Get to know Texas artist Jackboy Marley


Texas artist Jackboy Marley

Jackboy Marley interviews with Industries Most Wanted

What’s going on Jackboy Marley? Please introduce yourself to our readers.
Hello, world. I am Jackboy Marley, representing Potent Music Group by way of the great city of Ft. Worth, Texas.

Tell us about life growing up in your city.
You know, I think the group WAR said it best back in ’72, the ‘World is a Ghetto’. Ft. Worth, also known as Murder Worth, is not unlike any other inner city across America when it comes to struggle, desperation, and lost hopes. Growing up there (the Ghetto) means we learn early how to survive with the minimum while grasping quickly how to discern between situations that could lead to either death or incarceration if the wrong decision is made. Of course, at this point in the game there comes with that experience, a piece of wisdom that brings peace and clarity to an otherwise dire situation. Its safe to say that the Ft. Worth streets helped to mold me into the man I am today.

What is the origin behind your name?
Jackboy Marley is a thought or a way of living if you will, derived from my experience in the streets and my affinity for the music of the late great, Bob Marley. Jackboy is the expression that nothing is handed to me in life. Everything is there for the taking but knowing that it is on me to make that happen. Whether that is life, respect, or happiness, it is in my control. Marley, again comes from my love of the messages in the music of Bob Marley – love, unity, justice and peace. Put the two together and you have, Jackboy Marley…peace and justice are not going to be handed to me, it is up to me to lay that expectation on the world. In other words, Want Peace? Prepare for War.

How did music become your passion?
Music has always been a passion of mine. Going back to the point I made about the group WAR and Bob Marley the messages have always been relatable to me. Music can unify people that would not necessarily come together under any other circumstances, knowing that they aren’t that different after all at the end of the day. The approach I take with music is in the same vein. I am unique in that I am the only me walking the face of the earth, but still tied to the same situations that bind us to each other. Music lets me express myself uniquely, while being able to be relevant to so many others that are faced with the same situations or circumstances. Music is my medium or method of which to convey those ideas and also serves as a form of therapy to my soul.

Tell us about the current single that you are pushing and where it is available.
‘How I’m Movin’ is the second single off of my album, Jackal Pt2, The Ouroboro Effect that dropped everywhere April 28th, 2022. It is a great example of who I am regarding my character in everyday situations. I am who I am, no curve balls on this side. You can find the single streaming currently on any music platform. There is also a dope visual that we shot in Ft. Worth on my YouTube channel ( Make sure you like, subscribe, and leave a comment so I know how yall are moving!

What are some of your goals musically?
Musically, like any other part of my life, it would have to be about growth. I am confident enough to know that I have what it takes, but humble enough to know that there are always opportunities to grow. Whether that is growth in my topic selection, beat/music selection, or growth in my writing, I am always looking to myself and my team for ways to improve. The competition is with self not others. If I keep that as my target, the success and notoriety will come. Its like they say, the proof is in the pudding.

Besides music what else can we catch you doing?
When it comes to music I have tunnel vision, but outside of that you can catch me being the best father I can be to my daughter, in the gym working on me physically and mentally, reading, in meetings with my team and studying the game.

Give us your definition of ‘Grynd’.
Grynd to me would be a metaphor on how consistent work pays off. If you think about how people use the word in popular culture the true meaning of grynd could come off as negative or mundane tasks that seem repetitive. For me it is an expression of how we reduce our chances of losing by constantly applying pressure until that roadblock that once stood in front of us is crushed down into obsolete pebbles. Crushing it!

Where can we follow you online?
You can follow me on Facebook: @jackboymarley817, Instagram: @jackboymarley, Twitter: @marleyhines, and be sure to check out my website for all the latest info:

Any shout outs?
Of course, I want to put emphasis on the importance of a team. I would not be here without them for sure. My big homie, Boye Kenyatta and Fido Wun. Also, a special thanks to all the people that have been rocking with my music, whether you are a day one fan or just now finding out what the world is about know, I appreciate you, sincerely. Lastly, just remember at the end of the day to Think. Feel. Original. – Jaaack!