Million Dollar Freeze tells us why he’s The Industries Most Wanted


Welcome to Industries Most Wanted. Please introduce yourself.

What’s Good?!, Im Million Dollar Freeze.
Why Freeze?….Police gave me that name,”Freeze! Get Your Hands Up!”
Get it?

Tell us about life growing up in your city?

I’m from East Macon, Georgia USA
Aka Mac-Town, Home Of The Brave, Gangland. I came up poor, boiling water to bathe, in a shack. My city is Gangland and few make it out without dying or being caught up in the Prison System. I got lucky.

You’ve been pursuing videography and music for quite some time, how did you get started?

I started off as a kid on a Karaoke machine. Writing songs recording on taperecorders. I studied all the classics, Snoop Dogg-Doggystyle, Jay-Z-Reasonable Doubt,2Pac-Everything He Dropped!! lol

Who’s been a motivation for you and why?

My motivation is the mumble rappers, The people getting high and freestyling bullshit then feeding it to the public. Thank You so much!!! But now y’all gonna have to really rap. I WILL be a force until somebody remove me.

Besides music & videography, what else can we catch you doing?

Acting, I have been in several feature films from Stomp The Yard to Daddy’s Little Girls, Macgyver episodes, Gameshows etc….I have been secretly trying to creep into Hollywood! I am not too good to take an extra roll. I’m humble and its those sets where I learned techniques that help me when shooting music videos for other people!!

What can we expect from you for the last quarter of the year?

I WILL become a force in Atlanta and music period. Oh yes, there will be blood….I take rap or they kill and remove me. I accept either scenario. I’m…..Still…..Coming.

What’s been the biggest life-changing experience you have encountered?

Meeting Chris Brown back on Stomp The Yard movie set. This is the hardest working man I ever met in my life period. I learned I have to outwork that if I want it.
2nd experience was being on my deathbed and watching family not give a fuck. I watched them move on before I died. Changed me forever.

What makes you the ‘Industries Most Wanted’?

I Got That Hot.
I’m Saying whatever a person thinks is hot….I got THAT.

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