La Breadwinner Is Next To Blow


“LaBreadwinner” Valentine is no stranger to the complex format or rubric of doing so. In 2021, he blessed the world with sonically aesthetic winners like “VVS”, “Drip Talk”, and “Demons”. This time around, He releases the CeezaBeatz produced, drill energy, come-up-story, and slick-talking anthem; “Salvation”. Let’s take a journey through this heavy-weight, real-life, and organically produced banger. LaBreadwinner greets his opposition with, “Y’all n*ggas straight losers” and “y’all never been outside” setting the tone, feeling, and mood for his new record. Looking at his accomplishments, LaBreadwinner continues with his laid-back rhythmic drill flow elaborating on how he has all his trophies on him and remarks, “don’t you dare try me” warning his critics and opposition to let him shine or consequences will not favourable. CeezaBeats takes you on a journey with a sped-up sample, massive basslines, and a masterfully placed slick piano key beat with speaker cleaving drums as LaBreadwinner sails effortlessly through “Salvation” while explaining his own salvation.

Salvation is defined as redemption, or deliverance from loss, ruin, and harm, which is fitting for this track seeing that LaBreadwinner has been through it all and found breakthroughs and major success with music. His flashy, quick-witted, and grimy New York demeanour bleeds through as he exclaims sternly but almost with serendipity how “all the women love him when he goes out” and his haters respect him and know “not to cross the line”. When you listen to this immeasurably royal sounding, interlude style, and celebratory anthem, it gives you vibes of the grind, the hardships of wearing the crowd as well as keeping it, and the fruits of your labour all in one single.

CeezaBeatz and LaBreadwinner test the charts, the streets, and the opposition with this single and are ready to take the 2023 charts over and continue the New York drill movement with an exciting twist escorted by Labreadwinner’s life journey, his accomplishments, his downfalls, his success, and most clearly heard in his music; passion. What things are in store next for Labreadwinner? The music microcosm continues to look on as 2023 opens with “Salvation”; a strong message to the hip hop community that not only is LaBreadwinner still here, but he isn’t leaving anytime soon, isn’t afraid of the competition, and invites the challenge of any musical status bar that is set.

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Day In The Life Of Dewone ”The Grave Digger” Johnson Episode 1


Day In The Life Of Dewone ”The Grave Digger” Johnson Episode 1

Dewone ”The Grave Digger” Johnson (17-0-0) is a professional boxer out of Chicago managed by NorthEnd Management. Dewone Johnson is in the super welterweight division, he fights in the orthodox stance. Johnson made his professional debut on 06 Aug 2016 at the age of 23 Dewone is an undefeated professional boxer. Dewone Johnson’s goal is to become world champion, and provide for his family.

Dewone ”The Grave Digger” Johnson

Management: Dewone ”The Grave Digger” Johnson NorthEnd Management


Mass Benji puts on for his city with new single “Grip”


When you are a unique artist, you develop a style no one else can duplicate. Your story becomes interesting to first time fans that listen to your music. Your way of delivery has DJ’s and radio stations wanting to place your records on repeat. The way you explode in the music business becomes the way you have a “GRIP” on the game itself.

Welcome to Wake Forest North Carolina home of artist Mass Benji where the focus is success and securing his brand in the game. Moving and shaking throughout the city has him pointed in the forward direction. With the momentum he has, he links up with producer Ruben Beats to create a new single “Grip”. The record has all the makings of a hit where the beat, lyrics, concept, and engineering came together perfectly.

Grip is a song for the clubs, streets, multiple markets and more. It is the song missing in a world of copycat music. “Grip” is unique and can be defined in many ways, check it out on all platforms to catch a vibe.

If you are ready for something different and sturdy this is the song for you. Follow Mass Benji and tap into the movement!

Desi Dezz (@Desidezzmusic) Ft. Ellie – Young MA Types (Official Audio)


Saint Louis native “Desi Dezz” stirs up your imagination with his new track “Young MA Types”. The new offering is an epode of vibrant lyrics and head bopping beats. Desi keeps your ears glued as he slurrs and captures livid images of the different types of women he likes to kick back with. With a slight twist in the second verse that may take you by surprise, Ellie assists the St Louis native with a solid verse.

Big Heff and Brian Collins Release Making It In the Midwest How to Guide Book


Quincy “Big Heff” Taylor and Brian “Essince” Collins are two self-made music and media figures who have come together to share their experiences working with multi-platinum musicians, major record labels, and booking international tours to educate readers on how to Make It in the Midwest. Learn the basics of copyrights and royalties to advanced strategies on booking tours and generating income in the music industry from the Midwest all over the world and back. Quincy Taylor got his start promoting major artists in the early 2000’s and has since promoted some of the industry’s best with the iconic Def Jam Records. His street team, event and promotion acumen pair perfectly with Collins’ understanding of international tour booking and media facets of the music industry for a fun and knowledgeable look into the urban music industry.





Pressure The Series – Episode 2 OUT NOW!

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Watch Episode 2 of “Pressure” the Series


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It’s #PressureWednesday and you know what that means! Episode Two of the new hit original SeeTheSound Series “Pressure” drops tonight at 7pm EST. Tonight’s episode introduces Raye, played by Jasiel “Yung Joc” Robinson, and Frost, played by Kendral “Yung Booke” Long Jr”. Episode One left fans on the edge of their seats trying grasp that they had to wait a entire week to find out what goes down next! The wait is over check out Episode two available now on

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Episode #1

I Think I Love Her.

If you missed it check out the first Episode Here.
Last week the series premiered the first episode starring James Riley “Rilow” Jr., Leon “Cap 1” Smith, Sean Baker, Brii Renee, Kiara Woods and George Cash Boykins.

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Soundtrack Available Now

Pressure The Series

The Soundtrack is now available on itunes.

Your favorite songs from the series are now online.


Thank you for watching!
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Official Premier – Pressure The Series

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IMG 1712

The time has finally come for the world to be introduced to the next big series of 2017 PRESSURE. Atlanta, Georgia is the hottest city to be in right now if you’re looking to pursue your dreams then this is the hot bed for dream chasers and the creators of the new series are a shining example of this. We Hard Productions is a team of creative individuals who are on the cutting edge of Atlanta’s culture especially the notorious street scene. Creator Allen Parks took his knowledge of the streets and used his own resources around him to create one of the most authentic original content series. A original SeeTheSound content series written and directed, by Howard “HdotRoss” and produced by We Hard Productions. The series is starring James “Rilow” Riley Jr., Leon “Cap 1” Smith, Jasiel “Yung Joc” Robinson, and Sean Baker. Introducing George Cash Boykins, Kedral “Young Booke” Long Jr., Kiara Woods, and Brii Renee. The series is a suspenseful thriller full of revenge, greed, hustling, secrets and the unforeseen twists and turns that will leave you on the edge of your seat. Based in the streets of Atlanta, Georgia the series consists of all original content created by the series writers and production team We Hard Productions. The soundtrack was all created around the series at Street Execs Studios. Each track features indie artists who worked hands on with SeeTheSound to the help paint a picture of the series through music. Tune in every wednesday at 7pm EST/ on

Screen Shot 2017-02-01 at 3.47.05 PM

[Single] Dre Powe – Meditate @Dre_powe


Deisha Vazquez

JANUARY 10, 2017

Independent Artist, Dre Powe releases his new hit single “Meditate,” produced by Kendrick, Lord of The Mix and recorded at Grand Hustle Studios. The track has a “feel good” vibe which allows you to take in the essence of hip-hop and reminisce to a time when you could vibe out to a song because it made you FEEL GOOD! The two having previously interned together under Super Producer Bangladesh, found themselves back in the lab but this time, cooking up some heat! A lyricist by nature and a songwriter by trade, Powe really hit a home run when he teamed up with Kendrick and created this phenomenal record!

Check out “Meditate” for yourself via

Direct Download Link:

VIDEO – Directed by Kelz of Cloudn9neVisuals:


Matthew Andre’ Robertson is the current CEO of Young Urban America Music Group, LLC, Independent Music Artist, Songwriter & Radio Personality with over 15 years of experience in the music industry. In this time, Mr. Robertson has developed key relationships with some major players in the industry. His mentor is responsible and had a hand in some of the biggest records including, but not limited, The Boy Is Mine by Brandy and Monica, No Diggity No Doubt, by Blackstreet and Say My Name by Destiny’s Child.

Mr. Robertson has been exposed to both the business side and the artist side of the music industry. This exposure lead to his vision for Young Urban America Music Group, LLC and ignited his passion to create a platform for Young Urban Americans everywhere to gain access to resources that will aide in their success in life, while using music as a platform.

As an artist, Mr. Robertson goes by the name of Dre Powe and is a hip hop artist. Songwriter first and foremost, Dre Powe has been penning lyrics since he was a 8 year old boy in West Chester, Pennsylvania (USA). To his credit, his repertoire includes over 1,800 songs and counting. Dre Powe the recording artist, has previously released two critically acclaimed mixtapes under the moniker Millie Mag. The consummate yet versatile performer, Dre has worked with hip hop trailblazers and newcomers alike. He has opened for Snoop Dogg and then worked with the late great Heavy D at Daddy’s House studios in NYC. In the summer of 2016 Powe became a Fleet DJ Georgia and TapeHustlers Priority Artist.

More notably, Dre Powe has collaborated with Grammy award winning artist John Legend. Dre has been the opening act for a stellar list of hip hop luminaries that include: J Cole, Talib Kweli, Wale, Cyprus Hill, and Freeway. Now Dre Powe is on the MOVE! Poised to allow his love for hip hop’s music and culture to explode on the scene, forever altering the landscape. Inspired•Seasoned•Driven Dre Powe is not new to hip hop, he is simply on the MOVE


Cash Out Kings Entertainment Presents Zai @zainab_zbn


Cash Out Kings Entertainment Presents Zai, a new R&B singer making moves and on her way to stardom. Born & raised in the Philadelphia area in the Germantown section, Zai is driven & ambitious & ready to present her talent to the world.

Being developed by Cash Out Kings entertainment, Zai linking with this Philly Powerhouse was a perfect match. Beautiful voice & quality music, Zai has the full package to make some noise in this business.

She is currently working on new music & will have something soon for her fans to enjoy.

Boob of Cash Out Kings Entertainment is Philly’s new boss on the scene @boobbankrolls



Meet J. Smith also known as Boob the rising entrepreneur and CEO of Cash Out Kings entertainment (C.O.K.E.). Born and raised in Philly and representing the Germantown section. This mogul is the jack of all trades. His experience in entertainment started as he worked with Aphillation & has a artist development background working with Dice Raw, Bang Bang & now he has his artist on C.O.K.E. Slim Cannon.

Boob hustles hard too after doing a small bid he started his own detail company with two buckets and a heavy grind has taken his company to great heights. Which that has now lead to his new hauling company.

Extending the brand, Smith has recently launched Cash Out Kings clothing line & merchandise will be available soon. To even add on he is an author as well with 4-5 books soon to be published. Smith explains “Life is a grind and I’m out here grinding, doing the best I can, & with that mentality, progress is meant to happen.”

There you have it, J. smith an up & coming mogul. This man is one is the hardest working men in the Philadelphia business scene & this is only the beginning of Cash Out Kings Entertainment.

Instagram- @thetown215philly