The Turn up Queen Takes the Music Industry by Storm


Hey there, music lovers! Get ready to turn up the volume because the one and only Turn up Queen is back and on fire with her latest hit record, “Cheatianna.” This track is causing quite a buzz on the streets, and everyone has something to say about this trailblazer and her raw, authentic music style.

But here’s something that many sources might not know yet – behind the scenes, this impeccable woman is battling breast cancer. Despite the challenges she faces, she continues to show up and deliver unforgettable performances at all of her tour shows. Her dedication and determination recently earned her the prestigious Ohio entertainment award for the most dedicated artist of 2023. Talk about a true inspiration!

The Turn up Queen is ready to shake up the music industry once again with her alluring sound and truth that she pours into her music. She lives and breathes her craft, and it shines through in every note she sings. And guess what? There’s even more to look forward to – new music and new looks are on the way! So, make sure to stay tuned and locked in with Detroit Barbie.

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Let’s show our support and join the movement as the Turn up Queen continues to conquer the music industry with her unstoppable talent and unwavering spirit. Together, let’s celebrate her journey and the power of music to inspire and uplift.

Stay tuned for more exciting news and updates from the Turn up Queen, because this is just the beginning of her incredible journey!