Juelz Santana and Jadakiss Bring NYC Heat with “PNB” (Party N Bullshit)

On June 21, 2024, the streets of NYC lit up with the release of “PNB (Party N Bullshit)” by Juelz Santana featuring Jadakiss. This new track, released under the ICFMF/ONErpm, is the leading single from Juelz Santana’s highly anticipated album “Better Late Than Never.” Behind the scenes, the track boasts the meticulous craftsmanship of producer and engineer Rijhay Derrick Sampson, a maestro in the industry with a proven track record.


For Rijhay Derrick Sampson, “PNB” is more than just a song; it is a testament to collaborative creativity and mutual respect in the music industry. “This record is special to me for many reasons,” Rijhay shares. “Not only does it mark Juelz’s leading single off his eagerly awaited album, but it also showcases the synergy of multiple talented producers.” Collaborating with Duke Dollars from Englewood, NJ, and R2daEez from Florida, Sampson emphasizes the importance of bringing diverse talents together. “Both Duke and R2daEez brought unique elements that were crucial in making the production happen. Giving others an opportunity to showcase their talents and helping them reach their next potential is what I consider most special.”


Sampson’s favorite lines from the track highlight the lyrical skills of Juelz Santana and Jadakiss, adding depth to the song’s dynamic beats. “Juelz’s line, ‘Yea I go hard for them bucks I’m Greek the freak .. boy back in rare form yea come in sneak a peak,’ captures his relentless drive and confidence,” Rijhay explains. “And Jadakiss’s verse, ‘No outsiders Everything In-house ..27 mill for the penthouse ..as long as the count is correct the shooters won’t get sent out,’ showcases his signature blend of street wisdom and luxury.”


With “PNB” poised to dominate the airwaves, fans can look forward to Juelz Santana’s full album “Better Late Than Never” dropping soon. As for Rijhay Derrick Sampson, his future in music production looks equally promising. He hints at more placements with major artists, continuing his legacy of creating chart-topping hits. Known for his platinum work on 2 Chainz’s “Pretty Girls Like Trap Music” and notable contributions to tracks by Kevin Gates, Rich the Kid, and Akbar V, Sampson’s expertise and innovative approach to production set him apart in the industry.


“PNB” stands as a monumental collaboration, leading to a summer of unforgettable music.