Industries Most Wanted interviews BR3


What’s going on BR3? Please introduce yourself.
My name is BR3 (“3”), and i was born in Macon GA.
Growing up moved around a good bit, just me and my mom, and we stayed wit my grandmom, I knew dad a quick second then he took off, beginning of life dealt a good bit of mental and physical abuses i wont speak on right now but life cant shape greatness in easy conditions right?

How did music become your passion?
Music became one of my passions alongside boxing, and football because both were my get away, they used to call me a bully on the field lol but no one realized why. Music found its way to me because mom wanted to get rid of some of that frustration and anger i had because at that time I couldn’t understand why dad just disappeared and aint love us anymore, this life thing was still new to me i guess. She went out and got the my first voice recorder wit the mic and tape recorder and when songs would get to the end on the radio they had this lil empty beat part and I would record it on tape over and over till it was long enough to be an instrumental and would freestyle on recording EVERYDAY, Got a lil older and start listening to freestlye Fridays and called in on the house phone while my mom was at work, knowing i was to young but won my Friday, and my mom found out and took everything lmao. Also as a child was in the local player for picking up multiple instruments (15) before turning 10, they put in an adult concert orchestra after playin

Who’s been some of your musical influences?
My musical influences have been Outkast, Jimmy Hendrix, Otis Redding, Ice Cube, Snoop Dog, Carlos Santana, Tupac etc. I’ve always just been a fan of music.

Tell us about your new single ‘Rose’s Melody ‘.
Rose’s Melody came after my throat surgery, at the time all i was hearing was you have a cancerous tumor in your neck and we cant really tell how to navigate it out, i could barely breath, it was closing my esophagus and effecting my thought process etc, I couldn’t be around or talk to people, it had me in a constant state of rage, i just felt like i was going to die soon. During the surgery i started to bleed out etc but they were able to remove it along with some other organs. I still don’t feel the same but then i realized life is to short to worry about little stuff, you just gotta love the melody life gives you and play it to your best ability regardless of the bad it throws because no matter how good of a person you are, you will face something eventually. The song details that, be it fake friends, enemies, etc even though they bring you chaos, you still have to find some kind of love in it to let it roll off and not take up space on your back you feel me?

What’s the biggest lesson you’ve learned about the music business?
The biggest lessons i have learned from the music industry is don’t worry about chasing the success and fame part, but instead to actually enjoy the journey and gifts god gave me and putting my best forward there, the industry will always be the industry, its just that, an Industry and is made to make money with or without, with all of the major projects I’ve built from the ground up by myself for some of your favorite artist, they look at me like i did nothing for them, and that’s business. When it comes to the business part YOU HAVE NO FRIENDS, its eat or be eaten so get you a team of people who love you and run.

Besides music, what else can we catch you doing?
Besides music I also professionally tattoo, and opening up a shop in GA and have already gained attention from ink magazine and amazon you can find us on all social medias @TrifectaTattoos , so any investors feel free to engage in open inquiries lol

Tell us what we can expect from you in 2022?
In 2022 expect a lot of vibes, a lot of blessings, a lot of community work JUST ALOT lol. Multiple projects and singles are done and ready for release this 2022, Videos and media appearances also. My new show for amazon prime video “Ink Therapy with BR3” starts filming 2022, any artist, business owners etc up for some tats and interviews contact @TrifectaTattoos.

What makes BR3 The ‘Industries Most Wanted’?
No matter what it is, Cancer, Tumor, bullets, man or even the word no I AINT STOPPED YET and not going to! Im the industries most wanted because from birth I was built to be different, track record say so, I was built to be here, and now that im back running Thats just the way its gone be.

Where can we follow you online?
Make sure to follow me @br3music on all platforms or my website
It’s 3 Lit all 2022!