Exploring iazY’s Latest single in the “Grocery Store Remix”


In the vibrant musical landscape of Irvine, California, iazY emerges as a unique voice with a fresh take on creativity. Her latest release, the “Grocery Store Remix,” takes listeners on a journey through dreamy melodies and laid-back vibes. The mastermind behind this musical adventure is none other than iazY, and collaborating with producer Troy “R8dio” Johnson under the iazYMusic Ent. label, they have crafted a distinctive sound that sets this remix apart.

When asked about the motivation behind the song, iazY shares a fascinating story. “I was taking a nap one day, woke up from the weirdest dream I’ve ever had. The first thing I did was write everything I remember down; slowly but surely, it started sounding like an actual song.” This insight into the creative process adds a layer of mystique to the track, inviting listeners to explore the connection between dreams and music.

For iazY, “Grocery Store Remix” represents a departure from the emotionally charged tunes she has released in the past. “To me, it’s just a fun, chill song. I feel like most of my recent releases have been heavy-hearted and kind of emotional, which I love writing—a good heart-wrenching song. But it’s nice to have a laid-back, driving in the car with the windows down type of record.” This shift in tone showcases iazY’s versatility as an artist, proving that she can effortlessly navigate various musical landscapes.

One intriguing aspect of the song is a playful line that iazY particularly enjoys but playfully refers to as “Blah blah.” “I just love saying it. It’s something that I’ve never heard someone say in real life, only in cartoons, so when I finally had the opportunity to say it, I sprinted with it.” This lighthearted touch adds a sense of humor to the track, reinforcing its carefree and enjoyable nature.

As fans anticipate the release of “Grocery Store Remix” on December 15th, iazY has something special in store. “December 15th is my record release date, and I will be doing a show on that day.” With this upcoming event, iazY invites her audience to join her in celebrating her creative efforts and the birth of a unique musical experience.