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NorthEnd Empire Films LLC presents “Irresponsibull” movie. Allen is ready to settle down. Only his girlfriend Theresa doesn’t think he’s anywhere close to being responsible enough to start a family. When an unexpected opportunity arises for Allen to keep Theresa’s nephew and niece (Brian and Britt) and prove his maturity, he jumps to it…without knowing these two kids are not your average youngsters. Marcus is a low level scam artist that works for his uncle, the most “dangerous construction boss” in Chicago. He continues to screw up job after job and is desperate to show his uncle/boss that he can be responsible and counted on in the family business. The boss gives him just one more chance to prove himself. Then, the most unlikely of events happens, causing a chance meeting of Allen and Marcus and starting a downward spiral like no other. Can any of these men make it out and show that they are indeed NOT Irresponsibull?

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NSK Dolla Channels Pain and Betrayal in New Single “I Can Never”


Queens, NY native NSK Dolla is making waves with his latest single, “I Can Never,” produced by Young Montana. This track is released under the NSK Music Group label. In “I Can Never,” NSK Dolla delves deep into themes of betrayal and personal growth, using his music as a therapeutic outlet. His raw and honest storytelling sets this song apart, as he transforms his pain into a powerful and passionate narrative.

The song holds a special place in NSK Dolla’s heart because it represents a cathartic release and a candid portrayal of his experiences. “What makes it special to me is me telling my story, turning my pain into passion,” he explains. The authenticity in his lyrics resonates with listeners who have faced similar challenges, creating a connection that transcends the music itself. NSK Dolla’s ability to convey genuine emotion through his words and delivery is a testament to his artistry and dedication.

One of the standout lines in “I Can Never” encapsulates the essence of betrayal and the harsh realities that come with it: “smile in ya face and put a knife in ya back/ the ones close to you do you like that.” This lyric highlights the artist’s skill in expressing complex emotions with simplicity and impact. As fans eagerly await the release of his mixtape “Guess Who’s Back,” NSK Dolla continues to solidify his place in the music industry with his compelling storytelling and unflinching honesty.

Reckless Rhymacide Drops New Birthday Anthem “It’s Yo Birthday”


Indianapolis’ own Reckless Rhymacide has just released his latest track, “It’s Yo Birthday,” produced by the renowned Whodunit Beats. This fresh spin on the classic “Happy Birthday” song brings a catchy vibe, making it a perfect fit for nightclub atmospheres and adult birthday parties. With its catchy beats and modern twist, the track is set to become a staple for birthday celebrations everywhere, offering a new, exciting way to mark the occasion.

Reckless Rhymacide’s “It’s Yo Birthday” showcases his unique flair for blending contemporary sounds with familiar themes, ensuring the song resonates with a wide audience. Whodunit Beats’ production enhances the track with deep, rhythmic basslines and sleek instrumentation, creating an immersive experience that draws listeners in. As the song gains traction, it’s poised to redefine how birthdays are celebrated, combining tradition with a fresh, energetic sound that captures the essence of today’s music scene.

Unveiling BIG 4.1’s Anthem: “BIG SACK”


Hailing from Gwinnett ‘DA NAWF’, BIG 4.1 emerges as a beacon of authenticity in the realm of hip-hop. With his latest track, “BIG SACK,” recently released and produced by the skilled Joe Peoples, BIG 4.1 delivers not just a song, but a mantra for financial empowerment and self-improvement. In a world obsessed with flaunting bags, BIG 4.1’s message cuts through the noise, urging listeners to focus on filling their “BIG SACK” with tangible wealth rather than mere appearances.

The song’s genesis stems from BIG 4.1’s desire to instill a culture of financial responsibility and foresight. Emphasizing the journey from a single $100 bill to a sizable nest egg, “BIG SACK” serves as a daily anthem for those striving to secure their futures. In an exclusive statement, BIG 4.1 explains his motivation: “It’s that time, it’s right on time for what’s going on and to teach our culture to save up that BIG SACK start at 20. By the time you’re 40 you can retire yourself if you do it right.” With lyrics that resonate beyond the beats, BIG 4.1 aims to spark a movement towards financial literacy and empowerment.

As BIG 4.1 gears up for his show in Anderson, South Carolina, alongside his team, the BOONDOCK KINGS, his mixtape “ME VS ME BAR-4-BAR THE MIXTAPE Vol 1” sets the stage for a musical revolution. Promising “HIP Rock” or “Kuntry Rap,” BIG 4.1 delivers an authentic sound that transcends genres, appealing to listeners from all walks of life. With originality and consistency as his guiding principles, BIG 4.1 stands out not just as an artist, but as a visionary ushering in a new era of meaningful music.

BLKTEMBER Drops Debut Single “Keep In Touch” Bringing Atlanta’s Soul to the Airwaves


Atlanta-based artist BLKTEMBER emerged onto the music scene with his debut single “Keep In Touch,” released on June 25, 2022. Produced by soundsbysammy and engineered by BLKTEMBER himself, the track is a seamless blend of R&B and pop, showcasing the artist’s versatility and unique sound.

For BLKTEMBER, the motivation behind “Keep In Touch” was sparked by the infectious beat. “Honestly, the beat motivated me. From the very first time I listened to it, I had my idea for the song and I knew I had to finish it,” he shares. This enthusiasm translated into a captivating track that marks his official introduction to the music world.

As BLKTEMBER’s inaugural release, “Keep In Touch” holds a special place in his heart. “This is my first released song, the very first song I invited the world to listen to,” he reflects. With lyrics like “I hate we’re in different places, never been good with patience,” the song captures the essence of longing and connection, resonating with audiences on a deeply personal level. As BLKTEMBER continues to hone his craft, fans can anticipate more soulful melodies and captivating storytelling in his upcoming projects, promising a fusion of R&B, pop, and hip-hop influences.

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ISH Money Drops Infectious Anthem “I Need A Bad Bitch”


Emerging from Elizabeth City, NC, ISH Money electrifies the music scene with his latest track, “I Need A Bad Bitch,” released on April 6th, 2024. Produced by the dynamic Stxnk and engineered by the renowned Kelly Bangaz, this song is a testament to ISH Money’s commitment to crafting infectious beats and unforgettable hooks. With his Instagram @ishmoney252 buzzing with anticipation, the artist aims to captivate listeners with this club-ready anthem.

When asked about the motivation behind the song, ISH Money shared, “My motivation behind this song was to make people dance and have fun in the club or at a party.” Indeed, “I Need A Bad Bitch” exudes an irresistible energy that ignites any dance floor, blending catchy lyrics with pulsating rhythms. For ISH Money, this track holds special significance as it embodies good vibes and an invitation to let loose and enjoy the moment.

Among the standout lines in the song, ISH Money highlights, “R.I.P Pop smoke girl shake the room.” Paying homage to the late Pop Smoke, ISH Money adds a heartfelt touch to the track, honoring the legacy of the talented artist whose impact resonates deeply in the hip-hop community. As fans eagerly await ISH Money’s upcoming project, teased to be 65% completed for a summer release, “I Need A Bad Bitch” serves as a tantalizing preview of the artist’s evolving style and infectious energy.

Big Steppa’s ‘Neva Fold’: A Motivational Anthem of Resilience

Atlanta/Louisiana-based artist Big Steppa delivers a powerful message of perseverance and determination in his latest release, “Neva Fold,” which hit the airwaves on March 1st, 2024. Produced by the talented Au1rontheBeat, this track serves as a testament to Big Steppa’s personal journey, drawing inspiration from his own trials and triumphs.
“Neva Fold” stands out as a significant milestone for Big Steppa, marking his debut into the mainstream music scene. Reflecting on his motivation behind the song, he shares that it is a product of his life experiences, channeling the resilience he’s cultivated in the face of adversity. With its infectious beats and empowering lyrics, the track resonates with listeners on a profound level, reminding them to stand tall in the face of challenges.
As Big Steppa gears up for an exciting lineup of projects, including music videos and upcoming live performances, fans can expect to witness his evolution as an artist firsthand. With the support of his dedicated followers and the creative process of his producer team, #Au1ronthebeat, Big Steppa is poised to make waves in the music industry. Follow him on Instagram @iambigsteppa6 to stay updated on his journey and be part of the movement towards greater heights of success.

Slim9ine5ive Single “Stay With You” off his “It’s Like a Love Story” project.


Matthew Torrez aka Slim9ine5ive (pronounced Slim-Nine-Five) was born on March 3rd 1995 in Harbor City. He was Raised in Gardena California and went to school in San Pedro. Before the age of 13, Slim was already experimenting with music. From DJing to Producing and Freestyling over instrumentals to backyard parties, to a studio owner. Today, Slim is becoming a legend in the music space working with many artists on his solo career journey. He’s featured on the cover of Undrgrnd Magazine issue 9, along with many other influencer features. Slim9ine5ive is dropping non stop dope content, and is definitely a name you will be hearing frequently. Watch his most recent Music Video Visuals: “Stay with You” and “4 am on PCH”.

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PartyBoi Releases ‘Buss It Down’ ft. Mac Tree: A Flavorful Summer Anthem


Atlanta-based artist PartyBoi, CEO of PartyBoi Entertainment, is turning up the heat this summer with his latest release, “Buss It Down” featuring Mac Tree. This track promises to be a standout hit in the realm of party anthems. Produced by Emazon and engineered by Hundoe, the song delivers a punchy beat and infectious energy that’s sure to get crowds moving.

PartyBoi shares his inspiration behind “Buss It Down,” revealing that it stemmed from a playful encounter with a certain Instagram model. He explains, “My motivation for ‘Buss It Down’ was me thinking about a certain Instagram model who thought she couldn’t be cracked like a taco. But it’s all about reverse psychology in this new social media world, so I asked what I gotta do for her to buss it down.” With its catchy hook and straightforward lyrics, the track captures the essence of summer fun and flirtation, making it an instant favorite for listeners.

For PartyBoi, “Buss It Down” holds a special place as a quick, catchy, and flavorful tune that’s perfect for setting the vibe at any party. He notes, “What makes ‘Buss It Down’ special to him is that he knows this is a hot summer jam and it’s nice, quick, and catchy. Something easy for DJs to mix in and it’s full of flavor.” With its undeniable charm and infectious rhythm, “Buss It Down” is primed to dominate the airwaves and playlists alike, solidifying PartyBoi’s status as a rising star in the music scene.

Young Zeek IS Back With New Single Blue Vibes Feat MJ Robinson


Rap artist Young Zeek continues to push the boundaries of what it takes to become a great artist. He’s dropping the 4th project out of the “Blow” series and he continues to put out classic hip hop music. YZ released eleven projects independently on Royalty Gang Records, he’s an underground legend that is making his mark on the hip hop scene. He selects amazing beats, has an original flow and charm that has the ladies falling in love with the rapper. “Blow 4” is amazing from start to finish, his rhymes fit perfectly with every beat selection. Young Zeek’s determination on putting the best project out has to be a contest to the hard work he puts in on his music. He also created a group FIF with 4 other rappers. Young Zeek will be busy this year acting in movies, doing shows and other projects he is working on. The world is definitely appreciating this artist’s gifts and waiting for what’s next to come. “Blow 4” drops on March 22 on all digital platforms. Check out Young Zeek website to get new merch and more content.