Get to know music producer, Tiffany Love


What’s going on Tiffany Love? Please introduce yourself.
I’m Tiffany Love, an R&B and Hip Hop beat maker. I was born and raised in Southside Jamaica, Queens, NY, but I’m currently living in Brooklyn, NY.

How did you first start making beats?
My journey into making beats started quite organically. It all began with me just playing around with music on my Yamaha PR-240 keyboard, experimenting with different sounds and rhythms. I was fascinated by the process of creating music and soon realized that I had a knack for it.

In 2011, I took a step further and started messing around with Pro Tools. It was my first dive into digital audio workstations (DAWs), and I was amazed by the endless possibilities they offered. However, it wasn’t until I tried Logic 9 that everything clicked for me. I fell in love with Logic’s interface, workflow, and the range of tools it provided for music production. From that point on, there was no turning back. I immersed myself in learning the ins and outs of Logic, honing my skills, and experimenting with different techniques to craft unique beats. It’s been an incredible journey of growth and discovery, and I’m grateful for every step that led me to where I am today.

We know early on you were making gospel music on your keyboard. Do you currently produce other types of genres?
Absolutely! While my journey started with making gospel music on my keyboard, I’ve expanded into producing various genres, including R&B and Hip Hop. These genres allow me to explore different sounds, rhythms, and emotions, adding depth and versatility to my music production skills. I love the soulful melodies and storytelling aspects of R&B, as well as the raw energy and creative freedom of Hip Hop. Both genres inspire me to push boundaries and create music that resonates with people on a deeper level.

What type of music do you enjoy working on the most?
I absolutely love working on R&B music! There’s something about the smooth melodies, soulful vocals, and emotional depth of R&B that really speaks to me. I find joy in crafting beats that complement those heartfelt lyrics and create a vibe that makes you want to groove. R&B allows me to explore different textures, instrumentation, and rhythms, which keeps the creative process exciting and fulfilling. It’s definitely my favorite genre to work on—it just feels like home.

Any obstacles you’re had to overcome throughout your journey as a beat maker?
Oh, definitely. One major obstacle I’ve faced on my journey as a beat maker is dealing with feedback that my beats “don’t sound like what’s out now.” It can be tough when people compare your work to current trends and expect you to follow a certain formula. However, I’ve learned to trust my instincts and stay true to my unique sound, even if it doesn’t always fit the mainstream mold. Another challenge has been learning to trust people with my music ideas. It’s a vulnerable process to share your creations with others, especially when you’re not sure how they’ll be received. Over time, I’ve become more selective about who I collaborate with and have found a circle of like-minded individuals who respect and appreciate my creative vision. Despite these obstacles, I’ve grown stronger as a beat maker. I’ve learned to embrace constructive criticism, stay authentic to my style, and surround myself with supportive allies who believe in my music. It’s all part of the journey, and overcoming these challenges has only made me more determined to succeed.

When it comes to producing for an artist, do you prefer to do it specifically for them? Or are you uploading most of your Beats to a Beat website?
For me, producing for an artist is all about creating something specifically tailored to their style and vibe. I prefer to craft beats with a particular artist in mind, envisioning how their vocals will complement the music and bring the whole track to life. This approach allows me to personalize the production and capture the essence of the artist’s sound.

While I do upload some of my beats to beat websites for exposure and networking opportunities, my heart lies in the process of creating something unique for a specific artist. It’s a collaborative journey where I can fully immerse myself in their vision and contribute to the creation of something special. Plus, there’s a certain magic that happens when the beat and the artist’s voice align perfectly—it’s what keeps me inspired and passionate about what I do.

Tell us one or two artists that you have worked with and really enjoyed?
Working with artists like Knzie and SoloJane has been an absolute pleasure and a highlight of my career. Knzie, a talented singer-songwriter, brought such soul and emotion to the table. Collaborating with her allowed me to delve deep into creating melodies and beats that perfectly complemented her powerful vocals and heartfelt lyrics. The synergy we have is amazing, and the end result was a track that resonated with listeners.

SoloJane, on the other hand, brought a whole different energy to our collaboration. Their unique style and creative vision pushed me to experiment with new sounds and textures, resulting in a dynamic and edgy track that stood out. Working with SoloJane was a journey of exploration and innovation, and I loved every moment of it. Both experiences taught me valuable lessons about collaboration, creativity, and the magic that happens when artists come together to create something special. I’m grateful for the opportunity to work with such talented individuals and look forward to more inspiring collaborations in the future.

Besides creating Beats, have you gotten into doing any engineering?
No, I haven’t delved into engineering. My primary focus has always been creating music—crafting beats, experimenting with melodies, and bringing my ideas to life through sound. While engineering is an important aspect of music production, I’ve chosen to hone my skills specifically in the creative process of making music. It’s where my passion lies, and I believe in focusing on what I love and excel at the most.

For any aspiring Beat makers, what piece of advice could you offer them?
For aspiring beat makers, my biggest piece of advice would be to stay true to your unique sound and never stop experimenting. It’s easy to get caught up in trends or try to mimic what’s popular, but what sets you apart is your individual style and creativity. Don’t be afraid to take risks, explore different genres, and trust your instincts. Additionally, networking and collaborating with other artists and producers can be incredibly valuable. Surround yourself with a supportive community that shares your passion for music, exchange ideas, and learn from each other’s experiences. And above all, stay persistent and dedicated to your craft. Success in music production takes time, hard work, and perseverance, so keep pushing forward and never stop creating.

Do you have anything specific in the works that we need to know about?
Yes, I’m currently working on something really exciting that I can’t wait to share! I’m in the process of putting together an album featuring a selective choice of artists. It’s been an amazing journey collaborating with these talented individuals, and I believe their unique styles will bring a fresh perspective to the project. Apart from that, I’m also working on creating more beats—exploring new sounds, refining my production techniques, and pushing the boundaries of my creativity. These beats will not only be part of the album but also stand-alone tracks that I plan to release individually. Overall, there’s a lot of creativity flowing in the studio, and I’m looking forward to sharing this music with everyone soon. Stay tuned for updates and be ready for some dope vibes!

Are you currently pursuing any other business ventures?
Yes, I’m currently exploring other business ventures. One area I’m particularly interested in is pursuing TV and film placements for my music. I believe that my beats and compositions have the potential to enhance visual storytelling and add depth to various media projects. I’ve been networking with industry professionals, studying the requirements for placements, and fine-tuning my portfolio to cater to the needs of TV shows, films, and commercials. It’s an exciting opportunity to expand my reach and collaborate with creatives in different fields. While music production remains my primary focus, venturing into TV and film placements allows me to explore new avenues and showcase my work to a broader audience. I’m excited about the possibilities ahead and eager to see where this journey takes me.

Any artists that are interested in working with you, please provide your social media and contact information.


IG: Officialtiffanylovebeats

Tiktok: Tiffanylovebeats

Is there anybody that you would like to give a shout out to?
Absolutely, there are some amazing people I’d love to give a shoutout to! First and foremost, a big shoutout to Mystics Entertainment and Misty “Tampamystic” Malec for interviewing me on your platform. It was an honor to share my journey and music with your audience, and I appreciate the opportunity. I also want to send a shoutout to my parents, who are watching over me from heaven. They passed down the passion for making music, and I carry their love and guidance with me every day. A huge shoutout to all the incredible artists and musicians I’ve had the pleasure of working with: Knzie, Solojane, Slim the creator, Ayoshlide, Jookbox Neek, and Jaelyn Ashlee. Each of you has brought something special to our collaborations, and I’m grateful for the creativity and camaraderie we share. Of course, a heartfelt shoutout goes to my family for their unwavering support and encouragement. And lastly, I’m forever grateful to my heavenly father, Jesus Christ, for blessing me with the gift of music and guiding me on this incredible journey.