Born and raised in Oklahoma, DMO2X is a dynamic young artist whose journey resonates deeply with the HIP HOP culture  Emerging from a challenging background marked by family struggles and incarceration, Damario Crockett found peace in music at just 14 years old. His melodic storytelling aims to connect with those who’ve faced similar struggles, encapsulating his mission to inspire transformation. With a signature blend of versatility, DMO2X’s timeless sound paints a vivid sonic picture across emotions.

Beyond his roots, DMO2X has shared stages with Shordie Shordie and opened for Lil Durk, solidifying his presence in the spotlight. Just finishing up a world tour with Yung Blue.

Driven by unwavering determination, he’s not just making music but shaping a lasting legacy. Just released his new EP titled “LAST QUARTER” featuring hit singles “POP IT” and “WAYBACH”.

His impact on the music scene is undeniable, with 100,000 streams on all major platforms. DMO2X has hit after hits such as “reciprocated pain ft gang June”, “Not Me”, “Heavy”, “leave me alone”, and “surely”. Keep your ears open for Dmo2x as he is about to drop some major features with artists LiL Zay Osama, Quinn FN, and Baby Face Ray.


Here are some of DMO2X’s accomplishments:

  • Has over 100,000 streams on all major platforms

  • Has toured with Yung Blue

  • Has opened for Lil Durk

  • Has released a new EP titled “LAST QUARTER”

  • Has released hit singles “POP IT” and “WAYBACH”

DMO2X is a rising star in the hip hop world and is sure to make a big impact in the years to come.

Check out “WAYBACH” music video now on YouTube

YouTube: Dmo2x
Instagram: _Dmo2x
Facebook: Dmo2x