Big Wy – “Not For Sale”


For years rappers and celebrities alike have been trying to claim Blood gang affiliation despite only having loose ties to the streets and the OGs. Now the streets are starting to clap back with their own music, as long time Blood Big Wy lets the streets know the “B” is “Not For Sale.”

Debuting on Noisey, Big Wy shows what a real affiliation to the Bloods looks like, as we get a candid glimpse into the street life of LA. Big Wy is originally from Inglewood and got his start rapping on the first infamous Bangin On Wax album in 1992. Shortly thereafter he began work with the group Young Soldierz, and that led to him being signed to Death Row, run by the MOB Piru Suge Knight. He then created a group called Relativez with his creatively named cousin Suga Buga.

Despite the hijacking of the Blood name and reputation with celebrity affiliations and media portrayals of gangs, Big Wy still maintains that the Blood name is theirs no matter the levels of exploitation in popular culture.

“This thing of ours, man, it’s strong. It was built on dynamic principles and respect, and it shouldn’t be exploited by people who don’t have that same level of respect for it. People just wanna hang around and start saying “Blood” or Cuz” because they with certain people and feel they have the right to do things on behalf of what we stand for,” Big Wy told Noisey. “Don’t get me wrong, you can be affiliated, but you don’t have the right to make decisions and do other things like the real ones do. We done rode, lived, and died for it. People say its ignorant or whatever, but it ours, though. And it’s not for sale. Period.”

In addition to his new visual for the “Not For Sale” single, Big Wy has a new freestyle over Rick Ross’ “Idols Become Rivals” beat that elaborates further on his feelings about the streets and his Blood ties.