King Gorilla & T Eazy New Hit Single – “Whippin”


Introducing New York City’s King Gorilla and T-Eazy.  The duo’s latest single, “Whippin,” packs a powerful punch to which you’ll want to introduce yourself. 

For nearly four minutes, the rising New York artists pour on insanely clever lyrics, addicting flows, and an attitude that hypes you up in an instant. 

Coming out of Queens, New York, King Gorilla has been crafting heaters for about a decade now. Inspired by some of the hip-hop greats, including 50 Cent and Jay-Z, King Gorilla is renowned for his laid-back, arrogant rap style. 

Accompanying King Gorilla on “Whippin,” T-Eazy is no stranger to the New York sound. As a Brooklyn native, T-Eazy assists King Gorilla in making “Whippin,” the hard-hitting track it has become known for. 

Whippin” immediately floods your ears with ominous, mysterious energy. The rhythm steadily builds anticipation with powerful percussion and the sounds of eerie crow caws. While the energy is building, King Gorilla only pumps a little more blood into your veins, leaving you itching for what’s next. 

As soon as the bass drops, “Whippin” covers you with dark aural tones highlighted with a quick-moving pace to amp you up. To make things even better, King Gorilla comes in with a ton of energy on the mic. That said, the New York rapper floods your ears with such confidence you’ll start to notice it rubbing off on you. 

The aspect of King Gorilla’s rap style you’ll notice right away is the pure, unapologetic enthusiasm he portrays. Whether it’s the chorus, verses, or ad-libs, King Gorilla is simply built different. For instance, the way the rapper delivers the hook featured on “Whippin” electrifies your body with heart-pounding adrenaline. 

On top of that, King Gorilla shows off his experience in the music game any time he drops bars. The manner in which the New York rapper lays down his verses is top-notch. However, the way King Gorilla intricately places emphasis on certain words and syllables is even more impressive. 

Further on in “Whippin,” T-Eazy shows listeners why he was the perfect rapper to work alongside King Gorilla. As soon as he gets a chance, T-Eazy drops some seriously smooth bars. In addition to the addicting energy he lays down, T-Eazy floods his lyrics with clever rhyming schemes and similies you can’t help but appreciate. 

Trust us, you don’t wanna sleep on King Gorilla or T-Eazy. The two artists recently signed to Strong Arm Productions through Equity Distribution company which is owned by Roc Nation and don’t plan on slowing down anytime soon. 

Shortly, you’ll be able to check out the up-and-coming rappers doing interviews at Power105 and Shade45. And we’re sure you’ll be able to catch some new music from T-Eazy and King Gorilla soon!

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Don’t waste another moment! Go check out “Whippin” as soon as you can. Now available on your favorite music streaming platform! 

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