Hip Hop Legend Smoke Of Field Mob Is Going Viral With New Single ‘Ahh Haa’ And It’s Remix Featuring Savannah Star Clay James


If you haven’t heard the news, Smoke 1/2 of the legendary rap duo Field Mob is making a major come back. He has a new single entitled ‘Ahh Haa’ which is available on Even Biz and the visualizers for this song have been going viral on Tik Tok and Instagram, one of its videos has accumulated 300,000 views. Since Smoke has been receiving traction from the content for ‘Ahh Haa’ he thought it would be a good idea to use his platform to shed light on some of his friends who are also making waves in the industry. Smoke has created a new platform entitled the Go@t Club, which will also be a podcast, and it will highlight individuals or entities in which he feels are Goats in their respective fields. Smoke recently sat down with BHighATL and fellow hip hop legend Hotboy Turk to discuss his latest endeavor. The first person Smoke has decided to shed some light on is Savannah’s Clay James, who got his first big break from a fellow Savannah native Big Boi 1/2 of the legendary rap duo Outkast and later would receive his first record deal under Snoop Dogg’s Doggystyle South Records. Nowadays Clay is continuing to push his music on the independent scene through his own label Playas Club Music Group which recently partnered with CWE Distro. PCMG has a loaded roster of talent which includes: Charlise J, Marle’ Blu, Pimp Sweet Tooth, King Elway, Sincerely Dad, Just Call Me Veto, Young Bo, Pimpin Pablo, and Respekk. Clay James hopped on the ‘Ahh Haa Remix’ with Smoke and delivered a classic verse. You can check out Smoke and Clay’s live performance of the ‘Ahh Haa Remix’ on Out The Booth Live’s YouTube page. Follow @SmokeOfFieldMob and @WhoIsClayJames on all social media.