Get to know music artist Ross Taxin





Ross Taxin is an American rapper, singer, songwriter, and record executive. After serving an 18-month sentence, and being released at the beginning of 2021, Ross dropped two singles back to back hosted by popular DJs Trap-A-Holics and Evil Empire.

Ross Taxin started his music career by releasing his first mixtape/album “Citgo City” in August 2018. Not even a year after promoting, Ross Taxin was incarcerated in Fayette County Detention Center, and charged with five felony counts of drug possession w/ intent to distribute.  This setback halted his music career but sharpened his mind in unimaginable ways as he did several months in solitary confinement.

Coming home January 5, 2021, Ross Taxin took an additional year off of music to enhance his brand, product, and music. Pushing in this direction, Ross hired several PR’s, digital IA marketing conglomerates, writing editors, managers, and essentially every vital aspect of a record company to allow his music to have the wide reach he expects.

Ross Taxin’s goal by the end of 2022 is to accumulate 20 videos, 20 singles, and 20 label offers. By doing this, he’s collaborating with the biggest and notable Atlanta DJ’s, artists, & producers. Ross Taxin’s objective is for Atlanta consumers to understand that the outskirts have as much to say as the inner city, and are just as talented if not more.

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