Foreign – “On Top”


Bred in Houston’s Studewood area but raised in the streets throughout H-Town’s various wards, Texas artist Foreign has been making great strides in just a short amount of time. Building on the success of his song “Get This Money” that garnered radio spins in Texas, Oklahoma City, Tulsa, Shreveport, Biloxi, Jackson, Augusta and New Orleans, Foreign returns with a new song called, “On Top.”

“On Top,” was produced by Deemax and Valentine and isn’t your typical rag to riches story, but will be somewhat familiar to a lot of people that come from the struggle and relate to Foreign’s path to success.  In addition, the music video features guest appearances by Michael “5000” Watts and Brian Angel of Day 26.

“When you’re looking and listening to my music, yea the audio goes hard, but the video takes you back to where I grew up. I took a half million dollars worth of cars back to the projects. Now that’s a hell of a visual itself just to see it through my own eyes,” Foreignexplained.  “‘On Top’ is pretty much a sequel to ‘Get This Money,’ and when you see the video it’s important to know that because we brought back some familiar characters from the first video.”

Despite the fact that Foreign has worked with some of Houston’s top producers and artists, this street hustler turned rap upstart is currently focused on pleasing his fans. 

“In all actuality I want to represent Houston with the movement that I grew up following, I want to rep my city in a familiar way so that people in my generation have something to rock with. We don’t dance, we don’t do the skinny jeans and that’s cool for those people, but that’s not where my background comes from,” Foreign explained.

The plan seems to be working as Foreign recently got some pretty big local co-signs and has a few labels interested in his talents.  One of the cosigns was from “Michael “5000” Watts who said, “S/O to @ForeignMusik remaking history in these streets.” 

“Michael “5000” Watts gave me the co-sign recently and I’m in talks with some people at Cash Money right now, but we will see how this all plays out, right now I’m just focused on making my fans happy” he added.