Rio Pourcel – No Z’s


Carving out his own lane by gaining fans through honest songwriting and frequently experimenting with his sound, Rio Pourcel weaves the concept of loyalty into his latest single titled, “No Z’s”. Solely produced by TheInferno, the single finds the enigmatic artist delving into a pitch-black night surrounded by his so-called shooters that exemplify the importance of surrounding oneself with a strong backing to ensure the vision stays clear and attainable.

Rio singlehandedly proves that it’s possible to make nostalgic and distinct R&B sound icy. More raw, the single still encompasses twisty, head swaying lines, such as “catch no feelings cause that shit gets in the way / backwoods put emotions in the flames.” A single that is sure to lift any mood, it further demonstrates that Rio has the capability to paint vivid images through his lyricism. A track that is simple to relate to, the single is one that is breaking genres and boundaries.