Atlanta artist Dave Skillz releases his official video for ‘What Iz U Sayin’


 Dave Skillz aka The Juicer just dropped his latest music video, “What Iz U Sayin,” and it’s already making waves in the hip-hop and rap music scenes. The video, which was shot entirely on an iPhone and produced by SJ Beatz, showcases Dave Skillz’s raw & unapologetic style.

 The handheld camera work, paired with the raw, unpolished aesthetic of the iPhone, gives the video a sense of immediacy and urgency, drawing the viewer into the world of the song and amplifying its impact.

Produced by SJ Beatz, the beat of “What Iz U Sayin” is hard-hitting and energetic, perfectly complementing Dave Skillz’s flow and lyrics. The collaboration between Dave Skillz and SJ Beatz is a winning one, with the two artists bringing out the best in each other and delivering a body of work that is both musically and lyrically powerful.

The response to “What Iz U Sayin” has been overwhelmingly positive, with fans and critics alike praising the song’s message and the raw style of the music video. With its powerful lyrics, hard-hitting beats, and iPhone-shot aesthetic, it’s a video that will inspire and uplift viewers everywhere.

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