Scotchie Boss Heats Up Dancehall Music with the Introduction of a New Genre




Damge Musiq introduce their newest artist “Scotchie Boss” who was brought up in Queens, NY but took residency in Montego Bay Jamaica. The artist who is known for his hardcore dancehall sound has been inspired by artist such as NAS, Jay Z and the unapologetic underground music of NY streets.   Scotchie Boss was introduced to the label executives at “Damge Musiq” and given an opportunity to work with a local artist ” Vantage G Boss” to create a track entitled “Elements of Surprise” and was instantly signed.

The Queen’s born native took to perfecting his craft for music after conquering 2 years of sobriety from drugs and alcohol. His story of life and survival would be forever etched in his pen and the sound of his voice. The artist has gained acceptance and street creds from some of Jamaica’s elite spots and has earned access to a vastly competitive music scene as one to watch.

Scotchie Boss new music will revolutionize the dancehall music industry and will tell the story of his fight for survival. Look out for new music from the artist including music with Tommy Lee Sparta and “Jamal” Dunceman to name a few. His new single entitled The Block Is Hot” is available on all streaming platforms and it will show listeners “Scotchie Boss” is here to stay.

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IG: @scotchieboss

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