Akinyele Interviews Strippers For King of Diamonds/V Live In Miami


In Episode 11, Akinyele continues to seek the hottest dancers and hosts for his new KOD/V Live! that is opening on South Beach’s legendary Ocean Drive in Miami.
In the latest “The King Of South Beach,” we meet Akinyele’s multicultural staff of women who will provide the entertainment at the new King of Diamonds/V Live!

Check out Africa, a dancer from the Ivory Coast, who made the cut to entertain at the new King of Diamonds/V Live!
Ak needs Africa to try on and model the new 2-piece outfits the girls will be wearing at the new establishment and Africa does not disappoint in giving us a look into what patrons can expect at the club!

We are also introduced to Cypress, a dancer who hails from Toronto, Canada and as she puts it: “Drake isn’t the only thing poppin’ in The Six.”

Thousands of girls showed up for the recent auditions to dance at the new King of Diamonds/V Live!, so take an inside look at at the new KOD/V Live! and what it takes to run and manage a multi-million dollar business!