Meet Charles X: The Los Angeles Artist Redefining Music with Resilience and Authenticity


From the vibrant streets of Los Angeles, CA emerges Charles X, a beacon of originality in the music realm. His odyssey began amidst adversity, navigating a childhood shaped by absence and constant change. Raised by a mother in the military, he confronted racism in a diverse high school, where his mixed heritage often stood out.

At the tender age of 12, Charles X discovered his refuge: music. Inspired by icons such as Michael Jackson, Prince, Andre 3000 and Sam Cooke, he cultivated a distinctive style merging lyrical finesse, soulful introspection, and infectious energy. This blend, reminiscent of Andre 3000’s prowess, Frank Ocean‘s depth, and Michael Jackson’s charisma, defines his musical identity.

Over two decades, Charles X honed his craft tirelessly, exploring the boundaries of creativity. Collaborations with luminaries like Georgia Anne Muldrow and Caravan Palace enriched his repertoire, drawing acclaim from European publications such as Rolling Stone, Vanity Fair and BET France. His seamless fusion of crooner vocals and rhythmic flow captivates audiences globally.

Despite acclaim, Charles X remains grounded, attributing his journey to unwavering passion rather than innate talent. His mission transcends music; it’s a call for innovation in an industry often dominated by conformity. Central to his ethos is a message of love and positivity, echoing through every note and lyric.

Beyond music, Charles X aims to inspire. As a role model for young Black individuals navigating similar challenges, he champions resilience and hope. His aspiration: a global tour uniting audiences through truth and compassion, leaving a legacy of empowerment and generosity.

With new releases on the horizon, Charles X embarks on an evolving journey marked by authenticity and artistic brilliance. Join him on social media for updates and delve into his latest single, “FILA,” a testament to his unwavering spirit and creative vision.

Experience the essence of Charles X in his official video for “FILA” below, and connect with him on Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok. Explore his music journey on Spotify and Apple Music, where each track resonates with passion and purpose.