Industries Most Wanted interview w/ Ashley J


Thank you for spending time with us! Please introduce yourself to our readers and tell us where you’re from.  

Yo, what’s good beautiful people? I go by the name of Ashley J. I’m a female lyricist, CEO, radio personality, emcee, motivational life coach and all-around entertainer. I was born and raised in Louisville, Kentucky but I’m currently living in Atlanta, Georgia going on 11 years now.  

How did you discover that music is your passion? 

I grew up in a household where the 90’s hip hop music lived. I was 6 years old when I became aligned with how hip hop felt, sounded, and looked like. As I musically developed over time, my pen game was beyond my years and my voice carried a distinctive tone. I was telling stories in my music that was happening in my childhood in which people could actually relate to. Once I saw how comfortable I was to get on stage and perform in front of packed out auditoriums, I knew music was my passion and still is my dream.  

How would you describe your style of music? 

My goal is to touch souls. I’d say my style of music is very motivational, energetic and inspiring. I like to reach people in a sense of urgency to help change their mindset for the greater good. Still understanding, no one is perfect but always room for growth. I feel like I’ve helped so many people become better human beings through my music, it speaks a lot about my character and self-reflections. I want to see everyone win, that’s the type of love I put in my art.  

Give us one male and one female musical influence. And tell us why them? 

I’m inspired by quite a few artists, whether it’s lyrically, style, or work ethic. We are all influenced by something or someone. I tend to study the greats; more so how they deliver, what they talk about in their music, who/where they found guidance from in this industry and why they do what they do.  

Notorious B.I.G (Rest in peace) being my favorite male rapper, he influenced me metaphorically. His punchlines were like no other and I could tell he was naturally gifted just by the way he could freestyle. I admired that about him, coming up with rhymes off the top of his head that made sense, it’s creative. In this industry you want to be as original as possible so people can respect/appreciate your authenticity. 

Lauryn Hill is one of the greatest female rappers of all time. She influenced me at a young age with “The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill” album. I learned how to utilize power in my voice and make what I say expressive. Her ability to write and produce songs for other mainstream artist was/is impressive. Through her journey, I’ve watched and learned how to be confident in what I believe and stand for.  

 Out of all the songs you’ve written, which one is the most personal for you and why? 

Losing anyone dear close to your heart is extremely challenging to describe or even have words to express how you feel. I wrote a song back in 2020 referencing to my 14 year old nephew (Skylar Whitney Jr. 12-27-05 / 8-24-20) who was murdered by gun violence. I titled it “Foreva Crushed” with a message of how much pain his death caused me and my family. It was and still is depressing to live without seeing his big beautiful smile and hearing his voice. We miss him so much and still seeking justice. God got us.  

Besides hip hop, are you interested in tapping into other genres? If so, which ones?  

Honestly, I’d tap in to any genre because I know my skillful delivery can be served, no matter what. Although, I’ve been asked that same question several times, I always say I want to try doing a country track. Being from Louisville, Kentucky, where it is known for the Derby (Horse racing), I’d be honored to write about that amazing experience. FUN FACT: I love riding horses but don’t forget about my Kentucky fried chicken and the world’s best bourbon. Sounds like a country combination huh?  

Tell us about the single you are currently pushing and where it’s available. 

I’m heating up the summer with my new single “Lil Yeah Yeah” produced by llouis, available on all platforms. When you hear this record, it’s giving turn up vibes. It’s definitely a club banger but also a song where I express how I move when I’m dealing with somebody but not in a committed relationship. I’m not a playa; I just crush a lot so I needed this hot single to add to my collection. “Lil Yeah Yeah” will also be added to my unreleased project I’m dropping towards the end of the year.  

Are you currently in EP/album mode? 

Always, I’m working on an LP album “Charge It 2 The Game: The Sequel” which is the spin off from part 1: the EP version. Perfecting my craft is a form of development that keeps me encouraged as an artist. Like they say; one record can change your life, so I’m strongly devoted to making music on a consistent basis. Once I’m in the zone, music is ON and the world is OFF.  

What’s been the biggest struggle or obstacle that you’ve overcame since pursuing Music? 

 I’ve been through a lot, especially being a female in this music industry. The business fraud has been the biggest struggle because so many people fake who they are or what they don’t have. The money schemes and countless promises have opened my eyes to be more alert. Making music is a gateway for me to express my thoughts but because I don’t desperately sell myself being sexual like the majority, I can sometimes be overlooked. Then that’s when the manipulations of emotions kick in and the tradeoffs are put on the table. I’ve had to turn down so many different business encounters because of the lying, scamming, and people taking advantage of my talent/worth. Yet, I’m still pursing my music goals.   

 What else can we catch you doing when you are not creating music? Any hobbies? 

I’m always working on a master plan. I’m more so focused on longevity wins, so that my future is fulfilling my purpose. Right now, I’m creating a brand called (I CHALLENGE MYSELF). I have a selection of clothing/gym attire/ and also a G-Mix series. This movement represents who I am because I’m so determined with anything I do. I want people to hold me accountable for what I stand for; my strengths, my skills, and my beliefs. Everything that I’ve experienced has come from me challenging myself. This trademark will be ENORMOUS and I’m speaking that into existence for people around the world to challenge themselves too.  

Are there currently other business ventures that you are pursuing? 

I never get tired of tapping into different avenues of discovering multiple gifts I have. I am the CEO of my own company – Ashley J Entertainment. My vision of building four different platforms has been such a growing journey. These four platforms consist of music, radio, podcasting, and motivational speaking. I established my company in 2019 and I’ve made tremendous progress. Be on the lookout for all my ventures, I’m standing on BIG business.   

What’s next for you? 

I’m working on a lot of visuals at the moment. My aim is to expose as much content as possible, to my fans so that they are tuned in to what’s next. I have some major shows lined up, I’m dropping a few more singles this year and I’m releasing an LP album. I’d go into more detail about what I have coming but that’s like spoiling a movie with a good ending. The anticipation is worth the wait.  

Where can we keep up with you online? 

I can be found on all streaming/social media platforms: @TheRealAshleyJ – If you’re looking to discuss business endeavors, get in touch with me by emailing:  

What makes you the ‘Industries Most Wanted’?  

Well, in order for people to buy into anything you’re doing, you must confidently sell your authentic self, first. The fact I have an effervescent personality, it draws people to the type of energy I bring. I’m full of life, bubbly, entertaining, and I carry myself with a high spirit. My music also speaks for itself which is why I’m even doing this interview. I AM INDUSTRIES MOST WANTED! Listen Up! 

Any S/O’s? 

I’d like to give a major shout out to my awesome God, for allowing any of this to be possible. Shout out to Tampa Mystic for providing this platform for anyone with a hustle. To my family, friends, and fans – thank you all so much for keeping me uplifted and encouraged to do what I’m passionate to do. I love yall, without the support I wouldn’t be where I am today! I appreciate everything.