Atlanta artist D.O.L.O. gets in depth about is music journey | @dolo_efmg


Christophor (D.O.L.O.) Smith was born in Atlanta, Georgia and was raised East of Atlanta in Decatur, Georgia. He took interest in writing as early as the 2nd grade. As he was keen to creating poetry for school, by the age of 10 he was writing songs. Knowing he could see himself as a serious lyricist one day he began to casually freestyle in middle school under the alias “Supaman”. Progressing in skill and vocabulary he began to battle the older emcees on the bus after school to challenge his flow. By the end of middle school he moved to Conley, Georgia where he took the next step into developing himself as an artist. He recorded his first two features for a local neighborhood group on the songs “She Some Rip” and “Crank It”. After hearing his voice put on a live track he knew this is what he wanted to do. After switching high schools and moving to Stone Mountain, Georgia, he came in contact with his new found brothers (Amarri, E, & Ja) who shared his same interest and drive. They bonded together to create a new music group titled Enfamous Familia, as they had grown to be family. Facing a fresh start, the name “Supaman” was laid to rest and D.O.L.O. was born, an acronym for Dedicated On Life’s Objective. D.O.L.O.’s perspective on life gave him the inspiration for his current stage name. “What else is there to do in life… but succeed.” This is the current state of mind D.O.L.O. and his EFMG family continues to push as they move forward with new and innovative sounds to revolutionize the music industry at every angle!

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