RodThaGreat “The Midnight Desolation” drops June 12th, 2024

RodThaGreat delivers conscious rap with a clairaudience of vibes you may feel from the darkest moments in your life to your greatest dream perspective you long for. “I can hear sounds and songs that don’t exist yet, and bring them into reality.” – states RodThaGreat. The talented conscious rapper displays sounds and lyrics that we all can relate to, vibe to.  He delivers a vibe that gives you a sense of inspiration knowing we are consciously connected through related stories he shares in his music. 
RodThaGreat’s inspiration comes from some of our greats such as; Nas, Lil Wayne, Kendrick Lamar, Kurt Cobain, Kanye West, and Outkast. RodThaGreat, has been creating Introspective/Conscious Rap/Alternative music Since 2018, and recently received his 1million Spotify plaque for his biggest single Birthdays.  His most recent single “Isolation”, it’s album project drop is approaching this June 12th, 2024 titled: “The Midnight Desolation”. RodThaGreat has big expectations for his career, in bringing a unique sound and exciting journey for his fans. Get ready as the rising star is approaching the intro release of a complete body of works for all his day one fans, and new fans to come. 
Written by: J.Salazar @juelsofrome
Check out his singles: “Birthday’s” & “Isolation”

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