IL artist Tay Nix talks about his music, coaching and more


New Interview with Tay Nix

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Zion, Illinois, has birthed an emerging musical talent in the form of Tay Nix, whose debut single “Showtime” has been making waves since its release on December 18, 2020. Operating independently without the support of a label, Tay Nix has poured personal experiences into his music, aiming to create an emotional connection with his audience. Produced by Dilly Got It Bumping and engineered at JDR Studios, “Showtime” not only showcases Tay Nix’s lyrical prowess but also lays the foundation for a promising career in the music industry.
“Showtime” is a romantic narrative crafted from a personal encounter that Tay Nix cherishes from his past. The song’s lyrics were meticulously composed to transport listeners into a realm of sentiment and connection, where they can relate to the emotions and atmosphere Tay Nix vividly paints. His motivation for the song was clear: he wanted to evoke a romantic visual that resonates with people on a deeper level, inviting them to embrace the song’s vibes while sharing his experiences.
For Tay Nix, “Showtime” holds a unique significance as his inaugural release. As with any first endeavor, the track marks a pivotal milestone in his journey as an artist. Beyond its musical merits, the song represents a labor of love, dedication, and the fulfillment of a dream. Tay Nix’s passion for his craft is palpable, and “Showtime” encapsulates the magic that often accompanies a newcomer’s early steps into the music scene.
A standout line from “Showtime” reveals Tay Nix’s lyrical ingenuity: “Baby when it goes down, I’m turning off the lights and your phone.” This line not only captures the essence of the song but also showcases Tay Nix’s ability to encapsulate complex emotions within a few well-chosen words. With a promising debut and his upcoming shows in Chicago, Tay Nix is undoubtedly a rising star to watch. As he continues to craft his musical identity, listeners can anticipate more enchanting melodies and heartfelt stories that mirror the depths of his experiences.