S.H.A.G. LLC breaks down what their brand represents


Welcome to Industries Most Wanted. Please introduce yourself.

My name is Rodriguez Thomas born 4-20 in 1990. Born in Columbus, Ga, raised in Fort Mitchell & Phenix City, Alabama. I am a father, husband, and Veteran of the United States Army having been to deployed to Afghanistan in support of mission O.E.F.

What was life like for you as a youngin?

I grew up in a blessed & loving household as a jit. Whether we were staying in the housing authority, our house in the Sub (neighborhood off of Hwy 165), or in the Quarter on land owned by my grandparents we (my two younger sisters 30 & 16) were always cared for and loved.

Being an entrepreneur is not easy. What made you decide to pursue your own business?

Being a witness to other entrepreneurs being successful within their own right. Having faith that we (our team) as a collective has what it takes to establish a brand that anybody could and would want to promote and rock.

Tell us about S.H.A.G. LLC.

S.H.A.G. LLC is an acronym for Stay Humble And Grind. It originated from my business partner’s debut music project & evolved into something much deeper than music. We believe Stay Humble And Grind to be a universal message that regardless of field or area of expertise, one may find genuine success by implementing a humble attitude with a consistent work ethic.

How do you come up with a creative concept for your Merch?

Right now it is a matter implementing different fonts to convey the overall message of the brand. We have been working with a couple of creators to get some ideas brought to life and possibly lock in a partnership.

What’s the golden rule you live by when it comes to doing business?

I have two that kind of work hand in hand: All money ain’t good money & dishonest money dwindles away fast.

What can we expect from you for the last quarter of the year?

We are preparing for our relaunch Veterans Day of this year 11-11-21 on our website StayHumbleAndGrind.com. We are also planning to engage our local area elementary, middle, & high schools in an effort to inspire humility and hard work

What makes your brand the ‘Industries Most Wanted’?

Staying in line with one of our core principles lol we’ll say we’re one of the Industries Most Wanted. That’s due to our grind. Regardless of what we are up against whether it is finding a dependable manufacturer, targeting advertising partners, or expanding our brand footprint we are dedicated to making it happen‼️ #SHAGLifestyle

Tell our readers where to follow you.

We are on IG under StayHumbleAndGrind & they can subscribe to our V.I.P. List via our website StayHumbleAndGrind.com