Industries Most Wanted gets in depth with artist I Am Bliss66


Thank You For Spending Time With Industries Most Wanted. Please Introduce Yourself To Our Readers And Tell Us Where You’re From.

I Appreciate Y’all For Having Me. I Was Born In Palm Beach County. But, I Was Raised In A Small Town In Florida Named “Harlem”. My Hometown Is One Of The Many Places Surrounding Lake Okeechobee. So I’m Definitely From The Swamps.. The Everglades To Be Exact.

What Was Life Like For You Growing Up In Your City?

The Population In “Harlem” Is Less Than 3000.. It’s More Like A Town Than A City. I’m A Product Of Poverty.. I Didn’t Have Much Growing Up. Lost A Lot.. Gained More. Had Quite A Few Reality Checks & Close Calls. Definitely Open My Awareness On What Can Happen At Anytime.

What Made You Decide Music Was Your Passion?

When I Was In First Grade My Mom Introduced Me To Music.. Caught Me Singing/Harmonizing To Myself A Few Times. That’s When She Knew I Had Something Special. But, It Didn’t Dawn On Me Until She Passed Away A Couple Years Later. I Then Felt It Was Her Mission To Bring Me Into This World And Push Me In The Right Direction With My Talents. Over The Next Few Years My Joy Turned To Pain. I Then Decided To Pursue My Music In Continuation Of What She Saw In Me.

How Would You Describe Your Style Of Music?

Well, I’m Very Versatile. You Can’t Really Put Me In A Box. Category-Wise Let’s Say I’m Another TrapSoul Artist W/ A Twist. My Music Speaks On Hard Times & Poverty Upbringings. I Also Have PTSD Which Is Self-Explanatory. Like Others Like Me; I Took An Advantage Of My Condition By Instilling It Into The Pain & Pleasure Of My Craft. In Return My Music Hits Different When People Hear It. I Have Many Styles. It Just Depends On How I’m Feeling At The Time.

Tell Us About The Single You Are Currently Pushing And Where It’s Available.

Fasho.. I’m Currently Pushing My Highly Anticipated Track “Knuckles” From My Latest EP Release Entitled: “6th Power”. The Single & Video Can Be Found Everywhere Streaming Is Available. I Just Recently Released Another Single Called “M.O.T.H.” Depicted On How Sometimes We All Fall Victim To Being A Moth To A Flame Which Explains Me Very Well.


What Else Can We Catch You Doing Besides Music?

I’m Launching My Merch Brand “F.E.M.” & Filming My Documentary To Furthermore Explain The Origin Of Who I Am; Where I’m From & Where I Plan To Go With My Career.

What’s Next For You?

Shows; Videos, More Interviews & Release Of My New Album “Morris Code III”… Which Is The 3rd Installment Of This Series. Everyone Will Definitely Be Seeing More Of Me.. I’m All About Longevity & A Strong Believer In “Saving The Best For Last”. That’s Where I Come In.

What Makes You The Industries Most Wanted?

The Passion I Have For This Craft. My Music Speaks For Itself.. I’m Bringing Something Different To The Table.

Where Can We Keep Up With You Online?

You Can Follow Me On Spotify Under “MF Bliss” & My Instagram Handle Is “@Iambliss66”. Also, I’m On Twitter & Facebook Under “MF Bliss”.

Any S/O’s?

First Off ShoutOut To Industries Most Wanted For Having Me. ShoutOut My PR Team; ShoutOut My Brands & My Team. Biggest Up To My Core Base That Been Rockin’ W/ Me Since Day 1.. I Appreciate Yall!