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Iris Ivana Grant 2018 Subculture of giving: TEDx resurface at a time when some are turning from their own problems to help others

Iris Ivana Grant

Subculture of giving: it’s a lifestyle Traditionally, philanthropy has been thought of as something that the rich fund, the middle class volunteers for, and the poor and needy receive. But philanthropic giving is more than just money. It is a process of creatively giving to others, and in so doing, fulfilling our basic human need to connect with our own humanity. Regardless of socioeconomic status or age, every person can cultivate a philanthropic lifestyle, one that teaches them to live, reach, and stretch themselves in a way that fills them with purpose, love, empathy, and compassion.

Iris Ivana Grant



Rich Ash Drops New Single “Update”


Rich Ash

Rich Ash is an upcoming artist and producer from Detroit, MI who has the full package.

Lyricical, witty, luxurious, creative, optimistic are a few ways one might describe him. The music depicts life lessons, struggles, blessings, success, and plethora of other things. Rich has pioneered his path in the music world with catchy street music that proudly illuminates his hometown and hood. Rich Ash has an entertainment studio in his hometown where he has built strong connections and created multiple outlets to help rising artists.

When asked where does he see himself in 5 years this was his response:

“I want to be a CEO with a full entertainment and media company that specializes in breaking down barriers for people in music.” I also want to start an academy for creatives in need.

His most recent release which has been getting alot of attention is called Update and was recently added on genius.

Look out for Rich Ash’s new music dropping soon and follow him on social media for his latest releases.



Lil Brudda Haitian drops his latest single “Big Ole Mood”


New music Lil Brudda Haitian “Big Ole Mood”

Lil Brudda Haitian

Lil Brudda Haitian is a Haitian-American Artist from Warner Robins Ga. Best known for his Viral Debut “Gone Bad” in 2017. The song and official video amassed millions of streams online via multiple platforms. His Gravely voice makes for a unique style mixing street based, inspirational driven raps with melodic singing. His second single release, “Max Out”, found it’s way onto the soundtrack and season finally of the hit television series P-Valley in 2020 as one of the lead tracks. He lists his influences as Future and Drake among others. Recently he released yet another single with a Groovy party vibe called, “Big Ole Mood” in 2021 that seems to be working its way up in the streaming numbers, major Dj mix show’s and playlists on multiple streaming platforms.

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GA rising stars Clay James and Pimp Sweet Tooth have signed a deal with 300 Entertainment’s Sparta Distribution


Pimp Sweet Tooth

Clay James and Pimp Sweet Tooth aka ‘Southern Playas’ have been making noise on the Atlanta indie scene for quite some time.

You may have first heard about the duo performing and making a name for themselves at Department Store on Edgewood Avenue in Atlanta. A lot of other people’s first encounter with the group was when they toured the country opening for hip-hop legend Snoop Dogg or their memorable performances at the SXSW Music Festival in Austin, Texas. If you’re a new comer to the movement you should definitely catch up on their music and check out “Southern Playas Vol.1 and 2” which is available on all digital streaming platforms. Volume 3 of the Southern Playas series will be releasing this fall on 300 Entertainment’s independent distribution arm ‘Sparta’. This is a highly anticipated release amongst their fans in Atlanta. Clay who first caught a buzz from being discovered by fellow Savannah native and ‘Outkast’ legend ‘Big Boi’ has been having a heck of solo run with a number of appearances on MTV and BET for his music videos as well as cameos in other peoples videos like hip hop legend Missy Elliot. While Pimp Sweet Tooth on the other hand has become a Tik Tok phenomenon gaining over 5 million views on the app in the past year. His poems and freestyles have been gaining the attention of lots of other influencers and celebrities; ultimately catapulting the South Carolina native to instant stardom. Outside of music, Clay James is also making his acting debut in the film “Out On A Lim” starring Tray Chaney and Jamal Woolard which is set to release later this year. Both these young men are also entrepreneurs and thriving business owners; Clay has a studio in Decatur called Sound Lynk and Sweet Tooth owns Playas Only Clothing which is gaining a big buzz in Atlanta. The group also have a new single releasing soon with DJ Funky and The Coalition DJs entitled “She A Hustla” produced by Zaytoven. Stay in tune with their movement by following them on social media:

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Who Is Michael Harbut? The Man Who Wears Many Hats


Who is Michael Harbut?

Michael Harbut

Michael Harbut: Why should you work with this multi-talented artist? Michael Harbut is an American rapper, songwriter, record producer, and author, among other things. He has worked as an actor, movie producer, music video director and producer, celebrity booking agent, music industry adviser, public speaker, and entrepreneur. In the years between 2008 and 2022, he worked in shadows in the film, television, and music industries. He has collaborated with a wide array of people, including company owners, actors, actresses, musicians, entrepreneurs, brands, celebrities, investors, big record labels, independent record labels, production firms, producers, politicians, and directors. He also collaborated with NBA, NFL, NHL, MLB, PGA, ATP, NASCAR, Boxing, and other elite sportsmen. He has experience working with a wide range of clients, including startups, Fortune 500 firms, tech startups, and more. Although he was born in Ohio, he spent his formative years in both his hometown and various locations across the Golden State. While he was growing up, he shuttled me back and forth between Compton and Oakland, California, and Dayton, Ohio. In Dayton, Ohio, he attended Meadowdale High School for one year (the ninth grade). When he was cut from the freshman basketball team, he decided to drop out of school. For this reason, he skipped the first two and a half years of high school and then enrolled at Belmont High School, where he played varsity basketball for a single year. After that, the Ohio High School Athletic Association (OHSAA) informed him that he could no longer play high school basketball under the Clair Muscaro OHSAA’s jurisdiction. So he moved away from Ohio to go to Redemption Christian Academy, a prep school in Troy, New York. His teammate Lamar Odom went on to win an NBA championship with the Los Angeles Lakers and play for several more teams. He had to return to Ohio when his time at Redemption Christian Academy ended owing to commitments with his family there. Later, he completed his education at Belmont High School in Dayton, Ohio. He enrolled at Central State University and spent a year there after finishing high school. When he was done with his studies at Central State University, he transferred to Clark State Community College to play basketball and earn his Associate of Arts degree in Elementary Education. He then attended Upper Iowa University, where he played college basketball and received a bachelor’s degree in business marketing. After finishing college, he stayed at Wells Fargo Financial through 2008. He left following the 2008 market and housing collapse. He then embarked on a journey of discovery, moving from place to place in search of work and a new identity. Later, he decided to start Bottom2thatop Entertainment which is a multi-entity company. He was the CEO and co-founder of Global Music Distribution, Music Royalty Financing, IAM Feeling Good CBD and Hemp Company, Hoops and Vacation, Authentic Digital Marketing, Jetsetters Booking Agency, Linked Management, Solar Energy ASAP, Bottom2thatop Records, Authentic Creative Marketing. Jetsetters Marketing & Management Group Worldwide TM, and a few more companies are all under his leadership and direction. Furthermore, he and his son Michael Anderson have published more than fifty children’s books and have plans to publish an autobiography in addition to a number of works of fiction, novels, and nonfiction. This man splits his time between the cities of Miami, California, and Las Vegas. Since he was 7 years old till he was 23 years old, he played basketball, and it is his favorite sport. He was a player at every level from the Amateur Athletic Union through High School to Prep School to College. It’s been a long time since he last picked up a basketball, and that was in college. His original goal in life was to become a professional basketball player for the NBA, but since that didn’t work out, he’s moved on to pursue other passions in the arts, including business, entertainment, and music. Over the course of his career, he has collaborated with numerous companies, including Jordan Tower Films, Worldstarhiphop, Universal Music Group, Livenation, ICM, Willaim Morris, CAA, Def Jam Records, MMP, New Money Twinz, Artest Media Group, and more. He has faith in Allah, and he loves his mom, his kids, his family, his friends, his team, and his coworkers. His message is, “Never give up and always put Allah first.” What doesn’t destroy you makes you stronger, he adds. With Allah’s help and your own determination, you may accomplish anything. Keep your mind on the task at hand, and learn to appreciate yourself, your fellow man, and your existence. Stick to the established norms. Knowledge and love, in the name of Allah, are potent weapons.

Michael Harbut



“Real Smokesta” is just one of those stories you want to hear over and over again


real smokesta

Who is Real Smokesta?

Real Smokesta is just one of those stories you want to hear over and over again. As he will tell you” I traveled alone for a long time to get where I’m at. I knew if I wanted to crack into the music industry, I had to depend on myself.” The Temple, Texas raised rap sensation packed his bags and moved to Houston, Texas right after Hurricane Harvey. “My kids lived there and they lost everything in the flood. I had to be there to support them”. While living in Houston he started making his way in the music industry. “I never thought about coming to Houston to make music but since I was there why not give it a shot? Houston culture is what made me wanna rap anyways, so the timing was perfect for my career.” Later that year Real Smokesta releases his album “Solid” which featured some of Houston’s brightest stars. Hip Hop pioneer and legend Spice 1 eventually signed him to his label Thug World Music Group, impressed by his work ethic and commitment.”



Get to know music artist Ross Taxin





Ross Taxin is an American rapper, singer, songwriter, and record executive. After serving an 18-month sentence, and being released at the beginning of 2021, Ross dropped two singles back to back hosted by popular DJs Trap-A-Holics and Evil Empire.

Ross Taxin started his music career by releasing his first mixtape/album “Citgo City” in August 2018. Not even a year after promoting, Ross Taxin was incarcerated in Fayette County Detention Center, and charged with five felony counts of drug possession w/ intent to distribute.  This setback halted his music career but sharpened his mind in unimaginable ways as he did several months in solitary confinement.

Coming home January 5, 2021, Ross Taxin took an additional year off of music to enhance his brand, product, and music. Pushing in this direction, Ross hired several PR’s, digital IA marketing conglomerates, writing editors, managers, and essentially every vital aspect of a record company to allow his music to have the wide reach he expects.

Ross Taxin’s goal by the end of 2022 is to accumulate 20 videos, 20 singles, and 20 label offers. By doing this, he’s collaborating with the biggest and notable Atlanta DJ’s, artists, & producers. Ross Taxin’s objective is for Atlanta consumers to understand that the outskirts have as much to say as the inner city, and are just as talented if not more.

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Jfresh Beatz

Get to know DJ and Producer, Jfresh Beatz


Introducing Jfresh Beatz

Jfresh Beatz

Jfresh Beatz is a 30 year old stellar nominated and billboard charting producer. At a young age he realized his talent for music and started producing in a D.A.W his uncle gave him. From there He went to college at Full Sail University for Audio Production, Until he got into the field of Producing full time he Dj’d at various weddings and venues. He got an internship with a studio as an engineer and got hired. After hard work and dedication he became the chief engineer of Ark Studios. He continues to make beatz and mix and master project for other artist.

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Hip Hop Affair Fivio Foreign and Shameeka Rosario | @FivioForeign @rosarioshameeka @TMZ @vladtv @WORLDSTAR @HollywoodLife @MediaTakeoutTV


Hip Hop Affair Fivio Foreign and Shameeka Rosario. Hip Hop is a culture built on music, sex, drugs, violence, sacrifice, dedicaion, perservence, blood, sweat, tears and most of all love. With the recent loss of Pop Smoke gone far too soon with so much untapped potential and musical talent left to be seen and heard. With that NYC has been looking for their next big superstar and with fame moving Fivio Foreign into the spotlight. The road to stardom and fame for the New York City Hip Hop artists Fivio Foreign born Maxie Lee Ryles III who is signed to legendary rapper, songwriter and minister Mason Durell Betha aka Mase and his RichFish Records & Columbia Records label imprint fame and fortune didn’t come easy. Ryles started rapping under the name Lite Fivio in 2011. In 2013, he changed his name to Fivio Foreign and formed a music collective with his friends under the name 800 Foreign Side. Ryles faced more struggles with the passing of his mother in 2018, Ryles’ mother died from a stroke. In June 2019, he rose to fame with his single “Big Drip”, which received a remix with American rappers Lil Baby and Quavo. The song was featured on his 2019 EPs Pain and Love and 800 B.C. In November, he signed a one million dollar record deal with Columbia Records, in conjunction with American rapper Mase’s record label RichFish Records. In May 2020, Ryles earned his first two Billboard-charting singles, with features on “Demons” by Drake and “Zoo York” by Lil Tjay. The same month, Ryles launched the non-profit organization Foreignside Foundation, “geared towards providing beneficial resources and programs for at-risk youth, the homeless, current & former gang-affiliated individuals, incarcerated individuals”. On August 11, 2020, he was included on XXL’s 2020 Freshman Class. With so much going on it looks like love has found the hip hop superstar. Hip Hop Affairs aren’t uncommon; does it look like Fivio Foreign and Shameeka Rosario are an item? With so much going on it’s always good to have a ride or die. Let’s see what’s next for NYC hip hop artists Fivio Foreign entertainment industry future.

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Mo City Soulja – Pick It Up

pick it up sm

Label: CIK Music LLC
Houston, TX
Artist: Mo City Soulja
DA: (346)234-0377
Lavish: (337)230-5500
BL: (346)219-7716


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