PartyBoi Releases ‘Buss It Down’ ft. Mac Tree: A Flavorful Summer Anthem


Atlanta-based artist PartyBoi, CEO of PartyBoi Entertainment, is turning up the heat this summer with his latest release, “Buss It Down” featuring Mac Tree. This track promises to be a standout hit in the realm of party anthems. Produced by Emazon and engineered by Hundoe, the song delivers a punchy beat and infectious energy that’s sure to get crowds moving.

PartyBoi shares his inspiration behind “Buss It Down,” revealing that it stemmed from a playful encounter with a certain Instagram model. He explains, “My motivation for ‘Buss It Down’ was me thinking about a certain Instagram model who thought she couldn’t be cracked like a taco. But it’s all about reverse psychology in this new social media world, so I asked what I gotta do for her to buss it down.” With its catchy hook and straightforward lyrics, the track captures the essence of summer fun and flirtation, making it an instant favorite for listeners.

For PartyBoi, “Buss It Down” holds a special place as a quick, catchy, and flavorful tune that’s perfect for setting the vibe at any party. He notes, “What makes ‘Buss It Down’ special to him is that he knows this is a hot summer jam and it’s nice, quick, and catchy. Something easy for DJs to mix in and it’s full of flavor.” With its undeniable charm and infectious rhythm, “Buss It Down” is primed to dominate the airwaves and playlists alike, solidifying PartyBoi’s status as a rising star in the music scene.