Griffin, GA Rising Star King Elway Links Up With Sushi2Raw On New Single “Hardball”


PCMG has been making a lot of waves this year, and a big part of this is the recent success of Griffin, Georgia rapper King Elway. Recently King Elway went into a joint venture with Clay James’ Playas Club Music Group and Scotty ATL’s Cool Club Records in collaboration with his own imprint Kream Team LLC. Together they’ve been pushing King Elway to new heights in his career: Touring, Movie Roles, Endorsements, More Visibility, etc. This collaborative effort has been a great look for all involved parties. Today, Elway released a new single entitled “Hardball” which features his Cool Club label mate Sushi2Raw. Sushi is from Houston, Texas but has been garnering a strong buzz in Denver, Colorado mainly due to the success of his latest single “Demons”. That single recently went viral being played in the locker room of the Colorado Buffs football team coached by NFL legend Deion ‘Prime Time’ Sanders. Being that both King Elway and Sushi2Raw are having momentum, this was the perfect time to drop some music together. Make sure you stream “Hardball” on all digital streaming platforms and the visual will be available on YouTube. Follow these artists on social media to keep up with their future releases and shows @KingElway @Sushi2Raww