South Austin artist Bctheicegod tells us about his music journey


Thank you for spending time with us. Please introduce yourself to our readers and tell us where you’re from.

Thank yall for having me! Im Bctheicegod aka The Frozen One from South Austin, Texas.

Tell us the origin behind your name:

Bctheicegod originated from my Olympic Gold Medalist personal trainer Charles Austin. As a former college basketball player, he told me I played with ice in my veins and began to call me Ice God as a nickname in our gym.

When I started rapping in 2019, everyone who knew me in the area began calling me Bctheicegod because my flow so cold.

How did music become your passion?

I use to make music in garage band and record with headphones for only me to listen to. It became a very therapeutic outlet for me and pushed me to overcome all the obstacles in my life before I even took it serious.

How would you describe your style of music:

I make music for everyone. My music is a very elevating service that allows the listener to tap into their greatest motivations and feel amazing. FrozeGang and I call this “FrozeMode”.

Tell us about the single your currently pushing and where it’s available:

My newest single “Drinks Up” off the upcoming mixtape “Froze Volume 2” is the party song of the year sponsored by Deep Eddy Vodka, my city’s very own liquor company. (Austin, TX) If you like to party, hang with girls and do flashy shit go check out the video on YouTube! The songs available on all streaming platforms.

Give us some insight on your upcoming mixtape:

Froze Volume 2 dropping on September 24th, is a 10 track reflection of my life. I take my fans way back to my neighborhood and embrace my Texas nature with a balance of high energy flows, hard hitting lyricism and screw influence. For exclusive merch and physical copies go visit the website FrozeEntertainment.Com/Shop

What else can we catch you doing besides music?

Besides music, I love to work out and take care of my body. Self improvement is one of my greatest values to life.

What’s next for you?

After 2 mixtapes and recently signing a distribution deal with Sony Music, I will be working on my official Debut Album.

What makes you The Industries Most Wanted?

The music industry is greatly in need of not just something new, but something original. I have my own sound and can create any genre of music without copying anybody else. My message is greater than what I create, that’s why everyone following my journey becomes the best version of themselves.

Where can we keep up with you online?

Find me on all social and streaming platforms at (Bctheicegod)…


Shoutout to Sony Music, Texas-Star List, Deep Eddy Vodka, SwishaHouse, BWA, and Froze Entertainment for pushing behind me to this point.

S.H.A.G. LLC breaks down what their brand represents


Welcome to Industries Most Wanted. Please introduce yourself.

My name is Rodriguez Thomas born 4-20 in 1990. Born in Columbus, Ga, raised in Fort Mitchell & Phenix City, Alabama. I am a father, husband, and Veteran of the United States Army having been to deployed to Afghanistan in support of mission O.E.F.

What was life like for you as a youngin?

I grew up in a blessed & loving household as a jit. Whether we were staying in the housing authority, our house in the Sub (neighborhood off of Hwy 165), or in the Quarter on land owned by my grandparents we (my two younger sisters 30 & 16) were always cared for and loved.

Being an entrepreneur is not easy. What made you decide to pursue your own business?

Being a witness to other entrepreneurs being successful within their own right. Having faith that we (our team) as a collective has what it takes to establish a brand that anybody could and would want to promote and rock.

Tell us about S.H.A.G. LLC.

S.H.A.G. LLC is an acronym for Stay Humble And Grind. It originated from my business partner’s debut music project & evolved into something much deeper than music. We believe Stay Humble And Grind to be a universal message that regardless of field or area of expertise, one may find genuine success by implementing a humble attitude with a consistent work ethic.

How do you come up with a creative concept for your Merch?

Right now it is a matter implementing different fonts to convey the overall message of the brand. We have been working with a couple of creators to get some ideas brought to life and possibly lock in a partnership.

What’s the golden rule you live by when it comes to doing business?

I have two that kind of work hand in hand: All money ain’t good money & dishonest money dwindles away fast.

What can we expect from you for the last quarter of the year?

We are preparing for our relaunch Veterans Day of this year 11-11-21 on our website We are also planning to engage our local area elementary, middle, & high schools in an effort to inspire humility and hard work

What makes your brand the ‘Industries Most Wanted’?

Staying in line with one of our core principles lol we’ll say we’re one of the Industries Most Wanted. That’s due to our grind. Regardless of what we are up against whether it is finding a dependable manufacturer, targeting advertising partners, or expanding our brand footprint we are dedicated to making it happen‼️ #SHAGLifestyle

Tell our readers where to follow you.

We are on IG under StayHumbleAndGrind & they can subscribe to our V.I.P. List via our website

Industries Most Wanted gets in depth with multi talented artist, producer, actor James Worthy @kingjamesworthy


What’s up James Worthy? Please introduce yourself to our readers.

Greetings! I am James Worthy from Queens, New York. I am a recording artist, producer, songwriter, actor, and business owner.

Tell us about life growing up in your city.

Growing up in New York was full of experiences. A lot cultural entertainment that I was exposed to, and lots of music in all genre’s. I got the music bug at an early age because of that alone. Once you got a taste of music that felt good you kept wanting more. Running around from record store to record store buying albums I never heard just to learn the craft.

You wear a lot of hats in the industry, how did music become your passion?

I would say it’s been a passion because I’ve always been around it early on. I’ve made many transitions in the industry just to continue being creative, and innovative which is always important to me.

Along your journey, who has been motivational for you?

There have been many people that motivated me along the way, but if I were to name a few: Michael Jackson, Q-Tip, Whodini, Kanye West.

Let our readers know everything that you have going on within the music business. 

So much going on. For starters completing my debut album, the James Worthy documentary, movie/television projects, song collaborations, and touring.

You’ve got some great music out there. Tell us about your new single Tick Tock ft Big Gipp and where we can find it.

Shoutout to my big brother Big Gipp. Tick Tock came about really about a year ago. I had the concept and idea layed down, but I didnt know where to go with it yet. I linked with Gipp last year, and began working with him which led to us collaborating on Tick Tock this year. I wanted to describe a short story of time not always being a luxury so we have to use it wisely. The song is available on all streaming platforms, and music video releases at the end of September.

What else do you enjoy doing besides creating music?

I love traveling, painting, site seeing, attending exhibits, and playing basketball.

What can we expect next from you?

Expect growth as an artist, quality music, creativity, and the James Worthy brand everywhere.

Tell us why James Worthy is The Industries Most Wanted?

I’m the Industries Most Wanted because I am what the industry needs.

Where can everyone follow you online?

You can follow me on all social media here.

IG: @kingjamesworthy
Twitter: @kingjamesworthy
FB: @kingjamesworthymusic

Industries Most Wanted gets in depth with artist I Am Bliss66


Thank You For Spending Time With Industries Most Wanted. Please Introduce Yourself To Our Readers And Tell Us Where You’re From.

I Appreciate Y’all For Having Me. I Was Born In Palm Beach County. But, I Was Raised In A Small Town In Florida Named “Harlem”. My Hometown Is One Of The Many Places Surrounding Lake Okeechobee. So I’m Definitely From The Swamps.. The Everglades To Be Exact.

What Was Life Like For You Growing Up In Your City?

The Population In “Harlem” Is Less Than 3000.. It’s More Like A Town Than A City. I’m A Product Of Poverty.. I Didn’t Have Much Growing Up. Lost A Lot.. Gained More. Had Quite A Few Reality Checks & Close Calls. Definitely Open My Awareness On What Can Happen At Anytime.

What Made You Decide Music Was Your Passion?

When I Was In First Grade My Mom Introduced Me To Music.. Caught Me Singing/Harmonizing To Myself A Few Times. That’s When She Knew I Had Something Special. But, It Didn’t Dawn On Me Until She Passed Away A Couple Years Later. I Then Felt It Was Her Mission To Bring Me Into This World And Push Me In The Right Direction With My Talents. Over The Next Few Years My Joy Turned To Pain. I Then Decided To Pursue My Music In Continuation Of What She Saw In Me.

How Would You Describe Your Style Of Music?

Well, I’m Very Versatile. You Can’t Really Put Me In A Box. Category-Wise Let’s Say I’m Another TrapSoul Artist W/ A Twist. My Music Speaks On Hard Times & Poverty Upbringings. I Also Have PTSD Which Is Self-Explanatory. Like Others Like Me; I Took An Advantage Of My Condition By Instilling It Into The Pain & Pleasure Of My Craft. In Return My Music Hits Different When People Hear It. I Have Many Styles. It Just Depends On How I’m Feeling At The Time.

Tell Us About The Single You Are Currently Pushing And Where It’s Available.

Fasho.. I’m Currently Pushing My Highly Anticipated Track “Knuckles” From My Latest EP Release Entitled: “6th Power”. The Single & Video Can Be Found Everywhere Streaming Is Available. I Just Recently Released Another Single Called “M.O.T.H.” Depicted On How Sometimes We All Fall Victim To Being A Moth To A Flame Which Explains Me Very Well.


What Else Can We Catch You Doing Besides Music?

I’m Launching My Merch Brand “F.E.M.” & Filming My Documentary To Furthermore Explain The Origin Of Who I Am; Where I’m From & Where I Plan To Go With My Career.

What’s Next For You?

Shows; Videos, More Interviews & Release Of My New Album “Morris Code III”… Which Is The 3rd Installment Of This Series. Everyone Will Definitely Be Seeing More Of Me.. I’m All About Longevity & A Strong Believer In “Saving The Best For Last”. That’s Where I Come In.

What Makes You The Industries Most Wanted?

The Passion I Have For This Craft. My Music Speaks For Itself.. I’m Bringing Something Different To The Table.

Where Can We Keep Up With You Online?

You Can Follow Me On Spotify Under “MF Bliss” & My Instagram Handle Is “@Iambliss66”. Also, I’m On Twitter & Facebook Under “MF Bliss”.

Any S/O’s?

First Off ShoutOut To Industries Most Wanted For Having Me. ShoutOut My PR Team; ShoutOut My Brands & My Team. Biggest Up To My Core Base That Been Rockin’ W/ Me Since Day 1.. I Appreciate Yall!

Florida artist Trugod DaOne is doing big things


Thank you for spending time with us. Please introduce yourself to our readers and tell us where you’re from.

I’m from Ocala Florida it’s small but the mentality and hustle is like that of any big city, you go hard or don’t eat.

Tell us the origin behind your name.

My mentor bro Ali, said I always spoke the truth and blessed me with the name Trugod DaOne.

What made you decide music was your passion?

Music became my passion when I did a freestyle in da hood and had every vibing, I was like this my move.

How would you describe your style of music?

Real street, real life and real talk, I’m the true definition of an artist, like all the master painters of old, I’m a creative perfectionist.

Tell us about the single you are currently pushing and where it’s available.

My Rydah/Trugod Daone: I made this song for the women, mine in particular. When she a real one on point, if ya dude solid like me. He gone go stupid dumb ham bout his rydah. It’s on most platforms YouTube, Spotify just to name a few.

What else can we catch you doing besides Music?

Since COVID-19 and this new Delta strand. I’m investing in the transport sector, just put one truck on the road and processing the 2nd.

What’s next for you?

The release of the album G4-100/Real Talk. It will have the four songs out now, My Rydah, Still I Strive, Mother’s Love and COVID-19/BLM.

What’s makes you the ‘Industries Most Wanted’

I am who I say I am, the one period. Teal Talk is all I know and good business is all I do. If you want real music come vibe with me, no clout chasin this way. Am I the only artist from my city or Florida no. However my status and creds are a ?.

Where can we keep up with you online?

TikTok Instagram YouTube

Any S/O’s?

Tampa Mystic, Grynd Report, Industries Most Wanted, for the love and support. To my family friends and Fans, Thank Allah Much.

African Elvis tells Industries Most Wanted about his music and life journey


Please introduce yourself to our readers and tell us where you’re from.

Hi I am African Elvis and I was born in Nigeria and i reside in Atlanta, GA.

Tell us the origin behind your name.

My middle name is Elvis and I am African and I wanted a name that everybody will like and that will show my diversity and represent my culture. So I chose African Elvis to start my career. My real artist name is God’s time, the meaning of my name.

What made you decide music was your passion?

I loved writing music and when I was locked up in jail and shipped to prison my fellow inmates convinced me that music is lucrative so i came home and decided to take my music as a passion and take it seriously.

How would you describe your style of music?

I would describe my music as prophetic the be yourself brand God music Gospel

Tell us about the single you are currently pushing and where it’s available.

I am currently pushing holy spirit and you can find it on all streaming platforms iTunes Spotify YouTube type African Elvis.

What else can we catch you doing besides Music?

Other than music you can catch my teaching the word of God and prophesying predicting the future.

What’s next for you?

Building my music ministries and entertainment ministries taking over the entertainment industries and the Gospel industries taking over the world..

What makes you the ‘Industries Most Wanted’ ?

I’m the industries Most Wanted because I am the best song writer… I’m the first back to back hit song writer. All I write is hits, all genres.

Where can we keep up with you online? all streaming platforms:

African Elvis for end time prophecies YouTube videos: m3records prophesies and m3records time conquerors
ig: africanelvis

Industries Most Wanted gets to know NiCole NikkiNi


Please introduce yourself to our readers and tell us where you’re from.

Hello my name is Ni’Cole and I am from Columbus, GA.

Tell us the origin behind your name.

Ni’Cole is really my middle name; I just put an apostrophe in it to make it a little different. I was like it might be a little basic, but this apostrophe is going to make it a little spicy.

What made you decide music was your passion?

I officially fell in love with music when I was three. It was at the age of three my Aunt Marshalene and I discovered I could  actually sing. Not only that, but when I saw Aaliyah for the first time. Seeing how graceful she moved and sounded blew me away. It made me want to do music even more.
The love for music made me want to explore more from writing, rap, playing the piano from hearing, and even attempting to make beats. When you have a passion for something, you learn not to just focus on one thing , but go deeper to understand it.

How would you describe your style of music?

I would describe my style of music as original. I write off my emotions and anything I feel I want you to feel so we can connect.  When I write I am telling you a story. I can encourage you as your hype man or  I can vent to you as your best friend. Regardless, the words flow genuinely that’s why I say my music is original.

Tell us about the single you are currently pushing and where it’s available.

Right now I am pushing my single called Bar For Bar. It is available on major platforms such as iTunes, Amazon Music, Spotify and so much more.

What else can we catch you doing besides Music?

When I am not doing music, I paint, go to the gym, spend time with my family and friends, and relax. I am pretty much a chill person. I don’t do too much honestly. I enjoy a good vibe though.

What’s next for you?

What is next for me is more shows, more music, more visuals and more greatness.

What’s makes you the ‘Industries Most Wanted’ 

What makes me the Industries Most Wanted is no one sounds like me. I am a realist and relatable. I don’t sell dreams or an image in my songs. All I honestly give is me and my heart included.

Where can we keep up with you online?

Online you can follow me on instagram at nicole_nikkini , on Twitter at NiCole_NikkiNi, and I am also on YouTube at NiCole NikkiNi.

Any S/O’s?

I want to give a shout out to God for giving me my vision, my family and my support for seeing my vision with me . Without you all I am nothing and I am forever grateful.