Get to know Wisconsin artist Big Guapo


What’s going on Big Guapo, please introduce yourself.

My name is Big Guapo. I’m 24 years old and I am a rapper/producer from Beloit Wisconsin.

Tell us about life growing up in your city.
Growing up in Beloit was a little hard for our family I was raised by a single mother who worked 2 sometimes 3 jobs with two other siblings and lived 4 or 5 houses down from the corner of Randall and porter which wasn’t a bad place to live at first but eventually got worse over the years with drugs and gun violence.

How did Music become your passion?

Music became my passion when I was young my older brother used to freestyle with all his friends in our room and eventually I joined in when I was about 13 or 14 years old after that I would write poems to my mom for Mother’s Day and sometimes to some girls I dated in high school and everyone said that I was good so It became something fun to do like a hobby.

Tell us one or two of your musical influences.

Two artists that influenced me the most growing up were project pat and Young Dolph

What’s the most recent single you released & where is it available?

I just dropped Hot Sauce Chronicles last month it’s available on all platforms Spotify/YouTube/ and Apple Music

What is your creative process?

My process when it comes to making a new song is just to go in the Studio and speak my mind whatever I got going on at the time I put it in my music and just have fun with it

Outside of music what else can we catch you doing?

You can catch me at the trampoline park or something with my kids when I’m not with them I like to go to the gun range

What’s next for you?

I’m going to be dropping a collaboration album with my homie Crispy Chris soon. The project will be called Stepper Brothers all production will be done by me so keep an eye out for that.

Where can we follow you on social media?


Anybody want to shout out?

S/o to IL Boi for reaching out to me to perform at his birthday bash and s/o my brother Crispy Chris my cameraman.