Industries Most Wanted gets in depth with multi talented artist, producer, actor James Worthy @kingjamesworthy


What’s up James Worthy? Please introduce yourself to our readers.

Greetings! I am James Worthy from Queens, New York. I am a recording artist, producer, songwriter, actor, and business owner.

Tell us about life growing up in your city.

Growing up in New York was full of experiences. A lot cultural entertainment that I was exposed to, and lots of music in all genre’s. I got the music bug at an early age because of that alone. Once you got a taste of music that felt good you kept wanting more. Running around from record store to record store buying albums I never heard just to learn the craft.

You wear a lot of hats in the industry, how did music become your passion?

I would say it’s been a passion because I’ve always been around it early on. I’ve made many transitions in the industry just to continue being creative, and innovative which is always important to me.

Along your journey, who has been motivational for you?

There have been many people that motivated me along the way, but if I were to name a few: Michael Jackson, Q-Tip, Whodini, Kanye West.

Let our readers know everything that you have going on within the music business. 

So much going on. For starters completing my debut album, the James Worthy documentary, movie/television projects, song collaborations, and touring.

You’ve got some great music out there. Tell us about your new single Tick Tock ft Big Gipp and where we can find it.

Shoutout to my big brother Big Gipp. Tick Tock came about really about a year ago. I had the concept and idea layed down, but I didnt know where to go with it yet. I linked with Gipp last year, and began working with him which led to us collaborating on Tick Tock this year. I wanted to describe a short story of time not always being a luxury so we have to use it wisely. The song is available on all streaming platforms, and music video releases at the end of September.

What else do you enjoy doing besides creating music?

I love traveling, painting, site seeing, attending exhibits, and playing basketball.

What can we expect next from you?

Expect growth as an artist, quality music, creativity, and the James Worthy brand everywhere.

Tell us why James Worthy is The Industries Most Wanted?

I’m the Industries Most Wanted because I am what the industry needs.

Where can everyone follow you online?

You can follow me on all social media here.

IG: @kingjamesworthy
Twitter: @kingjamesworthy
FB: @kingjamesworthymusic