Nick Burningup Blaze Ignites Spartanburg’s Music Scene with “Throw It Back”

Straight out of Spartanburg, South Carolina, Nick Burningup Blaze is making waves with his latest track, “Throw It Back.” His journey into the music industry began in 2012, driven by a passion for music that grew stronger as he shared his mixtapes across different cities and states. The positive reception from people receiving his CDs fueled his desire to turn his music into something truly great.
When asked about his influential figures in the music industry, Nick Burningup Blaze acknowledges the impact of fellow artists and journalists. Interacting with artists who share similar dreams and goals has been crucial for networking and mutual support. He also highlights the influence of journalists, emphasizing the importance of being in the music world’s discussions to keep artists motivated.
A standout moment in Nick Burningup Blaze’s career was his paid International tour in 2022, spanning five cities across South Carolina, North Carolina, and Georgia. With crowds ranging from hundreds to thousands, the experience of diverse cultures coming together to celebrate music left a lasting impression. As a frequent visitor to Atlanta, Nick Burningup Blaze has contributed to the city’s hip-hop scene and collaborated with various platforms and venues, solidifying his role as a South Carolina pioneer in the music industry.
Since traveling to Atlanta with his music Nick has worked with Nuradio, Scrilla Guerillaz Magazine, Dj Waffles(Padded Room), ATL Access, Magic City, Smith’s Olde Bar, SOM TALK Live, Gas South District Arena, Who Run It ATL, MonacoATL, KODATL, A3C festival, Voyage ATL Magazine, Bold Journey Magazine, Shoutout ATL Magazine, VIP ROOM, The Hype 87.3 (Tampa Mystic), and Crazy Atlanta.
Looking ahead to 2024, Nick Burningup Blaze has ambitious goals, including securing more paid performances, increasing radio exposure, and developing merchandise for his fans. With the recent release of his album “Heart of the City” in November 2023, he is actively promoting it while already gearing up for a mid-2024 release of a new album. Fans can catch him at upcoming performances with WE F.A.M ATL and Trappin in the Basement, hosted by Bigga Rankin, in early 2024. Nick Burningup Blaze is undoubtedly leaving his mark on the music scene, and his journey is one to watch unfold in the coming years.