and resilience.

Produced by the talented Ankor Beats, “Self” delivers a soul-stirring melody that complements Jon Banks’ self reflecting lyrics. The artist, also serving as the engineer, brings a raw vulnerability to the forefront. The song becomes a heart felt cry for help, with a realization that during the toughest and darkest times, the artist found solace in the profound connection with himself and a higher power. “Self” is more than a song; it’s a revelation and an exploration of the artist’s unwavering determination to separate from negativity and embrace a path towards fulfilling his true purpose. Jon Banks emerges not just as a musician but as a storyteller, sharing a piece of his soul with every listener.

UK new sensation Beth Brandy Releases Irresponsible Video


Raw, passionate, unique. These are just a few words to describe the musical talent of songstress, Bethanie Tupman better known as Beth Brandy. Born in Cambridge, UK, Beth Brandy was raised in a loving household. Eldest of three siblings, she and her family lived in a small village outside of North London called Bishops Stortford until the age of 10 when Beth Brandy and her family packed up and moved to another town in Hertfordshire. Seeing her first childhood home up for sale a few years later, her family was able to purchase and move back into the home where many warm memories were shared.
Throughout her childhood years, Beth Brandy’s parents were very supportive of her
talents and made sure to pour into her ballet, tennis and swimming lessons to help
develop the hard work ethic and drive that she has today. At 9 years old, Beth Brandy
attended Bishop’s Stortford College, where she learned the drums and began her
singing lessons. It was during these singing lessons that she realized how comfortable she was expressing herself creatively, which led to her developing this skill even further. As Beth Brandy was finding her sound in her younger years, she was inspired by many of the greats. Growing up listening to her parents fill the home with music from Michael Jackson, Shaggy and The Bee Gees, helped develop her love for funk and soul which can be heard in her music now. It wasn’t until Beth Brandy was 17, that she truly believed in her already undeniable talent. Her vocal range and tone truly developed over her child years and her will and determination for success was a driving force behind her artistry. Practicing in an unconventional way, Beth Brandy recalls singing in her barn, in particularly to Ariana Grande’s “Dangerous Women” until she was able to perfect the high notes in the song.
Michael Jackson’s funk-driven beats, Calvin Harris, Anderson.paak & Silk Sonic’s take on 80s funk music while making it modern and current, Amy Winehouse’s jazz voice and songs, and her way of expressing her personal life and Ariana Grande’s vocal range and pop aesthetic have all played a tremendous role in the way Beth Brandy has cultivated her own personal style. All of the artists who inspired her, have led to Beth Brandy creating the same energy and feel with her songs, turning possible sad stories into a positive spin or writing witty lyrics with soulful beats to accompany them.

For more information, please visit Beth Brandy’s official website at or follow her on TikTok, Instagram, and Twitter @bethbrandy.

Hip Hop Legend Smoke Of Field Mob Is Going Viral With New Single ‘Ahh Haa’ And It’s Remix Featuring Savannah Star Clay James


If you haven’t heard the news, Smoke 1/2 of the legendary rap duo Field Mob is making a major come back. He has a new single entitled ‘Ahh Haa’ which is available on Even Biz and the visualizers for this song have been going viral on Tik Tok and Instagram, one of its videos has accumulated 300,000 views. Since Smoke has been receiving traction from the content for ‘Ahh Haa’ he thought it would be a good idea to use his platform to shed light on some of his friends who are also making waves in the industry. Smoke has created a new platform entitled the Go@t Club, which will also be a podcast, and it will highlight individuals or entities in which he feels are Goats in their respective fields. Smoke recently sat down with BHighATL and fellow hip hop legend Hotboy Turk to discuss his latest endeavor. The first person Smoke has decided to shed some light on is Savannah’s Clay James, who got his first big break from a fellow Savannah native Big Boi 1/2 of the legendary rap duo Outkast and later would receive his first record deal under Snoop Dogg’s Doggystyle South Records. Nowadays Clay is continuing to push his music on the independent scene through his own label Playas Club Music Group which recently partnered with CWE Distro. PCMG has a loaded roster of talent which includes: Charlise J, Marle’ Blu, Pimp Sweet Tooth, King Elway, Sincerely Dad, Just Call Me Veto, Young Bo, Pimpin Pablo, and Respekk. Clay James hopped on the ‘Ahh Haa Remix’ with Smoke and delivered a classic verse. You can check out Smoke and Clay’s live performance of the ‘Ahh Haa Remix’ on Out The Booth Live’s YouTube page. Follow @SmokeOfFieldMob and @WhoIsClayJames on all social media.

Atlanta Rising Star Young Bo Links With Clay James For “Eat Up” Official Video Shot By KD Gray


Playas Club Music Group representers Young Bo and Clay James recently released a new single entitled “Eat Up” which is produced by Twon Beatz. The two have been performing this song all over Atlanta and it’s beginning to pick up some steam. “Eat Up” has been Shazam’d over 5,000 times. Due to everyone’s positive feedback about the song Young Bo decided to release the official “Eat Up” music video on Dec.20th shot by KD Gray at Soul Good Restaurant on the westside of Atlanta. Bo received cameo appearances from his label mate Just Call Me Veto as well as the legendary DJ Prez. This video already has 13,000 views and climbing. If you haven’t seen it, please get in tune by clicking the link below. Follow @YoungBo101 on all social media to stay updated with his future releases and concerts. 2024 is going to be a big year for Young Bo, PCMG, and E.F.F.O.R.T Records.

Griffin, GA Rising Stars King Elway & Don AC Prove They’re “One Of Those” On New Single Produced By Black Metaphor


This has been a great year for the music scene in Griffin, Georgia. Many emerging acts have begun to breakthrough on the independent scene and receive national recognition. One of the front runners of Griffin’s music resurgence is Playas Club Music Group’s King Elway. On Elway’s new single “One Of Those” he joins forces with another Griffin rising star Don AC over production by Black Metaphor. You can listen to this song on all digital streaming platforms and watch the official music video shot by Kartel Filmz on YouTube. Follow @KingElway and @1Don_AC on social media to keep up their future releases and performances.



Born and raised in Oklahoma, DMO2X is a dynamic young artist whose journey resonates deeply with the HIP HOP culture  Emerging from a challenging background marked by family struggles and incarceration, Damario Crockett found peace in music at just 14 years old. His melodic storytelling aims to connect with those who’ve faced similar struggles, encapsulating his mission to inspire transformation. With a signature blend of versatility, DMO2X’s timeless sound paints a vivid sonic picture across emotions.

Beyond his roots, DMO2X has shared stages with Shordie Shordie and opened for Lil Durk, solidifying his presence in the spotlight. Just finishing up a world tour with Yung Blue.

Driven by unwavering determination, he’s not just making music but shaping a lasting legacy. Just released his new EP titled “LAST QUARTER” featuring hit singles “POP IT” and “WAYBACH”.

His impact on the music scene is undeniable, with 100,000 streams on all major platforms. DMO2X has hit after hits such as “reciprocated pain ft gang June”, “Not Me”, “Heavy”, “leave me alone”, and “surely”. Keep your ears open for Dmo2x as he is about to drop some major features with artists LiL Zay Osama, Quinn FN, and Baby Face Ray.


Here are some of DMO2X’s accomplishments:

  • Has over 100,000 streams on all major platforms

  • Has toured with Yung Blue

  • Has opened for Lil Durk

  • Has released a new EP titled “LAST QUARTER”

  • Has released hit singles “POP IT” and “WAYBACH”

DMO2X is a rising star in the hip hop world and is sure to make a big impact in the years to come.

Check out “WAYBACH” music video now on YouTube

YouTube: Dmo2x
Instagram: _Dmo2x
Facebook: Dmo2x