Industries Most Wanted gets to know artist ‘BiNormal’


What’s going on BiNormal? Please introduce yourself.
Hey what’s up, I’m Binormal a songwriter, composer, producer + more. I’m a multi genre artist tapping in on every level. I’m a goofy, bipolar thrillist. You never know what to expect from my music or videos. I’m passionate, genuine and most of all heavy on LOYALTY. A leader setting my own trends.

Tell us about life growing up in Dayton OH.
I grew up in and out of foster care. In and out of juvenile. Beat, starved and belittled by my own family. My family tortured me the most mentally, physically emotionally. school was my escape. I didn’t have nice clothes but somehow I was still the cool girl. My family locked me in mental homes most my life when I wasn’t with the state. Left to the streets at 15. The local dope boys took care of me. As I observed and learned I started to sell dope and move like them. I never wanted to live that life. But I guess in a way it developed my business skills and ethics. I learned what I DONT want in my life. Taught me how to move smart. Stack and starve. Don’t wear yo money or you become a target. Back home you dont flash jewelry or money. you will be robbed and murdered by dusk. If not kidnapped and held for ransom. I’ve seen the worst of the worst with my own eyes. So everything I speak is not to hate on no ones flex. My home was broke into 4 times, car 2 times by 19. Why? I was cocky, paid and live to flex. Even after a robbery I boast about how I get it right back. But doing all that just brought me a recycle of problems. Fake love, fake friends. Snitche ex boyfriends. From then I went into full survival mode. Dayton is a treacherous drug infested city. Blacks on the westside , caucsusions on the north suburbs. I love my city . Dayton Ohio ! it made me into a boss. They treat me like a boss. I get heavy respect. Stay alert, and keep yo eyes open.

How did music become your passion?
I been into poetry in spoken word since second grade. I use to always write in a journal the daily stories of my life. Sometimes i re-read them in break down into tears. From that moment I knew I could turn them into voice art to help possible heal others like myself. Music is therapy for me.

Who’s been some of your musical influences?
hands down Tupac was my #1 idol in the music world. He always made me feel motivated, feel like I didn’t have enough knowledge and I need to keep growing. He promoted love, positivity and loyalty. He was also my uncle icon. I was raised by men, so that loyalty gangsta music was the trend as I grew up. I remember would sneak in role play “Rock the Boat” by Aaliyah. My main idols in the music industry are from the past. Unfortunately I DONT have any real idols in this new generation. Catchy tunes but it doesn’t inspire me to improve on a soul level.

Tell us about your new single ‘Crash Dummy’.
Crash Dummy is about the music industry. Big corps ripping off my image and music to feed it to a younger version of me. They copy and paste but they your future still blurry cause it was never yo path! They stalk my page in reqoute my words, reenact my videos. Called me broke and constantly got my socials shut down. Blackballed for speaking facts. I feel like Atl most hated.

What’s the biggest lesson you’ve learned about the music business?
No one is your friend. loyalty is non existent. If you seen as threat you will be immediately copied. Everyone’s fighting to stay relevant, even if that means kill, betray a complete innocent dreamer. I have been attacked in ways I never expected. I’m still a rising artist. So the attention has been flattering but scary. I didn’t know my talent was so big people would want to have me killed. I push a message this generation ain’t ready for. If you not under control you non existent.

Besides music, what else can we catch you doing?
I’m a full time crypto, stock and options trader. Going on 5 years of investments of wins and losses. This is my addiction, my hobby , my 2nd biggest passion. I made the 6 figures. I’m working on becoming a millionaire just from that alone. Im also a top Atlanta food reviewer on google maps, “Binormal”. Im a hustler. I have a online boutique and study law on the side.

Tell us what we can expect from you in 2022?
A Grammy! A Songwriter awards. Goals… ! A few major collabs. I plan to have a new level of production visuals and new music monthly . Focusing more on dance, world music. I love hip hop but I usually rap when I’m angry. I feel I have let go ally of hurt in can bring in 2022 with that feel good, upbeat vibe.

What makes BiNormal The ‘Industries Most Wanted’?
You know you made it to success when people who are supposed to be leaders copy your craft. Most wanted, most hated, most influential. My name all over Atlanta as the bad guy. False rumors. They only hate who they can’t control. I’m most wanted because I’m hard to contact, hard to replicate and self made. No handouts. Having a team would be great if loyalty still exited. People live wat they can’t have. Lol

Where can we follow you online?
Follow me on all major music platforms @ Binormal.
Spotify, Amazon, Tidal, Pandora, i heart radio + 30 other platforms worldwide.
Then after you follow me where it’s most important come check me out on
Instagram @binormal1

Any Shout Outs?
I wanna shoutout my kids for supporting they mom threw my dreams. My uncle Vincent rih. He who showed me loyalty, strength and street knowledge.
Lastly, I wanna shoutout the inspiration king of Atlanta. He motivates me and I’m glad to have you on my side. 🪐