[New Music] Tea G – “Said And Done” @teagtunes


Growing up in a very conservative family, being in a relationship was never a priority. However, being in high school and living in a generation constantly bombarded with media, and other influences, teenagers are experiencing many challenges and obstacles. Often being a voice of reason for her friends, Canadian Singer Tea G flew out to Toronto to put the message of self-love and priority to record with producer Terrance Lam (Kuya Productions).

After writing her last two singles, “SAY” and “LOSING MYSELF” which were about trying to find self love after being mistreated during a relationship; realizing enough if enough. “SAID AND DONE” is an empowering R&B track about standing up for yourself and letting go of that toxic relationship. The song is all about new beginnings. “It’s time to say goodbye, know that I’ll be fine. Move aside if you can’t decide about you and I.” It’s SAID AND DONE.”

“Don’t waste your time with someone who does not deserve the amazing person you are and your love…the truth will always set you free.”

Tea G Bio
Tea G is a 17-year-old singer/songwriter who does an incredible job at balancing writing and recording great music while maintaining academic excellence. Determined to succeed in all aspects of the music industry, She’s always on the move between writing, recording, vocal lessons with “The Voice” vocal coach, guitar and piano lessons.

Her 3rd single titled “Said and Done” is produced by multi-platinum award-winning producer and songwriter Terence Lam. Terence is better known for his work with Grammy Award-winning Alessia Cara.

Stream/Download Tea G’s “Said And Done” here: https://backl.ink/142634703

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[Single] Phoenix – Grown | @theonlyonephnx


Whether you have experienced a sexual relationship with an older man or aspire to, Phoenix’s Grown presents you with the perfect rendition. The Richmond natives soulful and immaculate lyrics paired with soothing melodies will put you in a sexy and bossy mood having you yearning for a sensual encounter your heart desires . “Grown” is about an intimate relationship with an older man that puts you on such a high that he changes your life in every aspect. After being exposed to this type of feeling, you become so smitten that you are not willing to share by any means. “Grown” wrings infatuation from a vivid portrayal of lust and reveals a penchant with her flirty-raunchy lyrics, intimate confessional, and bedroom ballad thats relatable and stinging details

Stream https://open.spotify.com/track/3KtFFrzOPrtwVQbdTqxnX5?si=nVSE0Be-RG2f8oo6mYeG9Q

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Breakthrough artist Lucci releases first Single Lust or Love


Aspiring artist Lucci is finding his inspiration navigating through many places such as NJ, FL, and NY; but nothing is like the feeling he gets when in his hometown of Philadelphia.

You can hear the struggles in his music, and each song created is a stress reliever, claims Lucci.

Check out his first professional release Lust or Love which will be available via all major platforms late August. Follow him on IG @real.lucci.x

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Hoodstar Red taps into his soul to deliver new single “Pain” @hoodstarred


In life “Pain” has a way of showing itself and the most unexpected ways. If you ask a person their definition of pain, they will probably tell you something you didn’t already think of yourself. What is consistent about pain is that it comes with negative thoughts, disappointment and struggle.

Hoodstar Red understands what pain can do to a person and coming out of Savannah, Ga he digs deep into his soul to give the world “Pain” as a single of his own. Hoodstar spits lyrics that are relatable to anyone struggling to survive. “Yesterday I was feeling like a star, Today I told my bitch i’m falling apart” are piercing lyrics that make you feel exactly the emotion he is. The beat alone is a road map to the type of vibe Hoodstar is coming with and delivers it flawlessly

Death, Jealousy, Envy, drugs, liquor are elements of pain that will take your mind to unexpected thoughts. In the middle of these thoughts Hoodstar Red finds a way to stay focus and remembers what is most important to him. The key to get over Pain is to ride through it instead of riding around it. “Pain” is a feeling you can’t get away from and you can’t let it define you, but you can let it make you stronger. Hoodstar Red did just that.

Listen to “Pain” by Hoodstar Red available on all digital platforms now

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LoyalT Releases latest single “Friend Zone” @loyalt_tha_singer


LoyalT, previously known as Young Ace, is an extremely charismatic artist. He has uniqueness to him not found in many artists today. He is hard working, motivated and has a clear vision for his future. Fully committed to music, LoyalT strives to better himself and keeps himself aware of the reactions of his audiences, to help him do that. He is the type of artist who will continue to push himself until such time as his dream is reached and he is a success. LoyalT has recently done shows with the following artists: Vertical forty-eight and Phil J. Fitz, in Kittanning, PA, Phil J. Fitz in Chautauqua, New York at the Chautauqua County Fair, as well as K-Dizzle & LNS in Glens Falls, NY. He also opened for Aaron Carter at the Odeon, which is alongside The outer waves, and a few other artists, as well as Team Rowland in New Jersey and Drake Bell in Cleveland Ohio. He also performed at Pride Festival in Central PA. He is always looking for opportunities to grow and mature his fan base. He has been interviewed on several college radio stations as well as internet radio.
Two of his songs won pop song of the year for the akademia awards, as well as just winning an award with the Bronze medal for another son at the Global Music Awards.

LoyalT started off being bullied and harassed and is now living out his dream to push and prove no matter your situation you can do anything you want if you keep moving forward.

Produced by Maze from Trunkbang Records, “Friend Zone” is now available on YouTube.

Also, stay tuned for LoyalT’s untitled upcoming project.

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[Single] BallStar – Real Over Rich


BallStar grew up in Arlington, Texas minutes away from the famous Cowboys stadium. He began recording at the age of 13 when his brother persuaded him to get in the booth. Growing up BallStar was inspired by musicians like Jay- Z and Pimp C. Other artists he’d consider successful are Nipsey Hussle, Yo Gotti, and Rocko. BallStar’s strong points as an artist include the authenticity of his lyrics and the overall vibe given off by his energetic demeanor. He describes his music as “motivation for money motivated people.”

His first single quickly generated over 13K streams. Through music BallStar aims to inspire listeners who come from low income communities to feel good about themselves regardless of their past life experiences and current living situations. Week by week, BallStar continues to increase the potential of his record label by educating himself on the business side of the music industry. His end goal is to own a successful label inorder to help other musicians in Arlington achieve their music dreams as opposed to losing them to the streets.

His new project, “$oul Not 4 $ale” tells the story of BallStar’s life while highlighting his take on certain street codes. He expresses the importance of staying true to yourself and not letting your surroundings change you.

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Lay Luscious gives it to you raw with new single “9 Lives”


In an environment where the streets will test you, its survival of the fittest and nothing should get in the way of becoming successful. From a female view this can mean many things, but regardless nothing will stop her.

Lay Luscious is a female artist from San Francisco, CA now residing in Atlanta, GA who is focused on her goals. She knows that many obstacles will come her way in different forms and stay focus is the key to her success.

Teaming up with producer Whomadeit. they put together single “9 Live$” which talks about not being provoked, keep it 100 and surviving by any means necessary while keeping it sexy all at the same time. To understand Lay Luscious, you must see the dopeness for yourself.

9 LIVE$” now available on all digital platforms alongside the official video on YouTube

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[New Music] Foreign Skrilla – Play Around & Die Like That


Foreign Skrilla is a American rapper from Los Angeles, with a passion and love for music that puts her above her competition. She’s got a handful of upcoming projects and is releasing new music this Summer. “Play Around” her most recent music video is capturing her fans attention along with her recently dropped single: Die Like That” features major artists, Xian Bell and Siya.  Be on the lookout for Foreign Skrilla and expect to see her name in mainstream media!

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Yung Trel releases the first 2 singles off the project entitled “MADONNA” and “CHECK” now available


Back with his sophomore album Hustle Religious II, Yung Trel releases the first 2 singles off the project entitled “MADONNA” and “CHECK” now available on all digital platforms!

Apple Music Spotify and Tidal links for Madonna

Apple Music Spotify and Tidal links for CHECK

3. https://tidal.com/track/148201279

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