Get to know artist Whitley D


What’s going on Whitley D, Please introduce yourself.
Shit. Adulting. I’m Whitley D. by the way. Gritty Ent.’s First Lady.

Tell us about life growing up in your city.
Grew up between North Chicago and Gurnee, and went to Gurnee schools because they were better for me.

What’s the origin behind your name?
The First name is Whitley. The “D” is my middle Initial, Darnisha. My last name is non-optional for various reasons.

How did music become a passion for you?
I’ve been singing since I was 4, and my mom kept me in both vocal lessons and choir for both school and church.

How would you describe your style of music?
I do R&B/Soul.

What’s the most recent single or project that you released?
I will be releasing my first project sometime in the middle or end of next year w/ our family producer Dinasty.

Throughout your journey in music, what’s the biggest obstacle that you had to overcome?
My biggest obstacle in music that I’ve overcome was singing in my college’s concert choir. I couldn’t stand a lot of them, and they couldn’t stand me either. Lol!

Besides Music what other business ventures are you pursuing?
I want to venture off into communications work that’s geared towards music and entertainment. However, I do enjoy working w/ special needs youths and adults. I’ve been doing that since 2017.

What piece of advice could you offer to any new upcoming artists?
Stay humble, and fuck your haters. They are there for a reason.

What’s next for you musically?
My project w/ Producer Dinasty. Also, continuously sing for the College of Lake County Gospel Choir.

Where can we keep up with you online?
Instagram: whit_whit0106 Snapchat: whitleydb

And a shout outs?
Shot out to IlBoi and Dinasty for making this all possible for me! I wanna thank the Lord for the musical accomplishments that I’ve made thus far as well!