Gr8Man Gwapo New Single “Going Legend”


Gr8Man Gwapo is a Hip-Hop artist from Ashtabula, Ohio. His aggressive yet melodic delivery and sharp wordplay over various beat styles give his music a motivational vibe and cinematic feel.

At an early age, Gwapo had a deep love and appreciation for music. Growing up, he was heavily inspired by Hip-Hop & R&B.

He transitioned from a fanatic listener to an artist by the age of 14 & wouldn’t hesitate at any opportunity to showcase his talents to his classmates & peers. But by this time, Gwapo was also running the streets heavily & the inevitability of trouble followed, which led to many delays in his aspirations as an artist.

Gr8Man Gwapo set his old ways aside in early 2022 and began investing in himself & focusing on his music & has blazed a trail for his music career ever since.

Ohio artist Luther Suede talks about his musical style, future plans and more


Join us as we interview Luther Suede

Luther Suede is a talented songwriter and R&B artist from Dayton, OH. Growing up In the church is where Luther first developed his love for music.  At the age of 4 he started playing drums and piano, and the passion for music grew strong over the years.  In high school Luther Suede then developed a knack for writing, where his career journey would start to form. Developing his sound from influences such as Jodeci, Bryson Tiller, father, etc. Luther Suede is looking to become one of the smoothed R&B acts to ever grace the industry. 

Faygo Flocc & Ron Suno – Bands Pt. 2 [Official Video]


A$ap Rocky’s 18 year old little brother Faygo Flocc is looking to make a name for himself. Following in his big bro’s footsteps but walking in his own shoes, Recently dropping a new single (Bands Pt. 2 Featuring Ron Suno) Flocc is headed for stardom. With his own sound, expressive energy and some A$ap swag, look forward to a creative visionary with high potential.


Savannah’s Clay James is starring in new film ‘It’s A Cold Azz World’ alongside Webbie and Elijah Lamar


Savannah hip hop artist Clay James is no stranger to the limelight. He’s been making waves in the Atlanta and Savannah underground music scenes for quite some time. Most people became familiar with Clay James once he received the co-sign of fellow Savannah native Big Boi 1/2 of the legendary duo ‘Outkast’. Others became familiar with James once he inked his first record deal with Snoop
Dogg’s ‘Doggy Style South Records’ imprint. Or most recently the successful launch of his own label ‘Playas Club Music Group’ which is the home to Big Smitty, King Elway, Young Bo, Charlise J, Pimpin Pablo, and Pimp Sweet Tooth. Whether you’ve heard of Clay James or not he’s definitely a name, face, and brand that you should make yourself familiar with. Recently, Clay began to venture off into Hollywood and try his hand at acting. Sometime last year he scored his first role as Tommy in ‘Out On A Lim’ alongside veteran actors Tray Chaney and Jamal Gravy Woolard. The film was written and directed by Okirike and ‘Reel Rebel Films’. This year he landed the role of Crisco in ‘Its A Cold Azz World’ alongside Webbie and Elijah Lamar. This cast is loaded with a slew of upcoming talent that you should get to know: Sean Mac, Pimp Sweet Tooth, Pimpin Pablo, Topaz Gold, Tiara Amoura, and Hazel 2K all play vital roles in this movie. The film is currently still in production in Atlanta and being shot and directed by ‘Drop And Roll Films’. It’s script was written by music industry veteran Tony Snow. If you’re familiar with any of Tony’s previous work then you already know you’re in for a treat. Be on the lookout for ‘Its A Cold Azz World’ and the soundtrack releasing later this year. For all things Webbie including updates about the movie, make sure you follow his management @Supa_Unit on all social media. Also make sure you check out Webbie’s son Tre Savage new single ‘Styrofoam’ available on all digital streaming platforms.

Underground hip-hop artist STACK13 Uses Music as an Outlet to Express Deep Emotions


Honoring and remembering lost loved ones through her lyrics and hopes to guide others through their hardest moments in life. She is not afraid to tackle hard subjects such as death, depression, and PTSD in her lyrics. Her songs resonate with authenticity, revealing a sharp witty and low-key delivery reminiscent of artists like Chance the Rapper, Logic, and Immortal Technique. STACK13’s debut album “Deebo”, which was released in 2021, was named after her Aunt who passed away. Since then she has dropped several singles such as “My Letter”, “What’s beef” “Trip”, “Hotel Overlook” and “Lucidity”

What makes her even more unique is her diversity in the music she creates. Not only can she speak on some real hardships but she also has a heart to make children’s music. She has released singles such as “Boss Baby”, Covid Talk”, and “All the above”. Through these tracks, you get a glimpse of a completely different side of her that shows her love and admiration for her family. 

  Born and raised in California, STACK13’s unique perspective is informed by personal experiences as well as her Native American, Mexican, and Samoan heritage. She started writing music and poetry at 11 years old, later rapping over the radio with a tape recorder. Her musical interests span a wide spectrum, from 40s radio to 90s rap, with a penchant for emotionally-driven narratives about overcoming adversity. Heavily influenced by Tupac Shakur’s open discussion of his own struggles, STACK13 is inspired by those who endure hardship and end up stronger. “Music helps you process feelings and keep friends and family alive forever. Even if you think you’re alone, you never really are.”

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La Breadwinner Is Next To Blow


“LaBreadwinner” Valentine is no stranger to the complex format or rubric of doing so. In 2021, he blessed the world with sonically aesthetic winners like “VVS”, “Drip Talk”, and “Demons”. This time around, He releases the CeezaBeatz produced, drill energy, come-up-story, and slick-talking anthem; “Salvation”. Let’s take a journey through this heavy-weight, real-life, and organically produced banger. LaBreadwinner greets his opposition with, “Y’all n*ggas straight losers” and “y’all never been outside” setting the tone, feeling, and mood for his new record. Looking at his accomplishments, LaBreadwinner continues with his laid-back rhythmic drill flow elaborating on how he has all his trophies on him and remarks, “don’t you dare try me” warning his critics and opposition to let him shine or consequences will not favourable. CeezaBeats takes you on a journey with a sped-up sample, massive basslines, and a masterfully placed slick piano key beat with speaker cleaving drums as LaBreadwinner sails effortlessly through “Salvation” while explaining his own salvation.

Salvation is defined as redemption, or deliverance from loss, ruin, and harm, which is fitting for this track seeing that LaBreadwinner has been through it all and found breakthroughs and major success with music. His flashy, quick-witted, and grimy New York demeanour bleeds through as he exclaims sternly but almost with serendipity how “all the women love him when he goes out” and his haters respect him and know “not to cross the line”. When you listen to this immeasurably royal sounding, interlude style, and celebratory anthem, it gives you vibes of the grind, the hardships of wearing the crowd as well as keeping it, and the fruits of your labour all in one single.

CeezaBeatz and LaBreadwinner test the charts, the streets, and the opposition with this single and are ready to take the 2023 charts over and continue the New York drill movement with an exciting twist escorted by Labreadwinner’s life journey, his accomplishments, his downfalls, his success, and most clearly heard in his music; passion. What things are in store next for Labreadwinner? The music microcosm continues to look on as 2023 opens with “Salvation”; a strong message to the hip hop community that not only is LaBreadwinner still here, but he isn’t leaving anytime soon, isn’t afraid of the competition, and invites the challenge of any musical status bar that is set.

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YYK is set to release his latest single “Gettin Ugly Money”


Charlotte-based artist YYK has been making waves in the music industry for the past two years, and his upcoming release “Gettin Ugly Money” proves why he’s someone to watch. Produced by J2, the track features a fire beat and powerful lyrics that explore the theme of mistrust in relationships. YYK’s storytelling ability shines through on this track, making it feel like a novel set to music.
The layers of meaning in “Gettin Ugly Money” are what make it such a compelling listen. YYK’s lyrics touch on the complexities of relationships, particularly when it comes to trust and money. The track is a reflection of YYK’s own experiences, and his vulnerability and honesty make the song even more impactful. It’s a track that will have listeners nodding along and relating to the emotions that YYK expresses.

YYK has an upcoming EP in the works and new merchandise on the horizon, making it an exciting time to be a fan. For those looking to book YYK for shows or events, management can be reached through @coachbleu. If “Gettin Ugly Money” is any indication, YYK’s future is bright, and we can’t wait to see what he has in store for us next.

Seems like new star studded comedy series @theurbansshow doesn’t GAF!


Their ‘Shifty Clint’ episode has people everywhere turning their heads ! With Barkley catching a stray.. one has to wonder – what does Fifty (50 Cent ) think about this? Soon to air on BounceTV’s subscription based platform, it’s currently streaming free on Tubi. This series takes viewers on a ride with a hip, quick-witted upholstery shop owner, J. Whitman, as we follow him through his daily life With #CliftonPowell, #RodneyPerry #BernnadetteStanis to name a few, you may want to catch it before something goes down haha!

In the “Shifty Clint” episode of The Urbans, main character Jay Whitman (R. Saeed Green) visits bed ridden rapper Shifty Clint – who is strikingly similiar to rapper 50 Cent’s character in his 2011 movie “All Things Fall Apart” – in which the rapper went through a drastic weight loss for the film.

Go check them out on social media @greencompanypictures @theurbansshow



Dominion Hill Records Instagram

“Dominion Hill Records is a mentality,” says label founder and CEO Rhasun. Dominion Hill will be the new industry standard and a new way of thinking when it comes to label operations and the creative aspect of releasing master recordings in the digital era. Dominion Hill Records navigates recordings through the distribution platforms with major label support while artists retain the rights to their masters and publishing.

Dominion Hill Website

Equity Distribution is owned by Roc Nation. It’s a global music distribution platform. The platform boasts partnerships with 125 digital service platforms in different territories across the world. Equity distribution has been a home to various artists. Rapper CJ of “Whoopty” fame began his music career with Equity. He released his super successful single “Whoopty” under the Equity umbrella.  CJ went on to sign an $8 million deal with Warner Music.

“I’m blessed to have the opportunity to be part of the Equity family. The meeting with Equity Distribution Director Rell Carter was a good vibe. The organization is a perfect fit for the future of Dominion Hill.  This opportunity has added a few elements needed to bring the Dominion Hill vision all together, Stay tuned for some incredible music releases, tours, events, and cross marketing initiatives,” cites Rhasun, CEO of Dominion Hill Records.