(Video) Mike Rebel – Stayin Alive/Lies


With a stint in the Fed and drug rehab behind him, Mike Rebel is finding more positive ways to cast out his demons. On this new, DX premiered visual, “Staying Alive”/”Lies”, Mike invites us down the rabbit hole of his past addiction for a night that would have anyone putting Betty Ford on speed dial. We felt that Halloween was the perfect day to release this Dale “Rage” Resteghini-directed video of the bender from hell.

 This video is about a few nights I spent with the “white girl” … it’s a metaphor for my drug of choice and the hallucinations and insanity that plagued me in those times ….. I think a lot of my people that struggle with addiction will relate , and others will hopefully be entertained and warned with  troubles I went through getting signed & having too much money in Hollywood ” this son of a militant Islamic father shares. 

The song, which was produced by Jay Jamin is off of Mike’s January 2017 project, “The Diary of Jethro Fedora”, about which Rebel explains, “ Jethrow is my OG’. He exists and he don”t, but he does . We grew up in the jungles , South Central L.A. Behind our street on Ursula Ave, there was this old homeless cat named L’cee. He was a little crazy at night time and he would yell out curse words at nobody all night, but when we passed him in the day he was all there. He would say little wise comments , like advice. Mostly every Hood, or community has a Jethrow; he’s that old school logic that’s in us all that is missing in this new generation. In our communities, he’s there but we just need to take time and listen to him. These days too many people follow kids that don’t know shit, ain’t lived shit. Ain’t no more old songs. Just quick pleasures. “The Diary of Jethrow Fedora” is my new classic shit. “

Twitter / IG: @MikeRebelMusic