Get to know Texas artist, Real Smokesta


Real Smokesta

What’s going on Real Smokesta? Please introduce yourself.
What’s good. I’m the one and only Real Smokesta. I’m a award winning hip hop artist from Temple, Texas. 15 plus years in the music business and I’m excited to be here today.

What is the origin behind your name?
Smokesta is short for my childhood nickname Smoke. Given because of my dark complexion. When I first started out rapping I used to go by Smoke until I found out there was many Smoke’s. So I started going by Smokesta and there was many Smokesta’s. So I was like you know what, I’m the Real Smokesta and that’s going to end all that.

How was life growing up in Texas?
Texas is a whole country by itself. Growing up here you have so many options. The music scene is big business. Sports is big business. I mean how can you not want to live here.

How did music become a passion for you?
Music wasn’t something that I always dreamed about doing. I was introduced to it by a friend who was already rapping and doing his thing. I didn’t even know how to write bars or knew how to structure a song but my homeboy seen something in me that I didn’t even see in myself and that was potential. I remember my first time performing. We was in the studio recording and he was like ,”Hope you’re ready because we’re about to go perform these songs tonight “. I had butterflies like you wouldn’t believe but once the beat came on it was like I was a veteran on stage. That’s the part of what my friend seen in me.He retired from music but he knew I would still be here. His name is MG Pooh. He discovered me. Ever since then hip hop has been a passion for me.

You’re a very active and dedicated artist. What’s keeping you motivated?
My fans and supporters. They believe in me. That’s what keeps me going.

You are signed with the legendary artists Spice 1 & Q Bosilini. Tell us how this came about.
Hard work and commitment. I had all the qualities that a artist should have. You can always run across talent but it’s hard to find talent that works hard without you telling them to do this and that. I’m a artist. I’m a entrepreneur and business owner. I already had all the keys to be successful. I just needed mentorship and direction in the music industry and that’s where Spice 1 and Q Bosilini came in. They gave me an opportunity to learn and grow as much as I can before the next level. The freedom they give me, I don’t want to be anywhere else right now.

Tell us more about Black Sheep Worldwide LLC.
It’s my brand. I represent all the black sheep’s around the world.

What’s the most recent single that you released and where is it available?
I usually don’t drop singles. I believe in making albums but I have two albums “K2” and “KII (The Sequel)” out right now that’s on all major digital platforms and on my official website

Do you currently have any albums in the works?
I have a new album on the way called “Out The Hood” and I’m so excited. I put a lot of creative concepts on this album

Besides Music tell us about any other business ventures you are pursuing.
I’ve been setting up some charity events . You know just trying to give back to my community. I’m a real person who cares about the people.

What piece of advice could you offer any aspiring artists?
Learn more than just being a artist. If you’re going to be in the music business learn everything and brand yourself. At some point in your career things are going to slow down but if you brand yourself correctly you’ll still be able to make a living.

Tell us what makes Real Smokesta The Industries Most Wanted.
I’m the real deal. I’m who your favorite rapper want their kids to listen to because I tell it like it is.

Where can we follow you online?
Follow me @realsmokesta on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. Also join me on my official website

Any shout outs?
Yeah shout out to Spice 1, Q Bosilini, The whole Thug World South family, My Major Grind bros and my hometown Temple, Texas!

Getting to know Jadi Torres


Jadi Torres

Introducing Jadi Torres


We’re happy to be speaking today with a phenomenal Latin American singer Jadi Torres!
Before we get started, how has 2022 been treating you thus far?
2022 has been nothing short of amazing. I have been able to jump head first into many projects that were only a dream in conversation a few months prior, so needless to say, I am loving 2022!!!

Tell us the story behind your brand name came to be?
I was born in Dominican Republic so there’s always a shortened version of the full name, I was nicknamed Yadi with a “Y” since I was a baby, but in America people pronounced it (Yahdee) for us the “Y” has a j sound. So I simplified it as a total artist boss move lol, to Jadi with a “J”.

How did you learn to sing / write/ to play?
I grew up around music, choirs, talented musicians that were self taught. Music grabbed me very early on in my life and I fell in love with it. Writing poetry, developing them into songs. It was easy to want to learn to play instruments and sing because I was always around it. I realized I had a talent and I work everyday to perfect it.

What was the 1st concert that you ever went to and who did you see perform?
I was young, I went to see a live band in concert ill never forget the feeling even though they weren’t a largely known band. I knew that’s something I saw myself doing.

If you could have a musician tag along with you on tour, who would it be?
Wow! I would want someone like Alicia, or HER for sure! Let’s create music at any time on tour. We’d probably have 3 albums by the time we’re done.

Do you prefer to listen to music more or create?
Create for sure, I can honestly say I can go a few days without listening to music but in my head I’m always creating.

Being Bilingual do you think you have more Latin fans than American fans?
I know my Latin America fan base is pretty big so I would like to say maybe lol, however within the last few records I’ve made I’ve tapped into more of my English side and it’s gotten a pretty big response from the American fans, but Latinos are definitely on the higher end, for now.

Have you experienced stress on stage before? If so, what do you do about it?
Not really, I don’t normally stress out. I always get sudden butterflies in my stomach feeling, but that goes away the moment I step on stage.

As a female artist, if you could change one thing in the music industry. What would it be?
I feel there may be, more now in this culture than before, a high demand for “sexy” to be a part of being a female artist. For me that’s a box I would like to see broken, you don’t have to be half naked to attract the Audience’s attention.

If you didn’t pursue a music career, what would you be doing?
I love being able to make a difference in anything that I do, I remember for the longest time I wanted to be a doctor, a surgeon or something like that. Maybe I would’ve pursued medicine.

What can your fans look forward to seeing next from the phenomenal artist Jadi Torres?
They’re going to get the best music they have ever heard from me! I’m going to continue to inspire every dreamer with my life and accomplishments so I hope they don’t get tired, I’m here for the long run. There’s a lot of acting in the works, so they’ll be seeing my face on the big screen. I’m excited for that experience.

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Artist and producer Young Reela breaks down his musical style, future goals and more


Get to know Young Reela


Representing Broward County, Kenny Noel, professionally known as Young Reela is a proficient Master of Ceremony and producer who cohesively blends music of today’s era with sonics, rhythms, and flows of the 90s. A pioneer for the new generation of rappers and producers…

Rare Entities Earn Lasting Adulation

Young Reela

Young Reela

South Florida artists Most Wanted Playa Music Group share how they connected, new music and more


Get to know Most Wanted Playa Music Group


Born on November 25 , 1996 this Indianapolis, Indiana native currently catching a major buzz in South Florida, upcoming artist best known as PlayaPlaya has over came plenty obstacles which lead him into pouring his pain onto pad and paper. His sound and energy is unmatched, every song tells a story that most can relate to and with his welcoming vibe he always seems to grasp the crowds attention with ease . His love for music and his ambition he’s ready for anything coming his way!
Social Media:
Instagram: @mwpceoplaya 
Youtube: 2 Playa
Twitter: @mwpceoplaya
TikTok: @mwpceoplaya
BMI PLAYAPLAYA 00879141798 ©
Most Wanted Playa Music Group, LLC ©

Dale600, Born May 29, 1996 in Fort Lauderdale, FL, rising Broward County recording artist started putting his all into the music in 2019. Since his debut to the music scene he has accomplished many major performance slots as well as major exposure opportunities. Check out his hottest singles “Money Trickin” & “Shark Attack” available on all digital streaming platforms.

Social Media Links:
Instagram: @dale600mwp
Youtube: Dale 600
Twitter: @_dale600
Music Links:
Most Wanted Playa Music Group, LLC ©
Most Wanted Playa Music Group

Most Wanted Playa Music Group



Ché [P2Quare] takes us through his music journey


Who is Ché?


Recently Ché joined TampaMystic on The Industries Most Wanted Podcast for an in depth look at his music career.
Watch the full interview now!

August 2022 – Could you imagine what it would be like if Dr. Dre and 2Pac rolled into one, creating a monster mash of west coast and east coast sound? It would be totally legendary!

Well, the lucky thing is that you no longer need to imagine this. You can simple check out Ché P of P2Quare, an artist who set out to take the rap world by storm with his one-of-a-kind approach. Also known as a member of P2Quare, Ché P is all about continually setting the bar higher with new ideas that make his flow feel fresh at all times. His most recent release, Stayin Alive “Overtown Hop” is a perfect example. The song was released via Mouthz of Lionz Productions, and it was recorded at Camp David Studios in Miami, Florida. Like some of the best rap songs coming out of Miami, this one packs some heat as well!

At the end of the day, Stayin Alive is a truly fantastic track, which is not only a great taste of what Ché P is all about, but also a really fantastic way to kickstart the new year with something awesome right off the bat! The song channels the artist’s passion for old-school hip-hop, with all of those amazing “golden age” type sound, capturing a bit of a funk edge to the grooves and beats.

However, there is also a more contemporary approach to the sound, which feels so distinctive and unique in terms of clarity and punch. What really stands out about this new song is the impact of the production, which is absolutely comparable to world-class artists such as 2Pac, Biggie Smalls, Kendrick Lamar, Andrè 3000, and Dr. Dre, among others. The sound of this release is a perfect taste of innovation, and it is just what is needed to bring this genre to a whole new dimension of creativity, far from the usual cliches.

Find out more about Ché P of P2Quare and do not miss out on Stayin Alive “Overtown Hop”. The song is also going to be accompanied by a matching music video!

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Spotify and all other Streaming Services.

All of my Social Media handles are the same @P2Quare  ig, FB, Yt, Twitter.


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3ZF talks about their musical style, future goals and more


3ZF interviews on The Industries Most Wanted Podcast

3ZF is a group collective made of talented Artist in Atlanta. These main artists include 3ZF Johnny, KENS, and YngZoe. 3ZF Johnny himself is from the southside of Atlanta, Clayton county, putting out his best work to make some noise for his hometown. KENS and YngZoe are from East Orange who moved down to Atlanta and met 3ZF Johnny to make a powerful movement as 3ZF. KENS makes unique music that is satisfying to the ear and is making a new genre with his Versatility. YngZoe is learning to perfect his craft with beat making and has a an amazing ear for what sounds good. The background artists of 3ZF include Justiniii, Sariah, and Ber who are also climbing their way up to the top and making a name for themselves and are on a good track. Justiniii has an EP coming out soon that will make people recognize him even more and make 3ZF an unstoppable group. 3ZF is working on their second part of their mixtape “Last Laugh part 2” which will includes different types of genres and sounds.



Introducing 6xCertified Post Op Practitioner/Body Sculptor Prima Donna


Prima Donna stops by The Industries Most Wanted Podcast

prima donna interview

Monierica Thomas known as Prima Donna is the leading lady of the south with beauty enhancements. She specializes in Lash Extensions, Colombian Style Post Op and Body Sculpting, Hyaluronic Acid Fillers and many more. She travels with individuals for cosmetic surgery and provide services in their private location or Recovery Home. Monierica is a medical assistant, phlebotomy, health and wellness coach along with many other credentials. Monierica have Doctoral in Entrepreneurship from National University. Monierica is highly recommended in the south and very knowledgeable and passionate of all services she provides

prima donna interview
Canadian artist 23KP

Introducing Canadian artist, 23KP


Canadian artist 23KP


What’s going on 23KP? Please introduce yourself.

Hey this is 23KP. I’m a music artist from Canada.

Tell us about life growing up in your city.

I was born and raised in Vancouver. The city has so much to offer. You can chill on a beach n watch the ocean waves, and you could drive up a mountain to go snowboarding that very same day.

Who or what was your musical influence?

My family. Music is a part of who we are. I remember my parents would wake up every morning, playing their favourite cassettes. Dancing and singing to all kinds of beats. I fell in love with music and was singing before I could remember.

Tell us about the most valuable investment you’ve made for your music career.

The most valuable investment I made was on myself. It wasn’t until I truly started believing in the power of my voice and my mind, that I felt a shift in my projection. I am now being heard, and by none other than myself.

You have a new single ‘7 Days A Week’ tell us more about it.

7 Days A Week is my first collaboration. IL Boi and I actually wrote this track a while back. So now, with the pandemic restrictions basically gone, there wasn’t a better time to release this feel-good, summer vibe.

Besides music, what else can we catch you doing?

I love to cruise. I take any chance I get to drive along the coastline. No destination. Just music and I.

What’s next for you?

I plan on travelling some more and learning to play some instruments that I’ve never even heard of.

Where can we follow you online?

@23kp on all music platforms.

Any shout outs?

Shoutout to my family for always believing in me.

podcast interview



Get to know midwest artist IL BOI


Music artist IL BOI



What’s going on? Please introduce yourself.

Hey, this is IL Boi hip hop artist straight out of the midwest.

Tell us about life growing up in your city.

I was born and raised in Illinois. I had a great child but had to rise from negative situations and shake that small-town mentality I faced growing up in such a small town.

Who or what was your musical influence?

I grew up listening to rap and Rnb all my life. I think a big influence was the No Limit and Cash Money area. It was a great time for music and it shaped me once I began rapping.

Tell us about the most valuable investment you’ve made for your music career.

I would say just investing in myself as an artist. Networking, traveling, and being willing to spend marketing dollars on me.

You have a new single ‘7 Days A Week’ tell us more about it.

7 Days A Week is my first collaboration with me and 23 Kp. The songs showcase both artists expressing their love for music 7 days out of the week. It’s a vibe and is catchy.

Besides music, what else can we catch you doing?

I love to BBQ and play games a lot.

What’s next for you?

I plan to keep building on the name IL Boi. I also plan to release more music and visuals.

Where can we follow you online?

Any shout outs?

Shoutout to everybody who’s been following my journey and rocking with me.