Young Na$dak – “Grill So Hard”


Bred in the “Big Apple” but gaining a foothold on business and Hip-Hop in North Carolina while in school at North Carolina A&T, rapper Young Na$dak has a winner’s mentality and drive to be a successful business mogul. After he got his start in the game working with one of the mixtape world’s most notorious DJs, the late DJ White Owl, Young Na$dak has continued to pursue his dream of being successful in Hip-Hop.

“I’m a business mogul man, I got my Finance degree and I’m just focused on this music and my clothing line. I started to freestyle while I was in New York and I eventually got my first start with DJ White Owl. Now I”m just at a point where I’m mixing some Hip-Hop and R&B and we’re getting a great response,'” Young Na$dak explained.

Now Young Na$dak is armed with a dope new single called “Grill So Hard” and a business acumen that the average rapper just simply doesn’t have.

“It’s a real life situation and people are jealous and envy you for your life because of where you are at versus where they are at. The female can hate too but when I first made the record I never thought it could take off and its just a real life situation based on what you have that they don’t have,” Young Na$dak explained. “I have my clothing line that is a premium denim line and I’m launching that soon. Fashion and music are my thing, but overall I’m a business man.”