[New Music] Mudd Bruddas – Great Feat Yfl Kelvin


Long before being invited to rock the stage at Lil Boosie’s block party the mudd bruddas knew they were on the road for greatness. Coming out the streets of Cleveland Ohio and becoming while attending Euclid high school Dominique McCreary (Dom), Darieon McCreary (Jumpman Sosa) and D’Ante Jones (Campaign Tae) were pushing their music wave into full drive. The different edge sounds that is the Mudd Bruddas shows that the things that they been through like Campaign Tae’s loss of his father at the age of 10 and his mom just a year later or Jumpman Sosa love for music being started by becoming a drummer at the age of 5 in his local church, and Dom’s loves starts by hearing Lil Wayne spit on the song bling, that the group bond and wave is connected and works perfectly together. With numerous freestyles and songs under the groups belt the rap underground scene began to take notice and started asking for more in which the group provided. Now being added to Damien ‘Dame’ Taylor label imprint the group can only go up from here.


[Single] Haze OPC – I’m Tired | @HazeOPC


When history repeats itself, what comes to mind is frustration, disappointment, anger, hate and each one eventually makes you tired.
Haze OPC uses his music to deliver a message, he addresses the bad energy, the hate and anything that takes away the focus on moving forward. The streets don’t love people. They take what they want from you then turn its back on you.

“I’m Tired of the same shit every day, it gotta be another way” is what Haze OPC feels about the things he has experienced in life. Music has a way of bringing out emotion and “I’m Tired” makes you want to take action. Change is necessary to grow and this song is for everyone that’s Tired of setbacks, disappointments, patterns, & obstacles. But remember to hold on trouble don’t last always & the light shine brighter after every

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[New Single] Stop Playing – Over Here (feat. JG, Billy Tha Kidd & Bwally) | @stopplayingsa


Over Here is a feel good track about the playfulness of a new relationship!

Available Now
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Spotify – https://open.spotify.com/track/3so0U5FqSD60e0zrUYKSTv?si=RyCcuA8TSvG27W8QTWx54A

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 “Promises” was produced by Sam Elliot and written by Delmar James featuring Sparkle Daniels.  “This single debut on E Music Entertainment is a brand new modern day classic R&B gem with super cool on point keyboard work over solid trap hip beats and song a written in that pure old school familiar style coupled with an incredible come to life vocal performance that only Delmar could deliver that will make this track a “go to” staple for any R&B pop radio station and major playlists”, said Debbie Egel, Esq.



Delmar James is a melodic R&B singer from Louisville, KY. He’s said to have an “Old Soul”, due to only being 22 years-old, yet having the artistic style of 90s R&B singers such as Donell Jones, Case and Joe. James fell in love with singing at 14 years-old but enhanced his craft tremendously after joining the choir at Louisville’s Seneca High School.

There he would learn to develop pitch and range control, which led to him recoding vocal covers that he began uploading to You tube. The covers garnered the attention of his classmates and James’ fan base began to grow online and within the city of Louisville. After graduating high school James attended the University of Louisville and focused on expanding his brand as an R&B singer. He would release singles, mix tapes and eventually an EP, which led to him becoming an opening act for comedian Michael Coyer. Debbie Egel, Esq of E Music Entertainment says “this is the one to watch, great music is coming”.

James enjoys creating soulful ballads that inspire love, romance and relaxation. He is also a skateboarder and takes pride in his beloved hobby. He recognizes that the industry is void of music that touches the soul and inspires change in the world. His dream is to become an international artist who creates music that makes people want to fall in love again. James has been compared to artists such as: Justin Timberlake, The Dream, and Jagged Edge.


Website: www.EMusicEntertainment.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/delmarjames/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/delmarjames/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/delmarjames/
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCIaDq-kvmoYRDovYiuhtskQ

For additional information on DELMAR JAMES please contact Debbie Egel at legalegel@gmail.com

Callaway Jones and Kobe Bryant Have Unfinished Business @michaelsimpsonj


Kobe Bryant’s jersey number’s were 8 and 24; Appropriate to remember as we approach August 24th, 2020

Callaway Jones is pacing back and forth across the studio. He’s listening to the most recent version of his new single, “8:24 in LA”, an homage to the late and great Kobe Bryant, a man whom he looked up to from his youth. He stops to take a quick selfie for his fans on the ‘gram, flashing his million dollar smile, and just as quickly, the smile disappears as he falls back into thoughts of the now deceased Kobe Bryant.

Kobe Bryant was a barometer of sorts for a young Callaway Jones to compare himself with, back in East Lansing, Michigan, where he was born. His parents divorced when he was seven years old, and his life was split between the inner city streets of Detroit and the suburban utopia of East Lansing. His unique situation is perhaps the underlying secret to his often whip smart lyrical tyranny in his songs.

What sticks out the most about his music is that it’s never from a perspective already heard elsewhere. The closest artists you could compare him to would be a Drake, effortlessly drifting between singing and rapping, or a Kendrick, or a Jay-Z, often rifting on the political climate of the nation and providing unfiltered perspective with a cultural lens entirely his own.

“8:24 in LA” is no different. The craftsmanship on display while describing who Kobe Bryant was to the world is second to only his description of what Kobe Bryant appeared to be to other players trying to guard him; that is to say a demi-god, with metaphorical wrapped bars like “All the tickets was sold, they were watching purple and gold, and Kobe Bryant was cold, and all of the players know, that guarding him was a joke, and stopping him was a lie, the vertical on this man was infinite ‘cuz he could fly”. Callaway Jones vividly paints images of what it’s like to play against Kobe and aggressively grabs the attention of the listener while simultaneously motivating them. This is a record you listen to and immediately want to go to the gym.

Callaway Jones’ birth name is Michael Simpson Jr, and upon inspection, it is revealed that he is not new to the entertainment industry, despite the “humble braggish” air around him, having had a very strong mid-tier and on going career as a filmmaker and an actor. If “8:24 in LA” is any indication, we are witnessing the solidification of a new entry for his resume; Hip Hop star.

“8:24 in LA” will release on August 24th, 2020 worldwide as an homage to Kobe Bryant’s first and second jersey numbers, respectively, and has been released early in iTunes and on Apple Music now, as part of an ongoing 1st look relationship with Apple. It can be listened to on Apple Music below.

Callaway Jones can be reached on social media via Instagram at http://instagram.com/callawayjones and via Twitter at http://twitter.com/michaelsimpsonj

Kidd Suavay proves no matter the circumstances he will deliver “Krazy Way of Thinking” @kiddsuavay


Growing up you don’t know what the future will hold and sometimes you don’t understand the challenges life brings you. You don’t ask for the cards you’re dealt, but you do what it takes to work with the cards you have. Coming from struggling areas the one thing that is consistent is the need to survive and survive by any means necessary. The question is what happens when the need to survive puts you in prison and you have to find a way to push forward.

Kidd Suavay is one who can answer that question for you. Growing up in Savannah Georgia he ran into situations that had him wrongfully accused of a crime he didn’t commit. Feelings of not being fairly tried due to false testimony left him a victim to unexpected circumstances. That by itself can put you down but Kidd Suavay didn’t allow that to happen.

Knowing that music is his passion, he found a way to record music and release it all while being incarcerated. Dropping projects like Still Krazy 1 and 2, Kalm of my Khaos and his most recent project “Krazy Way of Thinking”, Kidd Suavay defines grynd in more ways than one.

His daily motivation is his son, a couple of Tony Robbins books like “Unlimited Power” and of course his family that keeps him focused on his goal. When you want something bad enough, nothing not even Incarceration will stop you from achieving it. Life will present you obstacles, it’s up to you how you use those to your advantage. I guess for Kidd Suavay that’s the “Krazy Way of Thinking”.

The Latest release “Krazy Way of Thinking” gives you 10 songs straight from the inside. 4 years may not sound long to someone living a life of freedom, but 4 years is long enough for anyone Incarcerated. Tune into the life of Kidd Suavay now.

“Krazy Way of Thinking” Now available on all digital platforms and featured on the Front Page of My Mixtapez.

@kiddsuavay on social media

[New Music] C.A.M. – “SEEGRAMZ” Feat. Boosie Badazz



Hailing from Indiana rapper C.A.M. is building a solid fan base in his hometown and beyond. C.A.M. stands for “Cash Always Matter.” The music maverick delivers vivid lyrics and smooth flows over stellar production. His skillful wordplay and witty metaphors paint precise pictures. And his cadence and penmanship are top-notch. C.A.M.’s unique selling proposition is that he’s not afraid to be himself and he incorporates many of his life’s experiences into his music. Moreover, he is versatile and with a national appeal. C.A.M.’s influences include music moguls Master P and Jay Z. His goal is to build an empire beyond music.

The bold rhyme slinger has the heart and the soul of an underdog. He continually takes risks in pursuit of raising the bar to becoming a better artist. Additionally, he provides musical content that people can relate to while being entertaining at the same time. Loyalty is paramount with C.A.M. The dynamic wordsmith is making an impact with a blazin’ new single entitled “SEEGRAMZ” featuring Boosie Badazz The combo is searing, and the results shine brightly. The song highlights C.A.M.’s enthralling double-time, animated flow. The infectious single is receiving kudos from mixshow DJs across the nation.

Mississippi’s Jay Jefé drops off his first single “Stargazing” from the upcoming “Humble 4 What” project


Gulfport’s rising superstar Jay Jefé drops off his first single “Stargazing” from his upcoming album “Humble 4 What
Stream Humbl3 EP http://smarturl.it/jayjefeh3

Stargazing Official Video https://youtu.be/oi2rWb7pQmY

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Silly Boi holds it down for the Trap with single “Bike Gang Stepper” | @sillyboi727


When you grow up in unfavorable conditions, you learn how to hustle & Survive. The streets are hungry, and anybody is on the menu. It’s do or die in the world the streets call the trap.

Silly Boi representing Saint Pete, FL understands this all too well. Teaming up with Trap A Holics who hosted his single “Bike Gang Stepper”, give you all raw material, hard lyrics on a head knocking beat.

Silly Boi is all action and no talk, to understand his focus you need to get a taste of “Bike Gang Stepper”. This is exactly how you feed the streets.

Instagram: @bikegangboss
Twitter: @sillyboi727