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A breakout artist in the hip-hop realm, Tbuckz is a heartfelt wordsmith on a mission to deliver rhythmic vocals that resonate deeply with listeners. Blending intriguing elodies with upbeat vocals, he is known for his quick flow and emotional depth.
Tbuckz crafts heartfelt lyrics inspired by real-life experiences, making his tracks particularly impactful. Hailing from Alton, Illinois, just outside the vibrant St. Louis metropolitan area, Tbuckz has always stood out. A brief conversation with J-Kwon ignited Tbuckz’s passion for rap. Encouraged by his mom to write a song, he penned “T-Bone” at age 9, and from that moment, his love for music was undeniable. Self-taught and driven, Tbuckz has been writing songs ever since. Drawing inspiration from a diverse range of artists, Tbuckz has developed a unique sound that avoids glorifying violence, focusing instead on authentic expression. His lyrics come from the heart, making his music a genuine reflection of his life and personal experiences. Over time, Tbuckz has honed his craft, improved his lyrics, and refined his style. His tracks are lit, characterized by a high-energy vibe that gets audiences moving. With a commanding stage presence, Tbuckz leaves audiences nodding their heads, mouthing the words, and dancing along. His initial concern about others’ opinions has given way to confidence in his art. Backed by a strong team of industry professionals, Tbuckz is expanding his reach and making waves in the hip-hop world.
Influenced and inspired by his best friend, Maliki, and his mom, Jasmin, Tbuckz keeps God first in his journey. His music encourages listeners to stay true to themselves, avoid negative influences, and understand that you don’t have to be in the streets
or a gangster to rap and love hip-hop. With long-term dreams of performing at Rolling Loud, Tbuckz is poised for greatness. His music is both a therapeutic outlet and a source of fun, steering him away from the streets and into the studio. With a stacked
catalog of bumping tracks, Tbuckz is ready to show audiences everything he’s been building. Music by Tbuckz is available on all major platforms. Listen today!