3ZF talks about their musical style, future goals and more


3ZF interviews on The Industries Most Wanted Podcast

3ZF is a group collective made of talented Artist in Atlanta. These main artists include 3ZF Johnny, KENS, and YngZoe. 3ZF Johnny himself is from the southside of Atlanta, Clayton county, putting out his best work to make some noise for his hometown. KENS and YngZoe are from East Orange who moved down to Atlanta and met 3ZF Johnny to make a powerful movement as 3ZF. KENS makes unique music that is satisfying to the ear and is making a new genre with his Versatility. YngZoe is learning to perfect his craft with beat making and has a an amazing ear for what sounds good. The background artists of 3ZF include Justiniii, Sariah, and Ber who are also climbing their way up to the top and making a name for themselves and are on a good track. Justiniii has an EP coming out soon that will make people recognize him even more and make 3ZF an unstoppable group. 3ZF is working on their second part of their mixtape “Last Laugh part 2” which will includes different types of genres and sounds.