Video: Yung Juko “Pray For Me”



Lafayette singer/songwriter Yung Juko is back with “Pray For Me”, a visual in which he puts all the cards on the table; defying doctors’ predictions that he would never walk, growing up walking differently due to the congenital deformation known as Spina Bifida and the ridicule that came with it, and realizing that he had a talent for overcoming odds which would serve him well as he embarked on an entertainment career.

“Pray For Me” is Juko’s bravest video to date. There are no clever camera angles to hide his disability. In fact, he challenges the haters with his head held high. “I can feel the hate. I can see the hate. And the sad thing is, it’s in familiar faces.” he sings from the steps of a beautiful local church.

So, is R&B ready to embrace a disabled singer? Well, Juko’s first ever video, “Trust Nobody” has over 2 million views since it’s end of May release and his second, “Learn From The Streets” visual is nearing 300,000 views in just over 2 months. You tell me. And if it isn’t, nobody better tell his rabid fan base!

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