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Author and recording artist Mack Holland takes break from gospel music for ‘Favorite Girl’

by: Brennan Stebbins

Since he grew up on the coasts of Carolina and Georgia, Mack Holland has been involved in writing poetry, culminating with the 2017 publication of his book, Sweet Inspiration: The Mack Holland Book of Inspiration, Poetry and Song. 

As the title would suggest, sometimes Holland’s poetry work takes him into the world of music, and after he was encouraged to start recording his own music a decade ago, Holland’s now making a name for himself as a recording artist. His music catalogue, which consists mostly of inspirational, holiday and love music, includes gospel recordings like “He Is” and “Lord I Thank You,” with the former garnering nearly 200,000 plays in less than two years and the latter earning nearly 150,000 plays in just eight months. 

After first working with a Nashville recording studio, Holland has since started recording his own tracks as he’s focused more on gospel music and spiritual songs. 

Now, though, Holland is testing the waters with his newest release, an upbeat dance song titled, “My Favorite Girl,” which dropped on May 29. 

“I’m deeply involved in religion,” Holland says. “I think about the Lord everyday and I think about togetherness everyday. It goes into my writing and my music and poetry and it’s just something I want to spread to the world. That’s where my heart is at. Religious songs, love songs, holiday songs. Anything to make people feel good about themselves and others.”

But for “My Favorite Girl,” Holland took inspiration from a poem with the same title in his book. With his gospel songs still buzzing on streaming platforms, he decided to step back and give them time to be heard while trying out something new. 

“It’s an upbeat dance track and a man talking about his favorite girl,” Holland says. “And she’s forever in his world.”

Holland provides the vocals, and also invites friend and rapper Alex Bond to drop a few bars. The brothers ran into Holland at an Atlanta recording studio and struck up a conversation, with Holland telling them to “write me up something and we’ll see if it fits.” 

“It was fun, it was different,” Holland says. “My heart is always going to be with inspirational music, love music and holiday music but it was worth taking the time out and going ahead and recording it.”

In addition to the new song, Holland is releasing another book, Sweet Inspiration 2, in June. 

“I just write poetry from life,” he says. “I write songs of all kinds of different natures. Love songs, togetherness, poetry. I just think about things in general that people experience in life. Not necessarily things I’ve been through but anything I feel like people experience and can relate to. ‘Favorite Girl’ was just something I came up with while I was sitting up on the job one night. It turned into a nice poem and song.”

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