Crim Dela Crim – “Truth”


Attacking some of the most controversial issues facing society today, Kansas bred rapper Crim Dela Crim drops his video for his single “Truth” that captures the visceral fear of people across the country.

Plagued by today’s destructive news cycle, Crim Dela Crim addresses a host of issues, rapping about topics from the election, to Black Lives Matter, to police brutality. Crim Dela Crim hopes this track can pre-emptively silence anyone who would cut at his arguments lobbying for a more just and truthful society.

Since relocating to the West Coast, Crim Dela Crim, has been diligently working to create his fourth studio album, Free Parking On Saturday, continuing his pattern of consistent releases that can be heard on his Pandora station.

“In 2012 I dropped my first official studio album and since then I’ve been putting out a project just about every year for the fans. I’ve yet to put out a mixtape, but this year I’m going to do that for fans,” Crim Dela Crim explained.

“With the album it’s more my producers that I work with and we create this art – I really sit down with my producers and take my time. With the mixtape it’s for the fans to hear me on different beats, because they are always asking me to get on this beat or that beat.”

Kicking things off with “Truth,” Crim Dela Crim is delivering a visual that is captivating as much as it is intuitive making the listener think about the ills that he spits on the track.

“Its produced by my producer the Architect and its something to address police brutality, Black on Black crime, its about everything. I didn’t want people to be able to counter it in any way. From Hilary vs Trump to all the other issues going on in society, I just wanted to make something current but something everyone can find something they like in it.”