[New Music] Kaddy Kobain “No Fux”


Kaddy Kobain, an artist hailing from Atlanta, GA (originally from Lafayette, IN), has recently released a captivating anthem titled “No Fux.” Produced by the talented Bobby Kritical, the track is a powerful reflection of Kaddy’s personal journey and triumph over adversity. Motivated by the envy and negativity surrounding his success, Kaddy channeled his emotions into this energetic song, aiming to inspire others facing similar struggles.

“No Fux” holds a special place in Kaddy Kobain’s heart due to its relatability. The artist’s goal is to bring people together and let them know they are not alone in their experiences. Doctors, teachers, trappers, bartenders, producers, artists, and individuals from all walks of life have expressed their deep connection to this song. Its universal appeal resonates with listeners and serves as a reminder that they can overcome obstacles and thrive.

Among the powerful lyrics in “No Fux,” one particular line stands out as Kaddy’s favorite: “Remember me? The one you said wasn’t good enough and had to leave. I told you I would make this shit, you can’t believe, but I bet you ain’t got that same type of energy… right now.” These words carry a message to those who doubted Kaddy’s potential back in his hometown. Despite facing homelessness and uncertainty, he was determined to prove them wrong and achieve his dreams. This line serves as a reminder of his resilience and unwavering determination.

Looking ahead, Kaddy Kobain has an exciting lineup of projects for his fans. He is embarking on the YNWA’merica tour/doc series and preparing to release a new album titled “Uncover’d.” Additionally, he has plans for the release of the “No Fux” Official Music Video and his latest single “Dead Mimes.” Fans can also anticipate a captivating short-film and much more. Kaddy Kobain’s journey is one worth following, as he continues to push boundaries and inspire with his music and artistic endeavors. Stay tuned for the upcoming releases and announcements from this talented artist.