BLKTEMBER Drops Debut Single “Keep In Touch” Bringing Atlanta’s Soul to the Airwaves


Atlanta-based artist BLKTEMBER emerged onto the music scene with his debut single “Keep In Touch,” released on June 25, 2022. Produced by soundsbysammy and engineered by BLKTEMBER himself, the track is a seamless blend of R&B and pop, showcasing the artist’s versatility and unique sound.

For BLKTEMBER, the motivation behind “Keep In Touch” was sparked by the infectious beat. “Honestly, the beat motivated me. From the very first time I listened to it, I had my idea for the song and I knew I had to finish it,” he shares. This enthusiasm translated into a captivating track that marks his official introduction to the music world.

As BLKTEMBER’s inaugural release, “Keep In Touch” holds a special place in his heart. “This is my first released song, the very first song I invited the world to listen to,” he reflects. With lyrics like “I hate we’re in different places, never been good with patience,” the song captures the essence of longing and connection, resonating with audiences on a deeply personal level. As BLKTEMBER continues to hone his craft, fans can anticipate more soulful melodies and captivating storytelling in his upcoming projects, promising a fusion of R&B, pop, and hip-hop influences.

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